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The use of masks shows the fraternal nature of the music industry, it is under control, the mask is like their sig."

"Under the pretext of initiation tests for Opus Dei he was brought to a Black Mass with sexual acts. He mentions the presence of girls from a country in the East (13-14 years)... He was drugged before being taken into a room with masked people who had dressed in black robes. The participants drank blood. He was placed in the presence of a naked little girl laying down on an altar - she had died."..... April 25, 2005, Time Magazine - Europe, ' A Town Called Angers; How one community in rural France is coping with allegations of systematic sexual abuse of children': "Police are still searching for a group of men, who the children say arrived at Franck V.'s apartment in suits and ties, with their faces hidden behind masks  [2007] The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks. Beyond the Dutroux Affair


Tongues  Bleeding symbol

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Milton Keys, UK (major Masonic town)

Sinister statue, Hereford City (behind Tesco store), UK

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Eyes Wide Shut

V for Vendetta

People wearing masks

Chanel Iman

This fashion shoot entitled "Kim & Luisa" by photographer Pierre Dal Corso appears to be heavily influenced by mind control imagery. In this pic, the model's face is painted white to match the mask she is holding. Masks are classic symbols of mind control that represent the MK slave's alter persona (masks are also used in actual mind control programming). The mask also hides one eye, another important symbol of mind control.

Spears, Britney

Jessie J

My Chemical Romance

Murphy, Brittany


Tequila, Tila


Shakira   Shakira: Freedom is a Lie

Brittany Murphy without mask

Lady Gaga

Pussycat Dolls

Johansson, Scarlet

Allen, Lily   Lohan, Lindsay




Olsen Twins


Lennox, Annie



Hilton, Paris

Minogue, Kylie


Dawn Richard

Jesus Luz

Perry, Katy

Shirley Manson lead singer of Garbage

Dakota Fanning

Lewis, Leona