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Post Carol's Magdalene Trip 
She told me not to mention any of this before she went, but now I can talk Wink

For months, she's been preparing to go on an extended gifting trip in Europe,
mainly along the Rose Line from Roslyn Chapel in Scotland to the Arque region
of Southern France.

She's not fond of writing but has made some plans to upgrade her blogsite
and post photos and reports, there.

She left last Tuesday and has had a hard time getting online until she got to
Johnny Scudamore's castle, last night very late.  Her first email to me got hacked
but she sent one this morning.   I'll be posting her emails in this thread, sans the lovey-dovey stuff:

> Wow, what a time I've had trying to get somewhere to email you. We have had
> a whirlwind trip so far. We spent 3-4 days at Paddy's, wasn't planning on
> that.It was alot of fun though. We met a writer there, Greg Hallet. He has
> written 10 books here all conspiracy type books. He hitched a ride with us
> down to John's to talk to John. He thinks that John is the rightful Prince
> of Wales. Very Interesting. I slept really well last night and was only woke
> once by ghosts. Not to bad. So I'm repossitioning orgonite today. What
> fun.

[Carol had always felt kind of challenged to fix Johnny's horrendous ghost problem.
Lots of skilled folks have worked on it, including Kelly, who almost always hits what
he aims at.  I'm confident that Kelly's work, there, was sort of like the artillery barrage
before the infantry (Carol) advance Wink .  She made and mailed 8 special orgonite
devices with stibnite and some other specialized stones for the castle's 8 worst rooms.  
I should say that when a lot of people work on something like this it's very likely
that there's a cumulative effect, so the one who may finally succeed has likely stood
on the shoulders of his/her predecessors.   We often see this with gifting, for instance.

She had mailed several boxes of special orgonite for the Magdalene sites--Paddy in
Aberdeen got a couple of boxes and David in Lille, France, got the others.  

Her fond hope is that boosting the energy of the Mary Magdalene vortices will undermine
the historically ruinous patriarchy of the Vatican/Jesuits . We both believe that when the
Magdalene information has been made fully public it will turn Christianity into the nice
religion that Jesus may have intended, though of course two thousand years of genocide
and mayhem in His name was probably part of the Divine Plan.  ~Don]
> Someone broke into our [Katia is Carol's travelling companion] room when we spent the
> night at Roslyn Chapel
> area. Freaked Kathy out. There was nothing in the room but her purse thank
> god. They looked
> through her purse, didn't bother her debit card or take her money. I think
> they were looking for my computer and camera. Found some great stuff there [chapel]
> though. There is a
> stained glass window there depicting Christ and Mary Magdelene's wedding and
> right next to that is one showing her giving birth infront of 3 witness's.
> How cool is that?
> I told Cesco [Cesco's at Johnny's, now] that and he said He and Kelly never saw it when they were
> there... [Carol's on an information/confirmation hunting expedition as well as a gifting one]

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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
> Hi Dear,
> We  are getting ready to leave John's this morning. We are headed to |London
> to turn in the rental car. We have an extra 2 days in London so we are
> thinking of
> going to ********** [ Cool ] for that time. We'll know when we get there if that's going
> to happen. The Ghost busting has been a blast. It was really easy and
> everyone contributed
> to it.  Cesco [] made me an equilateral cross for the old [nasty like a dead Jesuit] sorceror
> here. Put him in his place I guess. Not sure what's next yet and I will see
> if we can find
> an internet cafe somewhere along the way to get some email done. So far it's
> been really hard to do email, or find a place to even do it...

Carol is taking loads of photos with a good digital camera, which may be why the DORknobs broke into their hotel
room when they were sleeping near Roslyn Chapel.   In early 2002, when Carol and I had just built our first
orgonite cloudbuster and were taking it north to do some experimenting with it, a sharp-dressed guy (she says
he was NSA) walked right into our hotel room in the middle of the night and started looking for something.  
We were awake and asked him what he was up to.  He apologized and left 8).

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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
Loads is really an understatment. Wink

I saw them for a couple of hours yesterday for lunch in Chinatown yesterday and then took them to the 'French Church' of Liecester Square which is famous for the utterly hermetic painting by the reported last grand master of the Piory of Sion.

It was a good meeting, pitty we had so little time. I did bring the giant asparagus with me so they both saw first hand the insanely huge growth from the ongoing orgonite trial. Witnesses to the fact its definitely not photoshoped.

Was kindly given three of the special magdelene made orgonite, one will be passed onto artist Martin Sexton and the other is with Lynn Picknette co-authoress of the Templar Revelation which was quoted from in the Da Vinci Code (and who managed to get a scene in the film - they're on the buss in London if you have the film on DVD.

Again wish we had a lot more time as we barely skimmed the surface of conversation subjects. Photo bellow is 1/2 of a stereoscopic photo.



Uploaded with

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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
Carol cleared the house without any fuss (third time lucky, you should have seen the two previous 'psychics' go about it) and found a nasty entity portal at the end of the top corridor overlooking the Chapel, where the round tower meets the house.  I am sure this scared the hell out of me when I was a kid as my hairs used to stand on end at night there, but not any more!  Greg Hallett slept in the tower, in Owen Glendower's room, the last King of Wales where his camera took, by itself, 2 pictures, one upside down!  That one was of a metal candlestick base that looks like a Chalice and he knows, coincidently, where the Holy Grail one is.

Carol and Katya in room 7 which is fairly ghost free and overlooks the park.  There is a picture (below) in the Chapel of Jack of Kent, the sorcerer, and a cross of yew wood had to be put under it to stop his emanations.  I think he has karmic connection to man I know as well as my wife Jan.

Great to meet Carol at last, and Greg whose books I have read, or have sitting waiting to be read.  Not sure what she got up to but she put 7 or so special HHgs in various spots, 2 to close down the portal.

Here is the picture on front cover of book:


Stopped park walk for lunch at Grosmont tea room and took in the castle, owned by me but leased (for free) to Government.  Either King Henry 3rd or 4th used to hang out here (memory shot):


Katya, Carol and Cesco:

Greg Hallett




Kentchurch Court, a fortified Manor House, used to have wall around it.  Done up by John Nash the Regency architect, who added the round tower and castellations.  About 200 fallow deer live in the park.


Smaller chestnut with old yew behind:

Me, John Scudamore with Greg:



This is view from Jack of Kent's Oak where the wicked sorcerer sat:


Greg in the sorcerers seat:


This Oak according to a professional dowser is 6,000 years old, and is 35 ft round:







Coincidently they were serving Pimms (alcoholic summer drink) when we arrived!


Rich Fosch maker of the gold HHGs:



6,000 year old yew 50 yards below Jack of Kent's Oak, same size around, 35 ft:


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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
Gee Whiz!!  Thanks, John!!  These are great pictures.  Glad to see folks are doing well.  Godspeed you, all. Mr. Yellow


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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
Wow.  What an amazing group of people and tree.  This is incredibly inspiring beyond words.  It's the first time I have been exposed to the Greg Hallet material too.  I feel a little sick...which is a good thing.  I probably still some lingering subconscious fairy-tales around everything I grew up with and was told.

Anyway thanks for sharing such beautiful photos of smiling hearts.

Love to you all...Hong Kong John

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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
I finally got a note from Carol.  We had mailed a lot of the special orgonite to DAvid in Lille, France.  That's why Carol and Katya went there--on the border with Belgium, not far from Paris.

The gifting opera tenor, Gregory, kindly offered to let the gals stay in his flat in Paris and he stayed with his sister, nearby.  Those are the two guys she's referring to in the note.

Greg Hallett is the fellow shown in Johnny's photos. He had met Carol and Katya at Paddy's place in Aberdeen and hitched a ride with them to Johnny's castle after that.   Carol says he's a natural psychic.  I've felt, in recent years, that when the paper trail ends with the corporate world order's criminal activities and organizations, the scent can only be picked up by psychics, beyond that .  Our psychics do a bang up job working together in the chats--I really like the consultative aspect of what they do together--limits personal bias and produces perspective.

Here's Carol's note:

    We are in Versailles right now and will be heading south again tomorrow. I took Kathy to see the Louis XIV palace today. She really liked it.
    We had a nice visit with David in Lille last evening. I left some special orgonite with him and his friend. We also had a really nice time with
    Gregory in Paris. We were out gifting and I was trying to explain to him why I'm gifting the Mary M sites when all the sudden I was hit with
    a ball of energy, it knocked my down and I sprained my ankle. Thank goodness Gregory was right there, I grabbed him and it kept me from
    hitting the ground.. Close call...
    Last night when we stayed in Lille, we were tailed. We checked into our room and when we went down for ice the guy across the hall came out at the same time as us and went down in the elevator with us. He said he was from Chicago. Everytime we went to leave the room he would come out at the same time as we did. Coincidence? I don't think so. He was probably the only other person in the hotel that was american, other than us. And they put him right across the hall from us. hmmmmm
    Any way I have been teaching Katya all kinds of tricks about booby trapping our hotel room door so we know if they have been inside our
    room or not. She's been getting really good at. This morning when I got up she had a bottle of shampoo balanced on the door knob, and
    one of our bigger bags against the inside of the door. Nobody was getting in without her knowing. Wink
    I'm not saying what our next destinatione is. We gifted Notre Dame Cathedral, St Magdeliene Church and The Louve in Paris with Gregory, though. I'm sorry about how garbled this email seems. We have really had a heck of a time since we got to France. Although I got
    some really great close up pictures of the French Police. That was fun. Smile Things will be better when we get down south, I'm sure.
    I miss you so much! I wish you were here with me!
    I love you,

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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
Hi Carol,

I'm so happy you are enjoying your trip to Europe while visiting with fellow orgonite friendly people.

Please say hello to Cesco, in Norwegian if you know any :).

While in Paris last year I was able to leave a tower buster down in the famous catacombs of Paris and a few other special places.

I hope you found the energy in Paris to be positive.

Good Luck with the rest of your trip.

Save a tb for Lourdes if you are going there.

Eric  Wink


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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
Eric has done lots of gifting in France.   I think some of his reports on EW were lost when the site and server were destroyed in Montreal and Chile but I'm hoping his nephew, Christian, in Southern France, will take the time to restore them, someday.   If memory serves, Eric once gifted the ruins of a castle and when he reached into a hole to hide some orgonite, he found some orgonite already there Cool

There are two French gifting forums with reports--Didier runs one of them from his ancestral home on Reunion Island, near Madagascar.  Alexandre runs the other from Montreal.

We've tracked the improvement in the atmosphere in Paris and London over the past few years as more people have gifted, there.  Sylphs are commonly seen in the sky over London, now--for us it's the most conclusive sign, anywhere, that the atmosphere is decicively positive.  I haven't heard of anything except the distribution of orgonite that can achieve that.

Carol called today and they're in Tours, visiting/gifting DaVinci's home.   They gifted Chartres Cathedral, yesterday.  I forgot to ask her if anyone else had put orgonite in any of these places.  A good psychic can see if that's been done.

She's feeling a little overwhelmed by the size of the job she's taken on, since there are dozens of traditional sites in several countries connected to Mary Magdalene's life in Europe. She realizes that one trip won't get it all done, even if she goes to all those countries, but I feel sure that she'll choose to concentrate on gifting the major ones and that it will likely achieve the effect she wishes to see--more rapid dissolution of the Vatican/Jesuit patriarchy.  Every sincere Catholic will probably appreciate the outcome, we believe. Having met a few Russian Orthodox believers I feel they're going to also be grateful.  I noticed that they've got a boatload of rituals and mystifying traditions but the ones I've met are quite open-minded. I think the only Christians who will lose out (besides the buzzkills in the Vatican and their underlings) are the bornagain chumps that the CIA and Mossadomites are manipulating into a fervor for WWIII. Some of the popes were obviously believers in the Magdalene traditions, by the way.  In the old days, people were slaughtered by the church's mercenaries and by the Inquisitors for expressing these wonderful beliefs.

I can tell you that I've never seen Carol as happy as she looks in those photos.

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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
We are in Lourdes right now. What an interesting place. It's overwelming indeed. We saw the Grotto of St. Bernadette.
    I really felt sorry for her. The church has taken her amazing vision/experience and turned it into a CIRCUS... the church
didn't acknowledge her until all the people started coming to visit her spring, which was miraculously healing people...She was
    making them alot of money. This whole place so commercialized it makes my heart hurt. We left 2 Mary Magdelene
    orgonites and 3 (Carol) regular orgonites. (Carol orgonite has rose quartz, peridot, aquamarine to heal and strengthen the
    heart and lapis to remove the veil and promote truth, herkimers to provide divine light and amethyst to amplify intuitive
    abilities so people can clearly see the truth.)
    The church was overwelmed by all the people, they were making so much money on her that they decided that they could
even make more money if they acknowledged her.  It was so sad. But it was the place I've felt Mother Mary and Jesus the
    most, so far. Mary Magdelene was very strong there too. When we left there my hands and feet were tingling so much it
    felt like they were burning. I was having some sort of big activation.
    The day before we went to the Chateau of Duke Godfrey of Lorraine [bad guy: married to Matilda of Tuscany--Italy's Joan of Arc--
11th Century.  ~Don].  He lived here and died here. I took pictures of his grave
    there. It was like putting the nails in his coffin for me. I had to climb under a fence type thing to get the picture, but by god I was
going to get that picture.;) Proof that he was in the ground. Greg Hallett told me that I would make a really good New Zealander.  
Always going where it says "No Entry" Wink I took that as a compliment.
    "The Book of Love" written by Kathleen McGowan tells the story of all this if you haven't read it.
     So this was a long needed target for me. Wink
     I have such an overwhelming connection with both of her books: "The Expected One" and "The Book of Love" Hence this trip.
    Anyway the Chateau is in the middle of renovations right now it is a mess. But I took pictures of what is still there.
    There energy there was very depressing,  I felt Joan of Arc the strongest here. Her plaque is very prominent there.
    How's that dear?  You can fix any typos or errors that I made. I'm on the fly now. We are headed for Cathar land now
[Southern France;     Languedoc's many Magdalene sites].
    We will be there for the remainder of our trip. I'm so tired. I could spend 2 months here and still be going like crazy.
    Which means that in order to finish this up I may have to come back. We'll see. Maybe someone else will pick up
    the ball. I've seen a lot of towers that aren't busted too.  Maybe because I've been taking all the back roads because of
    our GPS.... It even took us down a horse path, NO KIDDING! So maybe that's why I've been seeing towers not busted,
    people don't normally go there. Wink I will write more hopefully tonight.  

    I'm hoping that our hotel for the next 7 nights has
    wifi. Otherwise I will be hunting for an internet cafe. I know I've only been just touching the surface with what I've been
    sharing but this has been such a fast paced trip so far. So soon I will write a detailed story.
    I miss you so much!
    I love you,

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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
Carol had read The Expected One while I drove on the way to Los Angeles and back, a year ago.  She told me the story as I was driving--
lots of old puzzle pieces were falling into place for her. I read the book later and really enjoyed it, even though it had no surprises Wink

I'm reading the Book of Love, right now.  Lots of key historical information about Europe's history that you can't learn in school or from
 the predators who own the Christian churches.  When Pope Gregory moved the Vatican to Avignon I always kind of assumed it was
because he wanted to get some closer to the Muslims, who were just starting to drag Europe up out of the dark ages, but now I see that
his main purpose may have been to support the followers of Mary Magdalene, a half a million of whose ancestors had recently
slaughtered by mercenaries hired by a former Pope.  Bernini and Michelangelo obviously promoted the Magdalene traditions,
as did a few of the popes and even some present Catholic orders.  Genocide has never been a completely effective tool of s

Maybe there's a connection between genuine Christianity and Islam that almost nobody has considered, too.  'Common sense'
and 'conventional wisdom' are oxymorons, after all, and history is rife with examples of people who were ostracized, beheaded,
divorced, dispossessed and exiled simply for stating the obvious.  I think that's finally changing for the better, as are so many
other old poisonous trends.

For me, the significance of the Magdalene traditions and evidence is as much political as historic or spiritual because some
feel that this information, when it's finally publicized, will further undermine the corporate world order's ability to wage war in the
name of religion.   Whatever will demonstrate the common source of everything good in the world is worth promoting.  I'm not a
Christian and still won't be a Christian after this wonderful information has been revealed but what's in a name?  I resonate
with it as well as any Catholic might.

Anyone who will take an overview of current events without the blinders of religious prejudice has to be fascinated by how
The Operators seem to be moving all the pieces into place.  What could compel the savages at the Vatican to release their

Remember that Kathleen McGowan writes fiction, by the way.    She pulls her punches with the Jesuits and is probably
guessing about some of the content of the Libro Rosso (Red Book), assuming it exists, and the inference that Jesus wrote
a book may or may not be based on something substantive--all of that will be easily cleared up by the evidence that the
Vatican is obviously suppressing.  I haven't gotten to the part about the children who saw the visions at Fatima, Portugal,
almost a century ago but they were evidently descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  Two died (we assume murdered
by the church) very soon after the event and the elder one was essentially imprisoned in a convent after that and treated
very badly.

One of Carol's aims, with this gifting pilgrimage,  is to get a better sense for what's real in those books.  It's clear enough
that the Cathars were not eliminated by the Church in the 13th Century but the remainder were just driven underground.  
It would probably be a miracle if Carol connects with any of them in Southern France but maybe that's for later on. I'm sure
the Cathars have a lot of answers but they're still, surely,  being persecuted by the Vatican/Jesuits, so are not likely to share

secrets with strangers.   When Carol and I saw some Sion members being interviewed in a film they looked like cadaverous freemasons
so  we don't hold any hope that the Priory of Sion are humanity's well wishers Cool but even that is still unresolved for us.  The Church
and freemasons/Jesuits have muddled European history so badly that one person is not likely to unravel it.  

I'm going to finish Book of Love before tearing into Gregg Hallett's books.  I have to hide his books in order not to constantly
pick them up during my work day.  GREAT battlefield intel in them!

Thanks for sending them, Johnny.


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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
Hi Carol

I'll be in the south of France again this year in Montpellier, so if you want to take a mental note of which towers need fixing I'll get to them later this summer.

Christian is in Montpellier if you are visting there and would like to meet up with you if possible.

Eric  Wink


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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
E mail from Greg:

Just read
Great work. You might want to add that I used as my address for hotel bookings in London
"Hollow Oak Tree, Kentchurch Court, Kentchurch" .

As soon as I got to London, I got a haircut.
Obviously I looked a lot better because Naomi Campbell
was checking me out as she walked into the Royal Hotel in Soho.
The Merovingians were known as 'The Monarchs of the Long Hairs'
so there's still a place for rebel heads.

Carol Croft did bust the ghosts at your place - Kentchurch Court.
She's very good at it. Even I could see that.
I just want to confirm that the entity in Owen Glendower's room
did take tow photos from my camera,
one of them upside down (with the camera the right way up)
and another of lights making the letter "F"
in the same manner that King Dom Fernando II of Portugal signed the letter F.
King Dom Fernando II then built Pena Castle in Sintra, Portugal
and is one of the royals most connected to the Grail.
He was also a Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.      

You didn't tell me you own Grosmont Castle.
You told me it was your neighbour . . . far too understated.

When I was driving the two Carols down to your place (as the hitchhiker)
after Carol and myself (Greg Hallett) had been locked into Roslyn Chapel together
we picked on the Mary Magdalene sites.
Near Dolphinton, I told Carol I'd picked up on it about 1.5 miles back,
and Carol said she'd picked up on it about 5 miles back,
so Carol is miles ahead of me.
You're castles ahead.

 . . . and I'd just like to say, as an outsider and new to this group,
that Carol's organite really works.
I think I left my good one in the room of Owen Glengower, King of Wales.
Thanks again for the stay and your welcome to post this on ethericwarriors.
Attached are the two photos taken by what I considered at the time to be the King of Wales Owen Glendower.
The other photos also have light formation, one with a pentagon of light.
I haven't really noticed before, but a lot of my photos have light formations in them,
like about 1 in 3.

All the best to one and all, and it was great to meet all of you,

Greg Hallett
Sintra, Portugal    





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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
I haven't met Greg Hallett but he reminds me of DB. Carol got the same impression of him.  
John, would you please furnish a link to buy Greg's books?  I recommend them to anyone who
has done much reading of credible conspiracy research journalism. I think it will really put
some meat on those dry bones.  Someone who  is new to the subject matter might find Greg's
work a little overwhelming. I remember when DB daily posted photos like that and people
who are psychic always saw the  hidden images.  I rarely did but it was a good thing to do.

I got a huge kick out of scanning through his STALIN'S BRITISH TRAINING, because it was
on the heels of my reading Eustace Mullins, RAPE OF JUSTICE,  in which Mullins says that
the left/right alleged struggle in America is between Stalinist ('the left') and Trotskyite ('the
right,' including Zionists and white oligarch racists--strange bedfellows but, of course,
 American politicians are all stranger than science fiction).   Politicians really think we're stupid.

I'm hoping Jack Musick in Kansas will post some Franklin Coverup material--I think it's
time to resurrect that, since the new alleged VP was identified by a lot of children as a pedophile Wink

Carol showed up in Sunday's chat session--very pleasant surprise for me!  She and Katya had
checked into a hotel in Rousillion, went to the beach, and when they returned, found an unmarked
van parked by the entrance of the little hotel.  After Carol got into the chatroom, another
unmarked van pulled up and parked, then after a few minutes she got hacked offline but she'd
gotten a lot of good blows in and it was time for bed, anyway.  We used to go out and toss
orgonite towerbusters under the unmarked fedmobile  vans in our neighborhoods--really fun
watch the CIA faces lose their smugness  as they drive quickly away.  We worked on wounded
warriors the entire session, Sunday.

The next day (Monday) the gals went to Montsegur and another Magdalene place to gift.  
On Tuesday they went to another mountain, so I think they're pretty tired.  Tomorrow they'll
move to a hotel closer to Rennes le Chateaux to finish gifting the other primary Magdalene
sites over the next four days.  

Carol was feeling bummed out, last weekend, that they've only got enough orgonite to gift the
primary sites--not enough to get to the many Magdalene sites in Portugal and Spain, for
instance.  They're doing the very important, north/south Rose Line justice, though, and I think
that was her main intention for the trip.  That  has primary vortices/sites from Scotland to
Southern France.  

Maybe Carol can make a deal with Carlos Silva in Lisbon ( )
to get some of the Portugal sites gifted with her special orgonite.   Funny, but she sent four
boxes of this stuff to Paddy in Aberdeen and DAvid in Lille and thought she wouldn't need that
much. She only sent all of that in case the sewer rats intended to steal some of it in Customs
in UK or France Wink

She's feeling well protected on this trip, by the way. I think that by tomorrow she'll get her second
wind.  We're very grateful to Katya for going along with her.  

Carol's trying to reach Kika, who is Georg and Friederike's (  older daughter,
who is nearby. She who wants to go gifting with Carol this week   I hope she parlez Francais Cool


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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 

If the paypal function doesn't work, always for me, then send money to his e mail via your paypal account.

He is in Portugal but I guess he can arrange for book orders to go out.

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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
Hi Sweetheart,

    Thank you for the Happy Birthday. Kathy said Happy Birthday but it's just not the same.
    I've been thinking the whole trip about how I wanted to spend my birthday. I knew something
    really special would come along and it did. You know what you do on your birthday shapes
    your whole year, remember.

    Well I had a wonderful day. I saved the best for last. We hiked up a mountain to a huge cave
    where Mary Magdalene spent her last years before she died. It is called the Grotto of Sainte
    Marie Magdeliene.

    Before we went to the cave though we went to where we thought it was
    going to be and what was there was the Basillica of Mary Magdeliene. It was really nice.
    I left her 4 special orgonites there. Then we asked the lady at the info. desk where to find
    the Grotto of Mary Magdeliene. She gave us directions and we put it in the GPS.

    The GPS told us there was no matches on the location. So I put in Mont Saint Baume. When we got
    close I tried again but it kept saying no. So I put in the hotel where the trail starts and that
    got it. We were headed the wrong way, by the way.
    Finally got there and it is a 45 minute hike straight up. I made it though. It is the place that
    I felt Mary the most. It was so cool I sat there for 3 hours there just soaking her
    energy up. I was literally in tears there. She is so sad for the world. We left her 4 of the special
    orgonites that I made for her. She REALLY liked it.

    I have so  many pictures. A bunch from the cave. I will attach a couple for you.
    There's so much more to tell you about this special place but it will have to wait
    till I get home. We need to get going this morning.

    We were going to go to the beach today too but we didn't
    get back from the cave till 7:00 pm so we ate and then
    just came back to our room to repack our bags for the
    trip home. Today we are headed back to Paris.
    I'll see you soon Smile
    I love you,


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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
Hi all. I'm just posting a part of a message I lastly sent to Don.

I just wanted to write that since I'm in the orgonite "movement" I regularly feel synchronicity between my own feelings/actions and ideas and actions told by other people on forums about orgonite, mainly quebecorgone, ethericwarriors and also our french forum  Smile
I've just read the post about Carol that went to see the statue of Magdalene. And synchronicity ? : These last weeks I went to see the "Vierge Noire" here in Reunion Island ( ). I went to see the statue of the Vierge Noire after I was feeling attacked after some gifting missions here. And some days after things were a lot clearer in my mind and everything around me seems cleared and lighter. I know this cannot be by chance but this was provoked. Well I wanted to tell you that Smile

Don calls her the "Black Madonna" Smile

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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
Since you gave us the book by Kathleen Mc Gowan (which my whole family devoured + the sequel) a lot more Magdalene related stuff has come to the fore.
Was it coincidence that my daughter Kika was also there almost the same time with some good South African Orgonite?
What a pity that a gettogether did not work out. But teenagers have their own agenda and can of course not be forced to meet their parents' friends.
I know others have gifted in the Rennes les Chateau area, but as I write this, I can actually feel the Magdalene energy of love oozing out from the place. Thanks Carol, for doing this!

Orgonise Africa - Read our Expedition Reports
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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
Thanks, Georg--several people have told me that they also notice the effects of Carol's gifting effort .   She told me that she wished she'd had Kika's cell number so she could call her directly.  She was looking forward to doing some of this with her.

What she and Katya did, though, was just a good beginning, so there's plenty of sites left for people to gift, evidently including perhaps more in Portugal.  Carol said that there are people in South England who have evidence that Jesus was there (presumably after the crucifixion) but the gals were prevented from going there.  Carol's got a story about that Cool

In fact she and Katya told me a lot of stories on the way back from the airport, last week.   It was midnight when we dropped Katya off at her home. Right before that our windshield was quickly fogged, presumably with poisonous vapor, and the gals both got sick that night.   I was evidently pokisoned with chromium (injection?) that night during sleep.  Good thing I had an appointment with Doc Stevo this week because he identified the poison and recommeded some PCA Rx to get it out, which I'm now doing.  

That little bottle also got the beryllium out of me (again) a couple of years ago after another poisoning.   Five years ago Doc von Peters got several poisonous metals out of Carol and I with his treatments.  Stevo is now repairing my damaged heart, too, and says that when he started on it, a year ago, I was on a steep decline toward heart failure.  Since I had no heart trouble before we started getting poisoned regularly with toxic metals I'll assume my heart would be fine if Carol and I had not committed to this work, ten years ago.  She was recently poisoned more heavily with uranium, by the way.  You don't need to worry: only a few of our closest associates seem to be the targets Wink and we're all doing fine. It sucks to get poisoned, of course.  I'll be SOOOO glad when the US Government finishes imploding because that will also be the end of the British/Israel parasitic regimes, too--no more terrorism in the world!  On a personal level, it will probaly also be the end of these murder attempts and sabotage to my aircraft.

Stevo suggested that posting about it might help discourage these omnipresent, felonious federal DORknobs from trying so hard to destroy us.  I didn't want to make a special thread for it.  I'll just post notices from time to time after the attempts occur. I was getting kind of lax about telling about it.  They can damage this grassroot effort a lot by killing the psychics and me but it sure wouldn't stop the growing distribution of  orgonite from ruining the corporate world order's stinky etheric infrastructure forever Wink

Carol's all lined up to post on her blogsite about their adventures: .  Dooney gave her some cheerleading yesterday when we were at their house.  I'll ask my daughter to help Carol learn how to post her images in her blogs.

She cleared up a couple of huge questions for me about history and my towerflipping buddy in Dubai will also be particularely heartened by what we've surmised:  The Templars were good guys and protected Jesus' and Magdalene's lineage, perhaps are still quietly doing so in Scotland; there are LOTS of Cathars in Southern France who are still practicing the 'clean' Christianity that Mary Magdalene taught and which the world may soon know about with certainty, which will be the quick end of ruinous, parasitic Christian patriarchy (including the shaky foundation of Bornagain Chumpianity)

The freemasons and Sion evidently attached themselves like leeches to the Templar legacy to give themselves credibility, though she didnt' get a complete picture of what Sion represents, this trip--just that it looks wretched for now.  The Sion DORknob who followed Carol and Katya around Rennes le Chateaux was  energetic but cadaverous, like the two Sion/freemason creeps who were interviewed in one of the documentaries about that place Wink

Carol's stories are real page turners.  She's been home for 10 days and has only gotten through two folders of her pictures with me.  We figure that the hundreds of photos (she took a good camera) will adequately trigger the stories for her on her blogsite Cool


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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
A bit long after the event, but here is how it all started, as seen from my ‘position’:

Back in March, I decided to look at Greg’s site after John had recommended him to me.  I was rather startled by the book title “Hitler was a British Agent” and ordered it immediately.  Couldn’t put it down, made me realise that after spending the last 5 years wading through the conspiracy morass this was probably the ultimate style and substance in revelation of what is actually going on.  

I ordered the next volume, got a note from Greg saying that he was out of town, possibly not too far from me, upon which I expressed a desire to meet him if at all possible.  A correspondence ensued, culminating in my meeting him at Rosslyn Chapel just about a month ago.  You read an author’s book and then meet him just like that, how cool is that, eh?

I had no idea what to expect, even though I’d listened to interviews with him on his site (highly recommended), I even had doubts as to what I’d let myself in for.  As it turned out, this was a lifetime type meeting which set in train events that appear to be changing the inner direction of my life.

Before Greg and I went into the actual chapel, I wanted to have a look at the landscape this building stands in.  It overlooks a valley and I was absolutely overwhelmed by the beauty and energy that comes from this place; as it happened, it was one of the few warm days we’ve had so far this year, many trees were in bloom and there was a feeling of Paradise there that words cannot describe.  I knew very little of Rosslyn Chapel before but the surrounding nature was my point of immediate connection to it.  Also, as we began our walk, workmen were just in the course of taking off the first sheet of the temporary roof that had been over the chapel for the last 13 years to protect it from water while restoration was going on – revelation, which is what we will see a lot of this year, I am reliably informed.


Before we went into the chapel, we walked some way into this beautiful valley to look at the ruins of Rosslyn Castle.  We sat down to chat for a while and just after we got up, a piper and bodhran player came to play on the very spot we had been sitting.

We went into the chapel and Greg gave me explanations of certain ornaments and sculptures.  It appears that even the guides there didn’t know that this place was built by Portuguese stone masons who were deeply conversant with Masonic symbolism and had free rein to express secrets in stone that could only be understood by those in the know (remember that 800 years ago Freemasons were not the same decadent movement that they have become in recent centuries).
As we walked away from the chapel, it dawned on me that I would probably be in this place again the following week, and here is why:
Don had asked me whether Carol could send some orgonite to me for safekeeping until she needed it on her trip.  So the stuff duly arrived a few weeks before Carol; I only knew that she wanted to go to Edinburgh, a couple of hours’ drive south from us, and I said to Don I would meet her there and hand the orgonite over and perhaps have time to go gifting a bit.  

In the meantime I had figured out that she would probably want to go to Roslin/Rosslyn and  I told Greg that I would likely be down here again the week after and showed him a TB by way of explanation, thus introducing him to orgonite.  He was immediately interested and excited that there was a group of people who were actually doing something practical to rebalance all the weather and other manipulations of which he is fully aware (he was tossing TBs with relish on our trip back home).   I told him as much as I could in a short time about Don & Carol and how I had found them and began making my own orgonite and started gifting.

He then mentioned that the next place he would visit after staying with us – where he was going to give a lecture to a group of us – was Kentchurch Court.  What?  That’s John Scudamore’s place, who I was just about to tell Greg about.  By this time I was beginning to suspect that things were falling into place in a way that was not merely coincidence (there’s no such thing anyway) but that there was a deep purpose behind it all.  Over the next week I experienced so many revelations and occurrences that I had to start pinching myself hard on a regular basis to make sure I wasn’t dreaming this up.

Greg told us about his present research, which is a new departure for him, and it became ever clearer to me that this would probably be connected to Carol’s endeavours.  After what I’d told him about her and her work and the fact that she was going to be in these parts he became very keen on meeting her.  As it happened, he was also held up and had to stay with us for longer than anticipated, which then made it possible to meet Carol here – this clearly had to happen.

Watching the two meet was quite an event, Carol handed one of her fleur-de-lys orgonite creations to Greg and he immediately felt the effect of it while she was watching what was going on with him.  I was rather amazed that Greg was able to feel the energy and I think he probably was, too.  I’m not sure whether he’d realised until then that he was energy sensitive.

Anyway, Carol and Kathy stayed with us for a couple of nights, and the next day we had a memorable dinner when Carol and Greg were bouncing stuff off each other, comparing notes, that left the rest of us gawping in amazement.  They clearly have a very strong connection with each other.  I will leave it to Greg to eventually present his current work here, just watch this space.

I would now like to relate my short trip with Carol and Kathy to a few sites of interest.  First off, we went to the Templar cemetery near us where Carol clearly felt their presence and we buried three of my TBs in certain spots.  This is a place I thought I had been to but actually haven’t.

Some of you might see what's going on in this picture:

I have not done much research into the Templars yet, but I’m about to and I think that there are huge misconceptions about them out there, especially amongst conspiracy people.

Next, we went to visit the stone circles I had visited with Kelly 4 years ago, see  Carol confirmed Kelly’s findings, namely that there is an ancient spirit entity there, a quite powerful and respectable sheng being, as he called it.  Carol spent some time there in quiet contemplation and as we left, she said that the guardian said thank you for our visit.  Kathy took a picture of Carol and myself and, as so often with digital photos, an entity can clearly be seen among the trees above us.  Last time we were there with another visitor, in April, there was a fog in and around the circle but not anywhere else; it is a very special place and we visit it frequently, often showing it to visitors and seeing what their reaction is.

There are three circles close together in this area, all of them in spots with spectacular views, and they are related to each other.  The next one we went to see I had not visited with Kelly but Carol found there that the guardian spirit of it was not in the circle but some distance away at the edge of the forest.  We buried 3 TBs and as we left, Carol said that the guardian was now closer to the circle.  We also noticed something like bone meal in the middle of the circle, as if someone had made an offering or some such; although the circle is in the middle of a field, it looked unlikely that it would have been fertiliser that had accidentally been spilled there.  In the middle of many stone circles human bones and ash have been discovered during excavations, it seems that they were also used as burial and possibly scarificial sites.  My understanding is that they were points of connection between heaven and earth as well as gateways to the unseen world.

The circle after that Kelly had gone to see and reported back that there was a spirit in the big stone who was quite happy in himself but that there seemed to be something not quite right, almost sad in the rest of the circle and that he, Kelly, couldn’t do anything about it.

As soon as we stepped into this circle, Carol began communicating with that guardian spirit and she said that he was actually a fairy king and that there was a whole fairy village in the pile of stones that lay directly across the circle from the big stone.  Carol, in consultation with the king, instructed me to place three TBs in various locations within the circle.  Apparently the king got really excited and started barking orders to his subjects, which made Carol laugh; this continued for all the time we were there.  He also said that he really liked Kelly and that when Kelly came next time, he should come with his boots on – “Tell Kelly to bring his boots!” the king kept repeating over and over, even as we eventually walked away from the circle.

The fairy king stone is the big one left of centre.

Carol laughing with the fairy king.

Words are a pale reflection of the reality I experienced there through Carol’s participation but the feeling it engendered is still with me, it has opened a door to the elemental world for me.  This is a direction in which I have been going for a long time and what Carol showed confirmed to me that I’m on the right path there even though I am not apparently energy sensitive as such, more a bookworm.  Just thinking back to that day fills me with joy.

In the evening, we had a raucous dinner altogether, now referred to in our small circle as “The Dinner”, with Greg and Carol bouncing stuff off each other like fireworks.

Greg trying to impress Carol with his whistle-while-I-eat routine.

Two tousle-haired old codgers, one of them not Paddy.

I think this was possibly the moment in which Greg became really aware of being psychic; I had taken him to the stone circles the Sunday before and there was no reaction to their unseen aspect from him then.  The conversations that went on that evening were something else, everyone was in high spirits, particularly Greg who had just succeeded in having some preview copies of his latest book printed [again, watch this space!].  We also all benefited from personal consultations with Carol in a quiet corner of the table, which felt like a real privilege to me.  

Next day was for goodbyes, we were really sad to see Carol go, particularly my wife.  She brought something unexpected to our lives and it was a real thrill to watch a world class psychic work at close hand and we feel really honoured to have had her as our guest.  Seen that her work in Europe is by no means finished, I’m really looking forward to meet her again on her next trip.  Tributes also to Kathy, whom we didn’t know before, for being such a staunch companion (you should have heard them bitching at each other good-naturedly, it was a delight  Very Happy

Greg’s attempt at getting his book printed was beset by all sorts of problems, but they turned out to be the factor that made him meet Carol and they ended up going down to Kentchurch together in Carol and Kathy’s hired car.  

World class psychic team setting off.


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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
Paddy, your report and photos were well worth the wait, thanks!  Thanks, too, for making the photos small enough--very helpful.  I love seeing the evidence in photos of present entities (the bright foggy bits).  Let's track this over coming months because we've seen these things change in digital photos, sometimes.  No need to worry about  pajama-clad, complacent curmudgeons explaining important stuff away--I don't invite them, here. I love seeing Carol that happy.  She takes on everyone's burdens and I'm conspiring with the unseen hosts to engineer an existence for us that will allow her to have more fun, like she did with you guys in UK.

You'll increasingly enjoy your contacts with fairies and elementals.  I think it takes any of us awhile to learn to stop being closed off to this larger view of  reality.  The confirmations are priceless, once the door has been opened.  Note that we all were aware of this stuff when we were small children, so of course anyone is capable of regaining that awareness after it's been programmed away.

Carol enjoyed reading  your report (VERY much, as you know) and tried, again, to post something in this thread but hackers prevented it.   She's been trying for months to post on EW and even with Alejandro's able help has not succeeded, so far.  I'm hoping that my comments will cause the NSA/CIA/MI6 DORknobs to back off and stop the hacking so she can 'speak.'  Meanwhile, Carol will get another password from Ale and try again.

Her happiest time in the trip was with you folks and Johnny, by the way, and this is evident in the photos.  The work in France was grueling but necessary.  They enjoyed getting acquainted with Gregory in Paris and David in Lille, though, and Carol was sorry that she was not able to meet up with Katarina (Georg's daughter) in Southern France, this time.   I hope to go back to France with Carol next summer to share the load, also to Portugal for more gifting of important Magdalene sites, including Fatima.  I'm scheming to successfully use my world citizen passport, then, via Santo Domingo.  This type of passport,  often used by refugees who can't get visas, otherwise,  was born in France, so to speak.

I'd love to have Greg for a visit but the feds just disappeared another conspiracy writer, very close to where we live.  They're really slamming the door on free speech in the alleged Land of the Free under the New Patriotism Cool

I suggested to Carol that they aren't likely to disappear me because I'm seen as kind of a clown.   She begged to differ, since I'm incessantly calling for the dissolution of the federal gov't, but I reminded her that in Florida, when the US Coast Guard abducted us in international waters and called every conceivable police agency, including Homeland Security (right next door to where we were being detained) to come take us away, none of them showed up and we were finally released in the middle of the night.  

That was during the year that Jeff McKinley, Carol and I were successfully 'transforming' the HAARPicane-generating infrastructure in the region.  Also, every single time she pulled out of our driveway, during that year,  a cop followed us for a short distance but every time I drove out (I have no driver license--can't get one under the New Patriotism) there were no cops in sight. I drove quite often, too, especially to pick people up at the big airport in Palm Beach, 30 miles away.

If I miss three days of email and posting on EW, people begin to speculate that I've been disappeared by the DORknobs Cool and I think Carol is equally unlikely to be disappeared  because she, too, has no hate in her.   If they were able to tie us, even very remotely, to any of their own stupid racist/bornagain-chump/terrorist groups we'd have been disappeared a loooong time ago.

Greg's presentations are also light-hearted but with very heavy subject matter so maybe that's been keeping him out of harm's way.  There's no hatred in that guy, either.   Carol says he's a natural psychic.    I think he's psychic in a way similar to how stock traders and investment  counselors (like Hong Kong Johnny and Bear Claw) and other successful business speculators are.  I don't perceive the stupefying stink of Theosophy in him, which is incredibly refreshing to me Wink

Carol bought a casting of a Magdalene cross at the gift shop in the little village of Rennes le Chateaux.  It's closely similar to the Templar cross, which closely resembles the Maltese cross.   In one of the books about Rennes le Chateaux--the one written by the British surveyor--an enormous Maltese cross is seen laid out across the Mediterranean region with significant old cities, temple sites and geographical features delineating the main points of the figure.  Also, a perfect hexagram and a symmetrical but 'bottom-heavy' pentagram connected at the northeast of the hexagram, covers the country of France, similarly 'drawn' by key geographical and architectural features. I wish I could remember the name of the book but the author surmises that these were created more than fifty thousand years ago.  After so many years of  forced vagabondage, which pretty much ended a year after Carol and I got together,  I didn't keep most of my favorite books.

I agree that we're starting to unravel some important history about the Templars, now.  I think the Templars, including Jacques de Molay, who  were rounded up and tortured to death in the 13th century, throughout Europe, were good guys connected to the Cathars. I think the present  freemasons parasited on this legacy to give themselves undeserved credibility.  

Notice how a similar (but relatively bloodless, thank God) strategy is being deployed, now, to discredit and bury this unorganized orgonite movement.  If I die from 'natural causes' then I think the fakers have a slim chance at succeeding.  I said, 'slim,' because there are probably enough courageous and committed people around, by now,  to keep the noisy, sponsored fakers and  skilled, obfuscating fools in the background. God bless them all Cool

Several of the psychics in the chats started seeing Mary Magdalene during our exercises in a more 'present' and active way since Carol gifted those places in Europe.   She feels a strong pull to get back there and do a lot more but doesn't want to go during the cold months. She was depressed at the end of the trip by the realization that the job has only begun. She had expected to get most of it done and hadn't realized the scale of the challenge.   Hopefully, other gifters in France and Portugal will get busy with this important work.  The fleur de lis is Mary Magdalene's family symbol, after all.  What an incredibly important historical figure she is!  Carol and I believe that her legacy figures very, very heavily in the needed collapse of this ancient global tyranny.


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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
I saw the picture of Carol laughing with the Fairy King and it brought to mind Mark Twain's "Joan of Arc", where I'd read about Joan's interaction with a group of fairies near her village, and how that happy interaction, which Joan refused to repudiate, was one of the lynchpins of the Church's "she's a witch" agenda against her. In fact, all the local children saw them, interacted with them - and destroying/driving the fairies out was a stated mission of the Church authorities at the time - if I recall correctly they chopped down the sacred tree they inhabited, did an excorcism of them to drive them away.

Growing up, I read virtually everything Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens wrote, and was shocked as an adult when I discovered "Joan of Arc". First of all, I thought it was tremendous, one of the best things he wrote, and it didn't me take too long to figure out why I hadn't been told about the book. It's a very well researched, stick-it-to-the-man tour de force, check it out if you haven't ever.

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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
Very interesting, Jeff--I understand that 'Arc' is 'Arques' which is the region where Mary Magdalene evidently lived and died and I personally believe Joan was a descendent of Mary Magdalene--a very refined young woman with royal blood, rather than a peasant. By then, I think all the European royal families had this bloodline.    This is the only way to make sense of the way she was begrudgingly accepted by the aristocrats, I think.

Joan's alleged interaction with faeries seems appropriate to me and maybe it relates to Jacques DeMolay's evident good relationship with fire elementals.  I had a taste of that during two firewalks, I think--the feeling of otherworldliness doesn't seem unusual during the experience.  Anyone can do that but I don't flatter myself that I could do what Jacques DeMolay did.

I'm having a conversation with Herve in France about this and after we discussed the Masons' evident parasitic piracy of the Templar traditions, he sent me this account:

About the high-jacking of Templars by the masons:   highly likely to be correct.  There’s an interesting story about Jacques de Molay recounted by Derlon when his mentor brought him to “L’île de la cité”  on a pilgrimage to his mentor’s “Master of Fire”:  
“This day (18 March 1944) is the anniversary date of the death of a great master-sorcerer, a great traveler who, a long time ago, was burnt alive at a square of Paris which I am going to show you in a little while….  In 1314, at this precise spot, the Templars grand master and his companions were burnt alive. The Templar, surrounded with flames, spoke to his suzerain, as if the fire wasn’t affecting him, and allegedly ‘cursed’ him and his line.  

The Tziganes [Gypsies] came to France only a century later but on hearing of the story and the dramatic termination of the “Cursed Kings;” their masters of fire recognized or were led to recognize Jacques de Molay as one of theirs.  

In the manner of the ‘Compagnons du Tour de France,’ this spot became a secret meeting place for the Tziganes’ masters of fire.”

“What you just did,, Pierre (extinguish a cigar on his palm without any trace of burns), is nothing compared to what Jacques de Molay did the day Philippe le Bel burnt him here.  It’s only been a short while since I know his name and still wouldn’t know it, hadn’t you taught me to read.”

“How did you call him before?

“The Master of Fire.”

“Why ‘Master’?”

“Because during his torture, not once did he stop talking with the tone of voice of a man unaffected by pain.  Furthermore, he predicted, to his executioner, things that did happen; this because fire can also be used as a divination prop and bring to the present what tomorrow will be.”
That sets the record straight as far as the “curse” go.

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Post Re: Carol's Magdalene Trip 
I never mentioned that Greg and Carol said Mary Magdalen came and camped in the park and drank from this spring.

Greg is at the place where she camped, next to stream:

I guess it would have been mostly Oak and hawthorn then, so great for ambience, rather than bracken.

Where she probably drank from:

And the spring outlet.

 He had the idea there was a chamber inside, he said they used to hide out in places like that.  I think he would have dug half the hill away given half the chance!

Carol asked for some of the spring stones so I sent a package a few months ago, no idea if they got there?  She suggested I put some inside 6oz TB--I sent one to Francie and she feels the Mary Magdelene's energy & keeps getting the smell of Roses  Smile

Greg said they were sensitive to Telluric energy, so would know a good energy spot.

Thanks for your account Paddy, better late than never!

and interesting Templar stories, good to get the real story, as they used to hang out around here.  Yew tree hunters follow Templar leads as they had yews around them as much as possible, which suggests mystic knowledge of the good sort.