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[Seth is a survivor of a military mind control program to produce a remotely programed and controlled human weapon. Soul recovery was the key to regaining control over his life. The technique was used to retrieve soul pieces from the military computer systems in which they were being held. This unique experience has afforded Seth an unusual, technical understanding of how mind control programs work and how to psychically defeath the personnel and equipment. Seth is a junior instructor of Forms in the the Chinese martial yoga of Yin Fu BaGuaQuan. He has also studied Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu, Yang style TajiQuan, Hsing-iQuan.]


During particular rituals, Reptilians would lead the humans.  The Reptilian would wear a cloak, sometimes with a high scooping collar.  They were always highly arrogant but offered me great (fake) respect.  Some had no horns. Some had a ring of horns around the head and were subordinate and specialized in mindform warfare.  Sometimes it seemed that the Reptilian was not at the ritual with the humans physically, but was projecting in to the room, but still ordering them around.  The Reptilians also used technology, and would conduct their own tests to control or kill me with their space ships.  The Greys would do what the Reptilians told them, and would be directed to conduct their own tests with supervision.  The Rep’s, Grey’s or Human could not engineer their ship into my local physical, but “closeby” and still deliver a strike that felt like a lightning bolt attempting to separate me from my body violently.  There was a feeling to me that the Reptilians could not completely enter our level of physical density except in certain circumstances. SETH'S STORY

"Whenever we were working against Satanic targets, the thread would always go back to one or more Reptilians.  It seems that Reptilians actually created Satanism."--- SETH'S STORY

Back at Sedona, stayed at a friend’s house while we looked for our own.  During this time, I saw the movie Equilibrium.  At first I could not believe my eyes.  It was almost exactly like the capability that I was training for.  Dual pistols, deployment in pairs, etc.  At once I realized this was a programming movie.  Of course, in real life the Grammaton Cleric character would be actually a person remote controlled by a team of people in what looked like a flight simulator with supercomputers.  That was what I was supposed to be. SETH'S STORY