'Correlation does not equal causation', or 'Just a coincidence' lie (hiding vaccine reactions )
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[Classic Medical/Allopath Rationalization.  Vaccine-land where it is always a coincidence and never the vaccine, even if your baby drops dead with the needle still in its arm.  They have been getting away with this one for 200 years.  Easy when you have a medical monopoly and are accountable to no one but yourself.  There are no coincidences (see).  If they can't get away with coincidence easily they use Underlying conditions.]

See: Hiding adverse reactions 'Experts' deny  Underlying conditions  Diagnosis Analogy madness  'Correlation doesn’t equal causation'  Earth Coincidence Control Office (E.C.C.O.)

Marcella Piper-Terry shared: "You know how we've been told all those serious adverse reactions to Gardasil are "coincidence" and would have happened anyway?  B.S.   Merck used the aluminum adjuvant as the "control" in their clinical trials. There was no placebo. Of 7 clinical trials, only one used a placebo (saline solution) and the number of subjects was 594. In comparison, 15,706 subjects received Gardasil and 13, 023 subjects were injected with the aluminum adjuvant. They compared the number of serious adverse events between the Gardasil group ("experimental") and the adjuvant group ("control"). Not surprisingly, there was no significant difference between the number or severity of adverse events between the groups. That's because aluminum is a neuro-immune toxin and subjects who received the aluminum "control" were disabled, had seizures, developed autoimmune disorders and died at nearly identical rates to those who received the Gardasil vaccine.  The serious adverse events are being caused by the aluminum. They are not "coincidence" and they would not have occurred naturally.   Take home message: There is no safety data for Gardasil - and this is the status quo for vaccine manufacturers. Do you REALLY think they care about your health? Hint: the 3-shot series is nearly $400. Per person.   No wonder they want to vaccinate little boys and infants, too.    Just say NO.

[2013 Jan] Vaccine deaths yet to show ‘causal links’ 

[2011 Oct] 61% of Vaccine Providers Don’t Know What a Vaccine Adverse Reaction Is  If you want to entrust yourself and your children to this Three Blind  Mice (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil) vaccine system – that is certainly your right, but if something goes wrong don’t expect any recognition, sympathy or cure from the medical system. You’ll end up being a statistic in the FDA VAERS system and it will be labeled a coincidence.

In 1987, when kids were keeling over after the Menomune A vaccine, and parents were ringing me all hours of the day and night, I always asked the question, “Have YOU ever reacted to any vaccines yourself?” I could be very rich today, if I won $1,000 for every parent who told me, “Oh well, I had a really bad bout of da-de-da after the polio vaccines when I was a kid, but the doctors told my parents it was nothing to do with the vaccine.” The medical profession have had over a century to perfect multiple versions of excuses in their explanation handbook, under the heading of "Tell them it's coincidental". [2011 May] It's all about money by Hilary Butler

"The health authorities always try to blame whatever happens after vaccination on "coincidence." Even in pre-licensure clinical trials, most serious vaccine adverse events which occur are written off as "coincidence."--B Fisher [Media Jan 2005 Brain damage] Mother claims son had adverse reaction to flu shot

"They claim that autism naturally occurs at about 18 months, when the MMR is routinely given, so the association is merely coincidental and not causal.  But the onset of autism at 18 months is a recent  development.  Autism starting at 18 months rose very sharply in the mid-1980s, when the MMR vaccine came into wide use.  A coincidence?  Hardly!"--Dr Rimland

The pathetic attempts by the pencil pushers to write off onset of brain and immune system dysfunction after vaccination in previously healthy people as just a "coincidence" will not wash. The people, whose lives have been ruined by doctors too proud to admit the harm being done, will not let them get away with it.--[NVIC June 14, 2006] Pencil Pushers Deny Vaccine/Optic Neuritis Link

"These (leprosy) cases are too numerous to be explained by the theory of coincidence, and similar instances can be heard of by inquiry in every country where leprosy is endemic."-- [1893 Book] LEPROSY AND VACCINATION by William Tebb

The timing of onset following vaccination  -  not just MMR  -  is described by the UK Department of Health as a coincidence. Their argument is that autism is “noticed” around this time, because this is a time when child development is most rapid, and therefore any failure most noticeable. The thinking behind this stance appears to be that either autism was always there, all along, or that it is akin to some sort of delayed-action genetic “bomb”, primed in certain individuals to detonate just after receipt of MMR or thimerosal-containing vaccines, or around that time.         The gross implausibility of this argument, that it is highly unlikely in the extreme that previous problems would have been missed, and at a time where children receive constant devoted attention and close scrutiny regarding their development, is ignored. The concept that genetics alone could be responsible for sudden devastating decline in a developing infant is equally implausible. What Is Late onset/Acquired Autism/Autistic Enterocolitis? by David Thrower

Chance is a word void of sense; Nothing can exist without a cause. ---Voltaire

There are no accidents.---Master ShiFu in Kung Fu Panda.

[2008] Baby didn't die of vaccination Dr Al Jalahma said it was tragic coincidence that Syed Ali died few hours after he received the Penta vaccine (Combined Diphtheria-Tetanus-Acellular Pertussis (DTPa), Hepatitis B and Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine), one for the pneumococcal disease and the oral polio vaccine.

''However, if you are giving a medical intervention to everyone at a certain age, as in this case, it is a medical certainty that some people get sick in the days, weeks or months afterwards. It would, of course, have happened whether or not they had received the treatment. It is merely coincidence.'' [2016 Nov] MOTHERS SHOULD LISTEN TO THE EXPERTS NOT DR GOOGLE

"They insist the timing of his collapse and the MMR jab was a coincidence. But his mother, Suzanne, 38, told the ECHO: “I can’t believe the jab had nothing to do with it. He was fine before that injection, but nearly died straight afterwards.” [March 2007 MMR] Mum’s horror as tot ‘dies’ twice after jab

"When contacted, district medical and health officer Dr R Krisha Bramham maintained that the deaths were unrelated to polio drops. ``It is a coincidence that the deaths happened just a day after polio drops were given,'' he said."--- [Media India, November 23 2004] Infants die; reaction to polio drops feared

"This time I was convinced that his condition was related to the vaccine, but still the doctors didn’t take me seriously and told me it was a coincidence."--HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: The Role of Vaccines in Chronic Disease By Richard Moskowitz, M. D.

Dr. Edwin Kilbourne, head of the Microbiology Department at Mount Sinai Medical School (L.A. Calif.) said he thought "the cases of paralysis were only coincidence."--[Book] Swine Flu Expose by Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D.

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