Pandora's Box

a book by Alex Christopher

Chapter, Title, Page Number

1 The Origins of Misinformation 1
2 England, France and the Holy Grail 7
3 Knights Templar 25
4 A Sailor Story 37
5 In search of the New Jerusalem the New World 43
6 The Lost French Dauphin 49
7 The Bloodline of Kings 62
8 The Catholic Church 73
9 Ignatius Loyola, Jesuits, The Illuminati and the Creator 79
10 The English Feudal System 91
11 Money and Banking 97
12 The Virginia Company 105
13 The Mayflower Compact 124
14 Territories and Possessions 127
15 Early Railroads of France 135
16 Washington D.C. and the Name Change of the Virginia Company 137
17 Do You Really Understand the term United States 149
18 The Illuminati going to America 155
19 The Early Alabama Railroads 166
20 The American Indian vs. Industrial America and the Railroads 173
21 Southern Gold Rush 182
22 The Railroads Building an Empire 195
23 Lewis Cass Payseur 1850-1939 233
24 The Springsteins 255
25 The Secret Life and Death of Abraham Lincoln 276
26 Railroads and the Civil War 289
27 Acts of Treason and the 37th Congress 297
28 Who was Albert Pike? 301
29 John Pierpont Morgan, Who was this Man? 303
30 The Reconstruction Period-Post Civil War 308
31 Trust, Trustees and Anti-Trusts 320
32 Assets of Lewis Cass Payseur 325
33 Nikola Tesla 333
34 The Railroad Leases 336
35 The Andrew Carnegie, Steel Deal 358
36 Companies owned by the Railroads 360
37 Railroad Operating Companies 364
38 The Dominated Control of Money and Credit 368
39 The Vanderbit Empire 380
40 Elliott Springs 390
41 Hugh William Close 408
42 Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914 411
43 The True Federal Reserve Story 419
44 Admiralty or Maritime Courts of Law 429
45 Search for the Contractors of Conspiracy 430
46 John D. Rockefeller, Standard Oil and World Monopolies 431
47 Asset Acquisition 453
48 Eisenhower’s Farewell Address 454
49 The Fortune 500 Companies 457
50 The John F. Kennedy Assassination and other Events 469
51 Global Monopoly 490
52 Common Law and the Farmer 498
53 A Plan to Starve the American People 502
54 Mercury Poisoning of the Body 509
55 Sodium Fluoride Fluoridation 512
56 No respect for Human Life 516
57 Technology Today 521
58 Rex 84 and F.E.M.A. 528
59 Who are the real Israelites 534
60 Weyerhaeuser and Boise Cascade 545
61 The Bechtel Family 554
62 The Railroads and Aliens 556
63 The Apotheosis Project 560
64 An Alien Abduction Account 566
65 How to Survive the Tribulation Times 574
66 Our Country Has Lost its Sovereignty 584
67 Sweet White Poison 603
68 The UNITED STATES has a new national religion 605
69 The Price of Driving 608
70 The Crime Control Act of 1992 609
71 Who Originated the Plot for World Domination 612
72 The Committee of 300 617

Perceptions Magazine
Review of Pandora's Box
This is the review that was done by Perception's Magazine:

"Once I started reading Pandora's Box I could not put it down! It is a saga that 'begins with the earliest concepts of European-American history and makes its way up to the present, to include the Committee of 300. Christopher projects into the future and gives explicit descriptions complete \with drawings of the "gray men" described in alien/UFO abduction stories.

In short, this is the strangest, most compelling and disconcerting historical dissertation I have ever read.

Disregarding the premise that winners get to write history , Christopher writes history from the losers point of view. My mind reeled with disbelief, but I was compelled to accept this new awareness because it came from too many diversified and disparate sources for it to be dismissed.

This profoundly disturbing material is supported through facts, logic and well-argued concepts. Bloodlines are traced through history to the Knights Templar, who perfected a monetary system in the thirteenth century that was to become the foundation of modem gold-backed banking systems.

Later, when these Templars were driven from their homes, they used their mastery of the sea to begin the great voyages of discovery. It appears to be no coincidence that Christopher Columbus' flagship bore Templar Crosses on its sails.

The goals of the "one-world government" are revealed in Pandora's Box: the abolition of ordered government, of private property , inheritance, religion, patriotism and family.

Who would benefit from such disruption? The English Crown, operating through the Virginia Company (a commercial corporation owned by the King of England since 1604). This company acquired a piece of land on the Potomac River for its private use and changed its name to the "United States of America."

Additional background history and heavy documentation explains why today more than half the land, and all the power and transportation companies in the U .S. are owned by the railroads. It also explains why we have become dependent on the rest of the world for our food; why we are part of a plan to depopulate the earth.

Pandora's Box, identifies a positive, immensely-irresistible source of private power available to any being who has the mind to recognize and understand it. If you've got a brain in working order and can afford this book, get it; you may experience a conceptual birth-an epiphany, a revelation. But once you do, forget about living in blissful, trusting ignorance, forevermore."

Pandora's Box
New, Revised, Millennium Edition   August 2007
by Alex Christopher

This is the 2007 updated version of Alex Christopher's rare and explosive book  Pandora's Box - The Ultimate Unseen Hand behind the New World Order (1993) which exposed the New World Order agenda from an unique point of view as no other book has ever done it before. This mammoth and heavily documented book uncovers the most hidden players behind the globalist agenda, find out what they have done in the past, what their plans are today and why they don't want you to know anything about it. About 620 pages. A must read for everyone who would like to know some of the underpinnings of control factors in western society. This is the book that drove the CIA crazy to the point where they raided the author’s house in 1994. The information in this book with the links to the gray men was released by the family that at one time controlled every form of transportation, Communication and banking in this country to only two people. One of the two people wrote Pandora’s Box. I understand that an update for PB-II is also in the works, as are other items by Alex Christopher. It is likely that info on those will be included if you order the item below. 

Material below from Alex Christopher follows.  Val

"Pandora’s Box Millennium Edition is a new update of the original version of the book. Since it was first published in 1993 many things have happened in the world and with myself and my family. In the time since 1993 I have lost my mother, then my father got ill and I spent many years caring for him and he passed away also. My spouse has put both of us through much with is twelve major surgeries that he has had. In short life has not been fun at all. The books caused me so much harassment in life that while I was dealing with family issues it was just to much on me to deal with shadow people’s crap because I wrote the book. Beside a fellow by the name of David Ike decided that it was alright for him to take all of my material along with Alex Colliers’ and Phil Sparks’ information and use it to create his The Biggest Secret and others. Our books is where he got a large portion of his material without our permission. In some cases he copied my book almost word for word. When I discovered what had happened I decided that it was a good time to let someone else take the heat for a while. I was really busy with my family issues.

In all of these years I have never really stopped researching the information or the cause and reason for writing the book in the first place. With the advent of the internet and the huge amount of information that is on the internet now I can take my research to a higher level than I could fifteen years ago. I have discovered that the man that I worked for Mr. Donald Beatty was a little bit less than totally honest with me about some of the information that he gave me or else he really did not know to begin with.

With my research and new discoveries I have gone back in the book and updated old information with a more accurate up to day version, I have changed incorrect information and fixed names, places and dates, I have added accurate genealogies on the primary families of interest in the book. I have added about four chapters and I have taken some information that was not needed out and added more important information. I have scanned and cleaned up really old documents so they are clearer and added many new pictures and graphics.

The information in this book with the links to the gray men was released by the family that at one time controlled every form of transportation, Communication and banking in this country to only two people. One of the two people wrote Pandora’s Box. You will not find this countries true history in any other authors book because they have not been privileged to this insider information that has been kept a secret for 200 hundred or more years. Everyone who does research into the background of what is happening in the United States and the world today is familiar with Epperson’s “Unseen Hand”. Four years of intense research produced a work which could be the “Unseen Hand Behind the Unseen Hand”.

Research for this fascinating book meant traveling around to state, county and federal courthouses all over the United States where documents were filed and taking great risks to uncover the hidden secrets that are in plain view for the public. It uncovers data that has been suppressed for over 150 years, and illustrates the real truth, backed by legal documents, of the hidden trusts and corporate owners, the family for whom J.P. Morgan and the Rockefellers were the front men for, and it was not the Rothschilds. the true origins of the CIA, who the hidden owners of one half of the United States are, the true issue of private land ownership, links to Old World money and family blood lines that trace back thousands of years.

The book details how Edison, Tesla and Westinghouse were involved, the aspects of this hidden history that are behind the current withdrawal of freedoms and the decimation of the world population, who really owns and controls your land, information on foreign military equipment in the united States, information on advanced technology being used on and against the world population. Find out who the one family is that truly owns the entire wealth of the United States - since over 364 of the Fortune 500 were originally found by this family, find out who has stolen and embezzled it away, despite ownership documents.
Incredible tie-ins to the alien problem, defense industrial complexes agenda. The ones that don’t want the truth out seized this book in the summer of 1994 in an effort to stop its publication, it has now been totally reworked, updated and revised with even more information than the original book.

All in all, an incredible piece of work. The book has 630 pages in 8 1/2 x 11 paperback bound format. They could try to stop publication again so don’t delay order your copy today. This is the only known book in the world that you will find this suppressed information which makes the book a one of a kind, and a real bargain at a price of only $US62.00, which includes media mail shipping. Add $5.00 more for Priority Mail shipping in the United States. For Canada and Mexico, $US75.00, includes airmail shipping. For International Customers the price is $US90.00, which includes International airmail shipping."

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Book Introduction
This book has to be classified as a one-of-a-kind novel. It is a compilation of four years of extensive research; the information in it is only my interpretation of what appears to be the truth. Nothing in life has a value or is believable for a person, unless that person allows something to become a truth or value in their life especially within their experience. Therefore, I must tell you that this is a fiction novel based on information that I have found hidden away in all types of corners, here and there. For most people, this information is too incredible; if they believed the information, it would rip their lives apart. If you believe this information it makes an island out of you and no one likes being alone on an island. Almost everyone in this country and the world likes being a sheep. I watch flocks of sheep and where one leads they all follow. It seems that they don’t have the intelligence to really be an individual. Most people appear to like it that way. In truth, people are about to be lead to the slaughter. The bottom line about this book is that it only has as much truth to it as you allow it to have. If in doubt, you can also do the research and see for yourself.

In 1988, I was in the midst of building my dream house in Florida. For almost two years I had been feeling changes that I couldn’t explain. The only way to describe them was that it felt like I had something very important to do and that it was urgent that I start doing it right away. Whatever this “thing” was, the thoughts about it consumed my life. But what was it? I hadn’t a clue. I only knew it had to do with knowledge. Knowledge of what, though? I asked many of my patients and friends if they had ever had feelings like that, but none of them had. They told me that I was just getting old. I really didn’t like that analogy. Then one day, in September of 1988 while working on my new home, I heard this terrible rumble on the far side of the house. The house was vibrating like an earthquake. I ran to the other side of the house to the only window on that side that just happened to be in the bathroom. There I saw a big bulldozer having a fight with a pretty little pine tree that just did not want to be mowed down. The dozer would push it down and the tree would spring back up. This sight broke my heart for some reason. I really do love the trees and hate to see them removed, but this time this one really had an impact on me. I started crying and beating my fist on the walls asking who am I, what am I, what am I doing here, why is life so rotten, and why do I have to live such a hard life to only die and to feel like I never had any freedom? With tears running down my face I turned to leave the bathroom and at that time (10:00 A.M. in the morning with the sun to the east) through the French doors on the west side of the house came a blinding light into my face. The next thing I knew my wet face was dry and the tears were gone and I was at peace with everything and I knew that I had to write a book.

Me write a book? What a joke! That thought did not leave me alone. I checked the time and it was now 2:30 P.M. Where did the time go? No way I could have been in the bathroom for four and a half hours walking around in circles. I can’t tell you what happened to me that day, I only know that it changed my life and I can never go back to being a sheep again. I am now an island of knowledge. This book is the sum total of my life from that time until now. This book is only a brief version of the knowledge I have acquired since that day in the bathroom. That knowledge was the result of an effort to discover what is really happening in our world today; that day I asked to find the truth out about everything, and I desired to know only the real truth.

There is no way to easily sum up this book. I can only tell you that since 1988 I have been led back and forth across this country four times to find this information out from people - people that I should never have known. I know beings are always around me, they have done some really wild things in my life to help me out of tight squeezes. They have guarded and cared for me, that I might live. This is not my imagination; I can really feel them and sometimes I can smell them. They have an ultra sweet flower smell. There have been whole days that they have stayed with me, everywhere I went, even in my vehicle and to the store, then back in the vehicle and to the house. One day, we begged the angel that stayed with us all day, to appear and talk to us. On that night, a twelve-foot being appeared just outside the picture window of my house and my mate lost it and fell over three chairs. Almost as a response to our state of shock at its appearance, it vanished, as if it was a hologram.

All the so-called authorities out there that think that they really have a grip on who is doing what and who owns and is controlling everything in the world---don’t have a clue as to what is really behind things! Everyone goes around blaming the Rothschilds for everything, but who is behind the Rothschilds? (who are, by the way, all dead now.) The last one was supposedly murdered two years ago. In this book you will find out who really runs the world conspiracies and corporations world-wide. You have to go back to the past-genesis to find out about today. You can not start researching today’s information in books, and ever expect to find the real root of truth about hidden planetary power control. One half of the information in books out there was created to mislead you. This becomes evident if you start studying books and information about the ones in control and how everything came to be as it is today. You have to go back to the beginning in the old federal, state and county records and proceed forward in the records. The two paths of information will by pass each other, like two passing trains in the night. The information that is out there in public libraries and such will never meet with the other (true information). Consequently, you have all been running around the crust of the pie for decades, and you have never found the meat of the pie.

In the fall of 1992, I talked to a man, that at one time had actually been a part of and had participated in the organizational meetings for the “New world Order”. He knew all of their plans. In the past year this man has become very well know. He has been traveling all of the states spreading the word and blowing the whistle as he says, his name is Carl Sanders.

He had also worked for the industrial defense companies, IBM, TRW, Mellon Institute and many more. He had for many years been involved with the engineering, design and development of highly advanced technology. Technology used in the Phoenix Projects and later the Montauk Project that involved time travel. While this man was speaking to me about these subjects and when I was able to pick my jaw up off the floor I did manage to ask him about where their present level of technology is today. He went into great detail to tell me that the stuff that we see on T.V. and in the movies that we think is fiction is not even close to the reality of where the technology is. My jaw dropped again. I’m thinking about Star Wars, and Star Trek now. He also confirmed the governments and the corporate worlds involvement with aliens and our deriving technology form them. He said that what we see out here in view is about 75 to 100 years behind what the nebulous “They” have to use on us.

I asked him about all of the information in this book, including railroad ownership of all the odd sections and some even sections of land in this country, and what the government planned to do with it if the leases were not renewed by June 17, 1993 or December 31, 1995. He told me that my dates were, in his words, real dates to look out for things to really start happening. he said that the government had purposely not done anything about the true ownership of the lands being held in trust for the operation of the United States Military Railroad System, and that they had just been letting everything ride and “yes”, they did plan to take the land back from whom ever might be occupying the land at the conclusion of the leases”.

That is what this book is, the “meat”. Get ready to have the meal of your life!


Alex Christopher