[Disinfo site, bit of a giveaway when they spout medical industry propaganda about autism having no relationship to vaccination!!]

A classic load of bollocks/lie: "On May 11, 2002 and again on Dec 14, 2005 the Zetas stated that the rise in autism was not due to vaccinations but an adjustment to the increasing tensions in the world due to the Earth changes and the pending pole shift." ----Zetabullshit

See: Vaccines & autism Alex Collier

Zeta Talk & Disinformation (Dec. 19, 2007) Nancy Leider--in my opinion-- is a victim of CIA/NASA mind control programming which is EXACTLY what Carol Croft told me in 2002 when I asked her. Nancy and Zeta Talk is a disinformation tool of the not-so-secret inner government and their military cohorts (traitors) working to bring about the New World Order.

See: AboveTopSecret.com Godlike Productions Jeff Rense Art Bell NESARA

this forum's host is zetaboards' parent company, zathyrus, in bowie, maryland  so the freethinkers' forum is graciously hosted by zathyrus networks, the spooked-up intel front that puts up zetaboards for free. probably underwritten by the national security agency in fort meade, maryland, which is about five miles from bowie, maryland, where zetaboards' parent company, zathyrus networks, has its headquarters and, of course, the nsa's bottomless budget has a line item for the pimple-on-its-butt central intelligence agency found a little info on zathyrus at: