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Interview with Alex Christopher on The Denver Airport

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Who Created the Catholic Church  by Alex Christopher
The Illuminati going to America by Alex Christopher

[2007] Pandora's Box by Alex Christopher  

In David's book, The Biggest Secret, he tells a story of a woman named Alex who goes to her neighbor's house at 2:30am.
One of the leading researchers into this phenomenon has been the American, Alex Christopher, author of the books Pandora's Box, Volumes I and II, which reveal, in part, the reptilian presence on this planet. Alex has seen reptilians and what she calls the big-eyed Greys. One night in Panama City, Florida she says she was called at 2.30 in the morning by her frantic neighbours, a woman and her partner, a commercial airline pilot. When she ran over to their house, she found the woman passing out, sliding down the wall with her eyeballs rolling. Alex said she felt an incredible energy in the room that seemed to be trying to penetrate her head. There was definitely radiation, she said, and the next day all the plants in the room were dead. She grabbed the couple and took them outside where they talked for a while. They said they had been making love when the incident began and this is very significant because the reptilians feed off human emotional and sexual energy which is one reason why sex is so fundamental to Satanic rituals performed for the 'demons' - this reptilian group. The couple said they saw a flash of light and then they were pulled from the bed. The man still had a palm print on his side made by fingers that must have been ten inches long with claws that burned into his skin. The next day that spot was so painful he couldn't touch it and Alex Christopher has video footage of this.