Brittany Murphy

Actress Brittany Murphy 'dies from a heart attack'...

Brittany Murphy’s Dad: “Her Case Deserves More Than a Superficial Glance”

New Reports Claim that Brittany Murphy Was Under Surveillance and Poisoned to Death

Brittany Murphy without mask

Brittany Murphy is an interesting one. She co-starred in Sin City, the movie that was about a network of politicians and mobsters who ritually murder prostitutes. The plot is so much like what is currently going on in San Francisco that it is a little shocking. I wrote a story about the San Francisco murders a few years back and discovered the movie afterwards. It is based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller, who also wrote Give Me Liberty, another graphic novel that is very obviously about MKULTRA. The protagonist of Give Me Liberty is a soldier who has her personality erased by the surgeon general, who is placed in control of a portion of America after martial law is declared. She then awakens in a hospital that has been designed to look like a frilly girl's bedroom, with memories of a boyfriend and another life. When her original personality reemerges, an orderly is summoned who then forcibly injects her with drugs. The orderlies are actually clones who were invented as sex slaves for a wealthy industrialist. In the new dystopian America, genetically engineered foods are commonplace and the staff of psychiatric wards are used as police to warehouse poor people. Elections have become increasingly militarized and armoured vehicles are used to transport all politicians. The surgeon general's "special project" also uses schizophrenics to remotely view their enemies. I believe this book was published in 1990. It is easily in my top ten of all books that I have ever read. Highly recommended, although I really wonder where that information was coming from. :/

from the movie "Deadline" (2009)



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