Coincidence Control (The Higher Self, God)
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"Coincidence is the Hidden Architecture of Reality"

[There are no coincidences.  Your life is run at a higher level of programming out of conscious awareness, called the Higher Self or God, among other terminology.  John Lilly called that part of the individual the Self-Metaprogrammer, and the higher one the Earth Coincidence Control Office (ECCO).  If you think about it, it would be impossible to run this reality, human wise, without that sort of higher awareness--called The Master Control Programme (MCP) in the film Tron.  Your life choreographer.
    You can then start metaprogramming what you want through meditation, affirmations or visualisations among many other methods, called the Law of Attraction.  Dreams to reality. This is using Intent to get what you want.  Numerous books have been written on the subject and the word spread by gurus such as Ponder, and Werner

Just a Coincidence lie