Alex Collier

[Few big red flags in this material, eg promotion of HIV and Viral fearmongering.  Also the Carter and Mondale material was already (1979) in public domain through Dr. Peter David Beter, and no way is Kissinger a clone.  And if these are the same Andromedans who Carol and Don Croft Carol believe gave us Orgonite, then why didn't they tell Collier?  Collier also said they put Mercury into vaccines to stop Aliens eating children--psychopaths couldn't care less, they put mercury in the vaccines to create disease (Disease Inc) and for infertility reasons.  That is out of the ZetaTalk book of bullshit. So looks like good agency operation.]

[pdf] Defending Sacred Ground: The Andromedan Compendium

[vid] ConfirmedReptilian:AlexCoiller

Quote re Collier
I had a quick look on "Alex Collier" book and just on the first paragraph of the book is this:
"Although many elements contained within this December 1995 lecture are basically unverifiable, the synchronicity with the material presented by Drunvalo Melchizedek, especially in his video presentations on  the Light and Dark Brotherhood and his lecture at the Conclave of Michael Conference in Banff, Canada in 1994 make this material so highly interesting that it demands presentation in The Leading Edge. Relate it to other material and decide yourself. Together with other material in existence, it appears to have a bearing on the immediate future of the planet and all its inhabitants."    Drunvalo Melchizadek?! common! that should be a HUGE red flag right away.  I´m not going to discuss why I think Collier is cr@p here, this is simply not the place (or the forum) for that.  I have to admit that its the more sophisticated type of disinfo.   This is from DB and I think is very appropriate to this: "But's that's how they do it. I know this because I wrote the books that did that, too. We give you the truth in toto, then at the end, point you in a direction. See, the way that scam works is, you heart will overtly resonate when confronted with any truth or real fact in space-time. Unless you have no heart, but that's another story. Anyway, after say, 60,000 words on the truth, you are on board, with it, going where they want us to go. You are loaded with the truth and your heart is singing out. Then the critical moment approaches. A little lie, at the end. Just a tiny one. One small fracture in the whole ice-castle of truth. That fracture will alway send you into the abyss. I know this. Because that is exactly what happened to me. Many times." ---

Alex Collier: A Complicated Life of a Contactee Messenger  Alex Collier — not his “true name” — is the real deal;  his history is complicated. He was an undercover FBI agent, a sort of real-life Fox Mulder investigating human mutiliations that at first he thought was a serial killer, then led to a reptilian base. The truth of this was too much to comprehend and he bad a nervous breakdown. He was mind-wiped. given a new personality, and placed in a job with the IRS. His do-gooder personality points were still intact and he went against IRS Code of Procedures which landed him in a Federal Prison. In lock-up, the Cabal determined he could be used as a disinfo agent; they reprogrammed him to believe that he had been contacted by “benevolent” grays and reptilians, to tell the public that all ETs were kind and wanted to help humanity, the same sort of lie Steven Greer, also a lizard boy, spout off. Well, he was dealing with grays and lizards, but they were feeding him b.s.
The thing is, Alex Collier is a vessel for an Andromedan soul.
    The Andromeda Coucil picked him up after his release from prison. They opened up his memories of who he really was, his previous life as an Andromedan, and what his mission entailed on earth.  He was reluctant, and still is, knowing the price he would have to pay, and has paid. The Cabal has attempted to clone him but the Council has terminated all clones that were sent out. The Cabal has messed with him emotionally and financially.
    You must listen to the heart of his message, move away from the whole ET thing: find your power within, stand up and fight the evil, don’t wait and believe the benevolent ETs will fix everything; they will help, and are helping, and are in battles in space, but you must find your path of strength. Also, family is important, very important: your earth family and your family among the stars.