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'Carol and I invented the powerwand over seven years ago because the Succor Punch had become insufficient to protect us......Not long after that, one of the psychics in the weekly chats figured out that we could get better results by just sending energy from our hearts to our assailants' hearts.  It worked better than all the tools we'd developed.'  [2010 Feb EW] Powerwand Magic

Black candles

[2012 May EW] Passive Protection Devices  I want to mention three passive devices that have been extremely helpful to many of us in at least diluting and scattering much of the energy campaign against us:  the 108, obsidian on Succor Punches and black candles.

[2011 April] Powerwand Magic

Building an etheric dodecahedron

Introducing the DOUBLE HELIX energy weapon!--Don Croft

ctbusters.com for trick weaponry
Succor Punch ("SP")
Succor Punch and dowsing
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The Powerwand
The Powerwand by Don Croft
April 24, 2003] Non-instructions for the Powerwand By Don Croft,  
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The Big Secret by Don Croft

Mobius Coil Tutorial

Little Secret

Succor Punch Vendors:

[Dowsing aid] "Put the point of a Succor Punch in the palm of your non-dominant hand and use a pendulum with your dominant hand. If you're already familiar with pendulum dowsing, you'll get proficient fast; if you're not, get a little book on dowsing from a new-age bookstore and a pendulum and familiarize yourself. It's not difficult or weird. You can make a Succor Punch from the tutorial on www.ethericwarriors.com   or buy one from one of the vendors listed there.
     I asked Carol to watch the energy dynamics, while I was using this method, and compare that with my unassisted dowsing. When I used the Succor Punch, she saw clean energy/ information moving from the Succor Punch crystal, into my palm, over my shoulders to the hand holding the pendulum.
When I wasn't using the SP, she saw clean energy/information coming down, into the top of my head, but it got altered and a little polluted, by the time it came out my neck and over to my hand. She says that this is because whenever we try to express something that we receive, our brain usually encodes it in a 'comfortable' way for us, and that the brain is always prejudiced. We temporarily overcome that filter, when we're particularly lucid or detached, (or in dire need), but dowsing should never be considered infallible, any more than a single psychic's observation is. It's an aid."---- [Book] The Life Etheric With Carol Croft

One result of our interaction with Stephanie was that the Succor Punch she requested from us apparently stopped her husband, Michael, from being abducted by the CIA to do skunkwork in an altered state.  They reported all this, back in the day. This is an apparent nice feature of Succor Punches that we rarely mention, by the way. [EW Nov 2006] Mapping Cell Tower Locations - Don 7 Carpediem

[2014 Aug EW Forum] UFOs and Orgone Energy   When Carol and I were in Namibia in 2001 we observed that aiming a Succor Punch at a nasty UFO had the same effect and in the same amount of time as aiming an orgonite cloudbuster at it. I think anyone can see UFOs in the sky on most nights.  Remember that satellites can't reflect light when the sun's on the opposite side of the world, so don't explain the moving 'stars' away as satellites, okay?  We don't need to play devil's advocate. The devil (parasitic order) has plenty of their own advocates and in fact they're just about chocking the internet right now.  I don't know if a SP will disappear rotten spaceships all across the planet because the ambient etheric energy field is a lot stronger in Africa than anywhere else we've been so one can do more with less, there.  I assume that when we aim our tools  at a UFO and it doesn't fade out then it's a good-guy ship.

[2012 May EW] Passive Protection Devices   Carol loves the way obsidian absorbs deadly energy and evidently neutralizes it.  It's not hard to find small, flat pieces.  On some of our devices we attach spearheads made of obsidian because we like the adaptability of the shape.  Those are made the way cavemen did it but they're mass produced and often available in gem stores and perhaps online, inexpensively.  We use GOOP glue to attach obsidian to a Succor Punch crystal, above the mobius coil.  I need to experiment to find out if wrapping the coil around crystal and obsidian produces any remarkable effects.   Lately, we've also been putting obsidian eggs and spheres in the middle of cloudbuser bases wile casting them.  You can probably see why it's useful to add obsidian to a Succor Punch, which is often a protective device.  There are various sorts of obsidian, by the way, and a psychic or anyone who follows clean hunches can probably explore some of these.