Mary Magdalene

[Mary Magdalene embodies the Earth Mother Goddess.  That is your internal mother and God.  If she could sing and play guitar she would have sounded like Joan Baez in her first album: [1960] Joan Baez, especially the song 'John Riley', or this song on YouTube here.  'Mary' was a title.  Suppressed by the Catholic Church who make out she was a prostitute.]

[2016 Sept] Mary Magdalene over Walla Walla WA

[2010 June EW] Carol's Magdalene Trip

Why She Matters So

See: Jesus Christ

Mary Magdalene is perhaps our most prominent representative of maligned sexuality. For nearly two millennia she was considered a forever penitent, reformed prostitute. It was only in 1969 that the Catholic Church reversed their position and announced that Magdalene was in fact not a prostitute, but the one who witnessed and proclaimed Jesus' Resurrection. Because of her presence at both the Crucifixion and Resurrection, Magdalene was seen by the Gnostics and mystics of the Middle-Ages to be The Medium of Secret Revelation.' These same Gnostics also associated her with the planet Venus, a shining symbol of the sacredness sexuality and love.

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