Alastair Campbell

[2012 June] Campbell's diaries tell how Rupert Murdoch 'tried to rush Blair into Iraq War'

Alastair Campbell, was an outright liar  -  and that this can be proved by evidence presented to the Hutton Inquiry itself. Campbell lied repeatedly when he appeared before the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, when MPs investigated the failure of Allied forces to find Weapons of Mass Destruction in the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq. These lies included Campbell's entirely false assertion to MPs that he had never apologised to intelligence chiefs after the publication of his so-called 'dodgy' dossier on WMD of February 2003. In fact, he later admitted in a private hearing of the Commons Intelligence and Security Committee that he had made just such an apology. [2009 Jan] Five years on from Hutton and we STILL haven't been told the truth about the war based on lies

Campbell's most serious lie came when he told MPs that the infamous statement that Saddam Hussein was capable of launching a WMD attack within 45 minutes had never changed in the drafting process. Campbell himself, in fact, had asked for the wording to be changed  -  as evidence to the Hutton Inquiry showed  -  so he was being quite exceptionally dishonest when he told the Foreign Affairs Committee that it had remained the same. Lord Hutton apparently chose to ignore this clear evidence of dishonesty when reaching his conclusions. [2009 Jan] Five years on from Hutton and we STILL haven't been told the truth about the war based on lies

 The winning team has penalties awarded in their opposition half and the losing team has theirs awarded in their own half. If the bribe is big enough, the loosing team's kicker, kicks for touch, rather than for goal. This is how the Lions lost all three test matches to the All Blacks in June/July 2005. It came with the complicity of Tony Blair's paedophile minder, Alistair Campbell (ex-military) who fronted as the Lions maitre d'.  The Prime Minister had a consultation lunch with Alistair Campbell on 26 June 2005 regarding rigging the next election. First there was to be no KGB or lesbian information on Helen Clark, no homosexual child-sex abuse information on her husband, Peter Davis, no paedophile information on Jonathan Hunt, the High Commissioner to Britain; no coverage of Sir Peter Elworthy's 'death', or Michael King's 'death'---Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett p. 437