Dr. Erdem Cantekin Ph.D.

Erdem Cantekin, Ph.D., is Professor of Otolaryngology, University of Pittsburgh.  An internationally recognized authority on otitis media and has studied causes and treatments for ear infection and sinusitis in his 25 year career.  An early, outspoken critic of the overuse of antibiotics to treat ear infections, Dr. Cantekin has published more than 150 articles and abstracts in the medical literature on eustachian tube function, ear tube surgery, antibiotic resistance and conflicts of interest in biomedical research and manufacturer sponsored medicine.

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Science, Politics or Economics?-----Michael Schmidt, Lendon Smith, Keith Sehnert (Beyond Antibiotics)

"Pneumococcal Vaccine and Otitis Media" by Dr. Erdem Cantekin

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"As a result of Dr. Cantekin’s efforts "his data tapes were erased, he was taken off all the department’s grants, fired as director of the ear research clinic, and forbidden by the chairman to publish the paper. . . . Because he has tenure the School of Medicine cannot fire Cantekin, but he has been stripped of the resources needed to conduct research."--Lendon Smith