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Not the same as classical Monarch Trauma Based Mind Control, although the same people and principals were involved.

This is the censored version.  I have removed any famous names except for one that one that could be proven by an alleged picture. Freedom of Speech is very quickly leaving this country it seems.  Anywhere I removed information that could get me sued I put a description in brackets […]. 

We went from not knowing much about any of this, except for rudimentary understanding to advancing as expertly and effectively as possible since 2003.  This process is the experience of Ultimate Alchemy and Enlightenment.  There are many Darkside beings that go to great lengths to try to show us wrong information to hide themselves.  In Psychic Warfare, the attacker looks for any possible weakness.  When they find it, they run with it and exploit it ideally until termination.  If your weakness is an underdeveloped understanding of the world they will project a story and if you believe it they help you believe it so that you give bad info to others, or get into your position to kill you.  If your weakness is an emotional issue, they manipulate it to cause distention within the group or oneself.  They do it subtly or gross, and on as many angles as possible. They do it with teams of people and technology to the death.

   It is also a game of trying to remember the past with a mind that is not used to thinking multidimensionaly.  Sometimes one has to wait until they have gotten a certain aspect of their mind or astral body conditioned enough through use in order to See or Manifest a power or remember history without a clouding false belief about the world.  
  This is why it is good to have groups of people journeying blind if possible for the same target, as not everybody has the same weakness, and the strengths multiply.

One just has to do their best.

Please forgive for any misinterpretations of Sight.  I have done my best and keep updating information as I get clearer.

I also understand that I may not be making friends while writing this, but the purpose is to expose the Truth.

Alter Systems

An Alter System (also referred to as a System) is a person who is systematically tortured and hypnotized to create Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder.  The art and science of this highly devious mechanism was passed down through antiquity, to Atlantis, to Egypt and to the Mystery Schools.  Someone that is a multiple MUST BE CREATED BY SOMEONE ELSE.  Satanic groups set up command structures with it, this way the flow of the organization is hidden even from its participants.  Various People in the Governments are from generational Satanic families.  Hollywood is made up by many of them also.  [I listed several currently very famous people in the entertainment industry and Governments] There are many government funded umbrella programs to create them such as Monarch, MK Ultra, MK Naomi, etc.  There are very well known and trusted establishments that are involved with slave production [there is one that has very famous theme parks and very famous actors that play live rolls or voiceovers in the children’s animated films and use deliberate hypnotic triggers to access slaves in the audience, as well as use the theme parks for severe torture programming and Satanic rituals. There is a very famous fast food chain that has a Scottish name that advertises for famous mind control movies and uses their establishments and logos for programming and has a charity foundation for finding alternative housing for young people that is actually used for slave trafficking and programming, and probably drug running as well.  There is a very famous space administration that has secondary secret function in elaborate, technical slave programming.  This is just touching lightly on the subject as the list is frightfully long]. There is different conditioning depending on if the child is to be in the Hierarchy (positions in government), an assassin, sex slave, executed in ritual, an actor in Hollywood etc.  They have extremely well thought out plans for the person’s entire life when the System is built, involving torture so brutal and creative that few people can even imagine it.  The 13 Satanic Bloodlines of the Illuminati are the commonly referenced ones who use this method to maintain power globally under the Reptilians.

I suggest the reader research this topic further for themselves.

A System may have thousands of alters, with only a few of these actually making contact with the outside world which are called the Front Personalities.  The rest of the alters are dehumanized to form parts of a computer.  When this is done, the person is more like a robot with each personality made into a program, and is accessed by a Handler via a code phrase or other accessing cue in the field or at a distance.  A person such as this can be very highly trained, and deliberate difficulties are programmed in by hypnotic suggestion and demonology / Black Magick in order to prevent the person from healing.  When someone that was a System heals, they recover all of their memory.  To study more on Alter Systems I suggest The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler .  All of their books are a must read for the researcher, with discernment.  Unshackled, by Kathleen Sullivan, and Thanks for the Memories: The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's mind control slave by Brice Taylor are good also, with discernment.    

Types of programming, all of which may be in a System installed with severe torture and blood ritual;
Alpha—Basic Operations
Beta-- Sex  (a slave may specialize in this) 
Delta—Physical Warfare, Assassination (a slave may specialize in this) 
Theta-- Psychic Warfare (a slave may specialize in this) 
Gamma-- Demonology (connection to Reptilians, Greys, other beings, or thought forms that are in collaboration to keep the System running and not de-fragmenting)
Omega-- Suicide

An example of when a traditional System is created, it is begun when the child is in embryonic stage.  Through blood ritual the Demon class being is attached.  Eighteen months after the child is born it goes through a procedure called Splitting the Core where the original self that is in infancy is fractured by severe torture by the main programmer, usually the father or mother.  Then there are many other fractures from there, layered in such a way so that the Core is separated from the rest of its parts through layers of highly technical trauma induced amnesia, programmed by hypnosis with false identities, and heavily trained for specific abilities for different alters.  The part that you talk to is most likely just one of the Fronts when you are meeting someone like this.  Remember Sybil Isabel Dorsett and her sixteen personalities?  That probably wasn’t scratching the surface of her System.

How I am different

My father and mother were not my handlers or programmers.

I also went through a procedure using the same principals, but done with a computer at a distance.  Some of the main pieces of me that allowed them to do this was when in a past life had myself fractured, and that fracture disassociated in Time, storing the energy of it in a vessel with my permission.  I had Sold my Soul to the Reptilians, i.e., the “Devil”, or Satan.  With that past down through the ages, and under military control, was put in their computer in this present life and activated.  Of course I was born into this life not remembering such a transaction.  I was then split in the opposite direction, towards the Core, astral to the physical, which was attached to my body and conscious self.  I am very lucky in that it is much easier to heal my type because of this feature, as the split is not tied to the cells as densely as if I had been physically tortured, as I did not have to endure the Splitting the Core procedure in the classical physical method. My programs were similar to post hypnotic suggestion type alters (which have much less energy than one created with torture) with Alpha, Delta, Theta, Omega programming, and tied back to a computer control room at a distance. I did not have any original splits that were designed to be accessed from the outside without the computer override in operation.  As far as I know there may have been more designed like me.  Once the computer had override, then the system would be activated, enabling my body to be moved about with a joystick, either by a team in a flight simulator type interface, or in the field with a mobile controller unit that was the size of a briefcase.
I was not deployed in combat; I escaped during the final activation procedure.

When working against Alien/terrestrial targets, there seemed to be more than one timeline in operation.  The technology used to make a spaceship is the same or similar to that which is used to create a Time Machine.  More than once we came against teams of aliens or humans that seemed to be coming from the future or parallel Time to work with/help another team we were fighting.  Also more than once was the demonstration of the alien/human enemy to be able to record the future and play it back to me in my mind with a different bias for programming.  Usually this would be an alternate and extremely bad timeline they were trying to manifest into dominate existence by attempting to change my actions.  They also demonstrate the ability to time a hypnotic program to unleash at a specific moment in time at a very specific event which only could be done by knowing the future.  The teams of people that would come at the physical level would aggressively avoid making physical contact, even if only inches away.  If I was aware of them in my physical presence, they would only stay for no more than twenty seconds, long enough to leave the scene.  They seemed to not be able to use firearms or other weapons with the exception of psychic attack to stop the heart, or time displacement technology such as spaceships, dream manipulation devices, AI mind hacking computers, projecting operatives with or without the use of equipment, spells; i.e., black majick, which also may be boosted with equipment.  If you notice, these types of attacks can all be done from other Timelines and at a distance.  If an Ultra type slave was sent, they would not act out their assassination protocol even if they made it to my position.

Types of Aliens I Fought:

These types have bodies that are not as physical as ours.  Their density-per-volume is lighter, which is why some researchers say that they inhabit the “lower astral plane”.  This is why only under certain circumstances can they be in complete physical proximity, and have created the in-between race called the Nefilim that are humans that have high Reptillian DNA content.  The Nefilim, having denser bodies due to the human DNA, can mingle closer to the regular humans.  It is said that the Nefilim DNA is carried through the 13 Satanic Bloodlines of the Illuminati, more or less dilute, depending on where the person is on the family tree. 

This is why it is easier to disassociate a Rep, Grey, Ant, etc. from their body during psychic combat than the densely bodied Nefilim.  This is why the Nefilim were created to rule over the human slaves, and why some survivors report seeing certain famous people “shifting into a lizard” during Satanic Ritual.  I think that the “shift” as it appears by the testimony of Arizona Wilder, and The Brandon Corey story is doctored and false, and has unfortunetly given the research less credibility as a result.

1) Reptilians.  Bipedal reptilian humanoids.  I remember tails.  They would try to cover their “impression” so that one would see or remember something slightly different about them that was not correct; no tails, or a different caste system, or incorrect historical perception.  If you have listened to any of my interviews you would see my various failures in discernment.  Deception was extremely important to the Reptilian, with winning the most important thing ever, even if it meant at great cost. Whenever we were working against Satanic targets, the thread would always go back to one or more Reptilians.  It seems that Reptilians actually created Satanism. 

Types (if I am remembering correctly):

a. Hornless
b. Multiple horns around top of head
c. Two small horns
d. Very short type, mabey 3 ft tall
e. Two horned like a bull would have, stocky
f. With wings (I don’t remember contact with these, but my father does)

Mostly, I remember contact with Hornless type (a).  At one time I boasted I knew the caste system, but I realize my shortcomings of my Sight.  Some seemed maybe 15 ft tall or more, some 6-7 ft, some shorter. Forgive me if I have any of this wrong.  The last we understood is that the type (a) was the original type, being engineered in another universe by an unknown species as a soldier.  They reproduce by some kind of egg and have not changed their genetics since inception. The other types (if they are not illusions in my mind) would then probably be engineered by type (a) later.

2) Greys.  Around 3 ft tall.  There seemed to be another type that was taller, maybe 5-6 ft tall, but the taller ones seemed to be more like a command type.  The shorter ones were engaged on most occasions.  The quality of Mind of these beings was entirely different than the Reptilians.  It was totally emotionless, but with highly hostile tendencies.  Also with the desire to win at all costs.  Their minds are connected in a hive format.  When the Reptilians and the Greys were together, the Reptilians were always superior.

3) Ant People.  Very large ants.  Subordinate to above two races.  Seemed as big or bigger than 6 ft long.  Would attack psychically, primarily at night while sleeping.  Sometimes would attack psychically in swarms.  Usually deployed in a coordinated attack with Human terrestrial military, and/or Greys, Reptilians.

There are more, but these are the ones that I primarily remember interacting with, if only to help remove them from their bodies.

How to Defeat a Darkside Target 
In order to fight to save others and myself a new way had to be developed to maintain our relative superiority.  Just a week before the Activation Attempt, I was surfing the Internet for Remote Viewing.  I came across the website  on it was discussed psychic warfare using mental Commands that were cast into the target.  The author preferred fighting with the command Total Personal Responsibility, etc.  Props to the author of that website.  It generously contributed to saving my ass as well as the asses of other people.  With this concept as a base, we formulated what we called the Heavenly Weapon by taking the command, then giving it a texture, shape, density, and tool icon of a bow and arrow after the success of the Thought Scalpel my father used on Anoholi Beach to free me from the main control implant in my head.  Later when we taught this we called it the Heavenly Catalyst after removing the weapon tool icon and replacing it with the icon of a flowing river of fire that could fill any target.  The term Heavenly Catalyst is more suitable because it can be used for self-defense or healing.

Definition of a Darkside Target:  A “Darkside” target is a Being, group of Beings, their equipment, or Realities that are charged with Malice.  This type of Being believes it has the full right to rule through tyranny at the expense of others.  They generally use the fear generated in their victims as energy or food.  The more malice the Being has, the more they must hurt others to feel good.  The idea of beings coexisting with a harm-none attitude and helping others is more or less unable to occupy any space in their mind, depending on the Being.  For this condition to exist in such a Being, a certain type of illusion about the world emotionally and cognitively must exist in their mind.  This illusion is of such a nature as to separate the Being from concepts of Love, Responsibility for one’s actions, and Forgiveness.  Such a Being is totally taken by the idea that the Play of the Creation is real and must violently dominate with tremendous ego.  This is due to an injury, or design of the nervous system.

This type of being is quite used to operating in an extremely hostile atmosphere.  They may train or were forcibly conditioned to contain or vent Malice commands.  Total Personal Responsibility, Love and Kindness, and Enlightenment commands fill the need for offense or defense against a Darkside being because this is what every being wants to experience anyway, as it is the natural desire of every Soul, regardless of the condition of the mind that the soul is powering. The person you are fighting may, 1) be unable to access their free will, for instance a Dissociative Identity Disorder conditioned slave operative, 2) be a species that is astrally disconnected from their Higher Selves and Love due to their genetic makeup, for instance Reptilians, or 3) be a human that is non DID, but is addicted to killing-- of course this is usually only because of a preexisting mental injury to bias the person. These parties are then in the vibration of Malice since they are disconnected from Love and Enlightenment (the natural tendency of the Soul) as these are the opposite.  So when the mental Heavenly Weapon arrow is manifested into the target it suddenly charges the affected area with that vibration.  Since it is so opposite a vibration, it has a shock effect.  The more the target is charged with Malice, the more the arrow of TPR+L&C+En may damage or affect its local and group reality.  One must charge the various important masses (yes, the Mind of the target Being in question is considered a mass) that make up the Being with a higher symmetry command charge that cannot be stopped. This is also the basics of Reality Engineering.



Explanation of a “Soul Piece” and the Mechanism of Karma:

Disclaimer: If you research you will find that I am not the first to say any of this.  However, this is a synopsis of what we have experienced thus far, if only to a minimal extent.

The Creation is a dynamically configurable virtual reality machine.  The Human Being is a composite structure.  Consisting of; 1) the Soul, or Observer.  The Soul comes from another reality.  It is the Origin of Love.  As it enters the Creation, it puts on different layers of suits, like a scuba diver going under the ocean.  It puts on 2) Causal Universal Mind 3) Causal Individual Mind 4) Astral body, Universal Type 5) Astral body, Species Type 6) Physical Body.  There are other sub parts.  All Parts are used simultaneously to experience the Creation.  As soon as the Soul puts on the first layer it has come under the domain of Time. The organism now interacts with other organisms in the Creation which are other Souls wearing similar suit systems.  As each interact with each other, each action is recorded on the various mind systems of each participant.  More actions can be created than can be equalized in one lifetime, except for a very specific circumstance.  An action that is performed must be equalized.  If someone kills many, those many must pay it back to the originator one way or another.  This is why it is best to perform actions that are loving. This is Karma Yoga and one may be conscious of it or not.  It is happening anyway.  As actions are performed, the Creation manifests itself in order for the interactions to even themselves out.  As one performs actions they are configuring the reality of the future.  Where one places their attention, one earns that reality.  If the human killer enjoys what he does, he then reincarnates into the plant and animal worlds until the momentum and desire is satisfied, mindlessly killing other animals, and gets killed and tortured over and over by those that he did it to until the realization that killing other people is not a good thing, eventually attaining a Body Type that can experience abstract thought (such as Homo Sapiens) and then eventually the wherewithal of understanding that allows the Soul to attain Super Consciousness, i.e. extracting itself from the Creation which is called Surat Shabd Yoga.  It may take a large amount of lives until the Soul reaches this point, but once attained the Soul makes it out within three, but preferably one.  I will say it again another way.  This place we call the Creation is basically like a play, and the Souls end up playing EVERY TYPE OF PART—from the great hero to the worst villain, the blade of grass, to an animal, to an angel, to a beggar on the street… you get the picture, until you get a body type you can experience the ability to consciously pull yourself out of this play and not have to enter it again through a particular method.  This is a highly technical process and also why one should not hurt any other thing that has life—what Karmic Event are you creating by doing so?  I dunno about you but I don’t feel like being a dog again.

What I mean by “Soul Piece” 

A Soul Piece is a part of the mind/subtle body that has been disassociated due to trauma. 

When I say Bodies or Body Part I mean any one of the Bodies as listed above; Universal Causal, Individual Causal, Universal Astral, Species Astral, Physical, or their parts.

When we use these bodies to experience the reality of the Creation we use all of them.  We will use sometimes one or several more dominantly that the rest depending on the situation.  When a being experiences something pleasurable, the body that is specific to that experience attains more attention from the Soul in that body part, subtle or gross.  If the event is traumatic i.e., opposite of the Souls basic tendencies—not loving, notions of mortality or bodily destruction, the attention is highly focused as well into the given body part, but with an opposite flow.  This is because the organism also does not want to be experiencing the event.  In order to deal with the situation, the mind has an automatic function to disassociate the event from consciousness so that the organism would not freeze up and so can then continue the survival process.  A holographic part of the Soul+bodypart is “cleaved off” at the time of trauma and is left cycling in Time at the experience.  This part of disassociated Self/ Body is what we call a Soul Piece. When the SP is out, there is always some kind of debris taking its place which can be anything from a pocket of emotion, astral puss, cancer or other disease, an implant, a hypnotic suggestion, etc.  Depending on the severity and type of injury, a behavior pattern will manifest such as, but not limited to Dissociative Identity Disorder, Pedophilia, phobias, addictions, loss of memory, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, etc.  If someone is in a car accident the SP is still at the scene of the event.  If someone gets surgery, the SP is on the operating table.  If someone is tortured and hypnotized it is held by the programmer at the moment it happened, and then sometimes smaller ones every time the created Alter was used.  If two people are fighting, they end up carrying each other’s pieces whether they are conscious of it or not.  They then will have to reincarnate until it has been equalized.  There are circles that practice the science of Soul Stealing.  Think of their Karma they have to pay back.  Lets say a leader makes a decision to implement a plan to create a slave race that worked on trauma based mind control, then they would end up being reincarnated over and over into the slave society being tortured and hypnotized until eventually they paid the karma off enough so that they would break free from it then begin healing such people until they stopped what they started.  They would be required to by the natural order of the Creation.  These are simplified examples.  When one goes to a competent psychiatrist and they have a “breakthrough” in their healing, in our terminology, this is the person getting their Soul Piece back.  Soul Recovery / Extraction is the art of Traveling with the Mind, usually with a Guide, to the place in Time and Space the disassociated SP is, and re integrating it with the person’s energy system that it was disassociated from.  Then, extracting any debris that had filled the wound as a result of the SP being gone.  After that, the organism goes about the process of healing.


About Hawaii

There is a very important connection with Satanism and Hawaii, and Anaholi Beach / Kauai in particular.  It is one of the oldest places on this planet, and represents a major place that the Reptilians used to invade the Earth.  In writings of other survivors of mind control sometimes site Hawaii as an important location for their programming or message exchange also.  The fact that I had to be separated from the main computer on Kauai is no coincidence, or that I had to be there for some of my healing.  It was because since something was started there so long ago, I had to be in the same location to finish it. Karma is funny like that.


Now as I tell this story, understand that I am deliberately leaving out certain things.  Those things I only tell someone that is helping me heal, as the trauma is very private.

Age 0-19

5-12-75 20:07

Born at Stanford Hospital

I was not, to the best of my knowledge, under the control of physical Handlers.  All was remote.  Physical Handlers were supposed to be introduced once I was under control by the remote teams/ computer.

I led a more or less normal life (or so I thought) until the Override procedure was started.

Programming begins, types of-
Mind Hacking Computer operating at frequency of thought constantly searching for natural “If, Then” mind functions.  All topics covered from survival instinct, sexual preferences, intersocial relationship dynamics, and spiritual capabilities.  I would experience this as my own thought, as if daydreaming.  I would be offered questions that I had to answer over and over, especially concepts regarding when the use of lethal force is the only viable option.  This represented the beginning foundation for all other programming.  This is the MHC contracting through subconscious cohesion.  This is able to be done at a very deep level due to the use of Soul Piece Technology from SP’s that were harvested by Reptilians and Greys in past lives during Satanic Contracts (that is who does them) where a part of the Self is isolated in Time due to a specific type of focused trauma where the subject gives over a part of the Self for use by aforementioned parties.  They bank on the reality that as one reincarnates you don’t remember the contract from the previous life, but the Contracted Self is still usable and is isolated in containment equipment such as a piece of granite (natural type), or Super Luminal Computer (manufactured type).  The SP can be made completely active and useful in the present life by further contracting and programming of the subject while in current physical body such as what the MHC was doing to me.  A space ship is a SLC.  A SP that is in a SLC space ship allows the vehicle access to travel to other realities that it was not able to before, such as other places in the subject’s timeline, access to their astral and causal bodies for programming, or physically abducting them to harvest more pieces.  Once the SP has been removed from the SLC containment unit, the vehicle can no loner access the subject, because such vehicles need it to Reality Engineer their way onto the subject’s timeline in order to physically abduct them.  
  I would not be permitted to date girls.  As soon as I would get close to going out with someone my mind would be scrambled in a way so that I would say something wrong or I would suddenly find some bizarre reason to not go out with them.  Then they would amp up my feeling of anger because I wasn’t getting laid to the level of murderous intent, and then stimulate the pleasure center while adding concepts of violence to the level and topic of what my mind would accept.  The denial of physical love is a powerful tool.  As I had a very strong feeling of “good and bad” my mind would only accept concepts of fighting terrorists, etc.  Didn’t matter, though, the MHC just needed an acceptance of concept to hack to the next layer of compliance, which is “…how would you do it…” and the mind has already agreed to the programming.  They also at this point began a program to kill my wife if I caught her cheating on me.  This was a redundant, but important program that was for use later at a very specific point in time, suggesting that these guys could actually calculate karmic event progression, record the future on a time line, and other esoteric things with very high accuracy with machines.

At the same time, I started having visions of the future.  Looking back I am able to tell what was planted for MHC compliance, and what was real.  I started having visions of a mysterious woman that would be my Wife, and had a specific description.  Other people close to me have had similar visions of this person, and that once I met her certain historical events would take place.  As of this writing, I have not met this person yet, and the Darkside have sent decoys to the point that now if I have any suitors, I have to have other psychic people that I trust “look” into the situation because of a possible assassination attempt, or timeline shift, which would actually lead to the same. 

Ages 18/19 -

First girlfriend, V.  She had many anomalies.  All girlfriends seem to have been setups, at least done Through Time / Remote.

V. told me that my father did bad things to me that were not true and that he was bad to talk to.  At that time mom and dad were having a divorce, and everyone was making sides.  I was influenced to not talk to my father and we had a falling out.  My father and I did not talk for five years.

During the time I was with V., I was influenced to perform various rituals to change my name from Coronado to Caduceus, and deathing-of-the-self rituals.  The military program name was Caduceus the Invincible.  I had to perform the rituals to accept the contract into this life, and give the last parts of my self over to the computer, although I did not know that this is what was happening.  They were having me complete the Satanic Contract to the present time from another set of lives.  Once this was done, the programming went to the next stage. 

I found a Martial Arts instructor that was in the Bujinkan (those of you in the know should recognize that one-- I didn’t know the connection till much later). I was also having continuing suicidal thoughts and was taken to the point that I had a loaded pistol and contemplated killing myself with it.  When I reached the limit of giving up my life then I thought, “well, I might as well kill a few bad guys along the way…”.  That was the MHC making me give my life over to it hypnotically.  From that point on, the MHC “owned” my life, as I had “nothing better” to do with it.

Then I had a tremendous overpowering revelation that I must break up with V., move, stop taking Martial Arts for now, and learn to meditate.  This was my Guides saving my butt, and forcing me into what has turned out to be a truly amazing and successful escape, actually intervening in the process of the MHC.  I believe that the MHC was partially disengaged for a few months.  The seed was planted. I did not know this at the time.

Moved to Mom’s

So I moved in with my mother and slept on the floor of her apartment.  I got a job at the drugstore across the street, after ditching an attempt to become a bartender.  Couldn’t get into it.

Then the programming started again.  As it started, I started to see the programming officers in my mind, but I did not have the discernment completely that these were programmers.  I did see my Guide though, and He told me that everything was ok and that I had to make a list as to what exactly I wanted.  I had to make this list over and over again until I had it exactly correct.  It had to be what I was truly passionate about.  The things I needed to be fulfilled in my body, mind, spirit.  I did so.  Over and over again.  On the top of that list was a Wife of specific description, enjoyment, longevity, health, etc. 

The programmers wanted this, as my self was being made ready for the Command and Control Programs, and the Combat Programs. 

My Guide was weaving His own Program to defeat the Military Programmers.  The secret is that the most important thing is that which passionately drives a person.  This was the juncture that was the most important in the entire process.  This is where the momentum in my mind was changed just enough so that I could be freed later. 

I got in contact with my father again.  We sorted things out.

Then I started having heavy emotional issues regarding how I was going to make a career for myself.  I began to think about combat again… I was a good martial artist when I was training… I learned quickly.  I should do something with my life.  Maybe I could be some kind of Bodyguard or something.  They get paid well.  Besides, I was having these amazing new epiphanies regarding psychic ability and combat principals.  I contemplated that the most efficient way to kill a lot of armed combat soldiers in a close quarters environment also rich in noncombatants that were no-shoots was to fight on the move with two high capacity pistols simultaneously.  How to train for psychic abilities and other mind manipulations in order to see the intent of the adversaries in order to properly pick the target, speed up the nervous system to track bullet trajectories and shoot accurately through walls or crowds with projectile weapons or directed energy weapons or what I later realized was a man portable scalar howitzer that had a shouldered configuration. I guess someone’s got a few in a locker somewhere. How to run strategies with other people trained to fight in the same manner as I was.  I also had images of stepping armed through wormholes and entering on and off spaceships- the disk kind.  Where did that come from?  Ignore it.  Go back to the gun stuff and think more how you would use your abilities in this situation… or that situation… now how would you improve?  How would you train for that improvement?  That was all the MHC talking, training my mind for war.

There was also a physical pressure that was getting worse on the left side of my head behind my left eye.  My head felt lopsided.  I also Saw black colored machine like structures in there.  One was looked like a small black sphere about an inch behind my left eye, another black sphere and rings around my Pineal gland, and a smaller black object like a very small funnel attached to the back of my left eye.  I asked other Seers about these symptoms and no one so far could see anything.  I was getting very worried.

My dad was moving to Sedona with his new wife and Arizona is a Class 3 state (legal to buy silencers and machine guns).  I could get any training I wanted, and own any firearm I wanted as well as carry concealed. So I said, “Why not!”.  It was perfect for my new vocation.  So I moved.

Moved to Sedona. 2/19/2001 Age 25

It was snowing when I arrived.  One of the most beautiful sights in the world is Sedona with snow.
Was formulating my grand theory that I wanted to put into action to create a perfect human weapon.  Of course this was the MHC and the teams working.  “Realized” that the human can be viewed as a composite consisting different structures or modules all working together.  Then went to work on finding what they were and how to go about programming them.  Called the system Transcendent Human Augmented Reality Defensive Operations System, or THARDOS.  This is how it was told to me, anyway.  They had other names like Guardian, and Predator.  There were others names that I do not remember.  I believe the “Defensive” part was so my mind could accept it because it accessed the survival part of me.  I would not accept the term “Offensive” for instance.  All the programming was structured this way.  The extreme of what my mind would accept with my view of the world in terms of personal ethical standard.

At a certain point of mental saturation of concepts from the MHP, “I…decided” to try a combat program “I” was working on.  The THARDOS module for Telepathic Transmission, Remote Viewing, and Targeting activated and “I” viewed the base under Secret Mountain Wilderness.  As soon as I made contact with the Target, I felt something very wrong and pulled back my attention.  I saw my Guide standing in front of me and he looked sternly at me then glanced suddenly to my left, then disappeared.  I looked to my left and saw what looked like an apparition.  He came up to me and I saw that it looked like a blonde haired military person.  This was what I later found out was called a Defender, or a person that is detailed with defending a group of people or area from psychic infiltrators, like me.  You prod your consciousness into their area, and one or more of them immediately project back either with their consciousness, or assisted with equipment to See-- and Effect remotely if necessary-- intruders.  Then they determine whether or not they need to send someone out to physically shoot you, depending on the threat level.

From that point on, I had a team of Viewers projecting through the house.  The method that they used was aided with technology.  When they would “show up”, even untrained people could see them.  There would be several that would come, and sometimes we would not see some of them again, some would come back over and over, and for awhile there was one guy that would always be seen wearing glasses.  Nobody else would except for him, so we all called him Glasses.  My father and his wife Cl. thought that it was my fault that these guys would keep showing up, because I went and Viewed the base.  In retrospect, I believe it was one of my programs asserting itself, notifying the nearest receiving equipment that my System had become active.

At the house we worked on methods of psychic mindform shielding.  We decided to use Runes as each character represented an engine of nature.  Using a method of writing a certain set of Runes on many pieces of paper, and affixing them at certain strategic points in the house, we effectively stopped our intruders.  We could see their apparitions on the outside of our property and they could not come across our “mind wall”.  Sometimes we would see them projecting to the edge of our invisible wall and they would send teams that would seem to try to get in.  Sometimes they would project with what looked like some kind of equipment to burrow through.

We moved to a house on Oak Creek

The psychic intruders stopped coming as often.  Sometimes now, some seemed to be American, and some seemed to be Russian.  When the Russian ones came in, their look and feeling was different, like their machine that they were using to assist them in projecting used a slightly different yet distinct frequency or method.  Sometimes there seemed to be Russians projecting an entire lab into our location.  They would also try to come into my dreams and interrogate me to get me to let them past the Rune Shield. 

There would be cars that would drive up to the house now and then and someone would get out and take pictures of us or the house and then quickly drive off.

I enrolled in a bodyguard school, and started the bookwork, and purchased a pistol and began firearms training with a small arms instructor.  I wasn’t very good, but that is not what the MHC cared about.  The only thing that was important was that I performed certain correct actions and then the in/out signal was found, and hooked up to the control system. 

The small arms instructor I went to also had an invention that was a type of iron sight.  He was consumed by it and for years had tried to sell it to someone.  I told him I would help him.  In a round about way, that was very…lucky (too lucky) a person was found that happened to be one of the people that “briefed” Pres. Bush Jr., and presented the invention to the military, who were very interested.  In the back of my mind, I thought that this would be the way that all my training would be funded, and that I would be “found” and would “go on jobs”.  This was them of course.

I moved to a house in West Sedona.

During this time, up until the time of the activation attempt, and also at the end of “Plan C”, I would have recurring, short experiences or impressions of being in a cylinder with sometimes a robotic arm coming down into the top of it to manipulate something.  This was used for programming we later found out.

The deal with the military and my small arms instructor was advancing, and then I met a girl, T.   T. had made a career change and decided to move to Sedona to become a massage therapist.  Three days later after we got together.  T. was massaging me.  I was lying on my stomach and she became startled and said that a symbol had risen up on my lower back.  I felt it and there was something definitely there.  She drew it on a piece of paper (I no longer have the paper).  The skin turned slightly red and raised up in a ridge, then went away after the symbol was drawn on the paper.  Two weeks later, a similar symbol rose up on T.’s forehead, on the right side. Again, it went away after I drew it on a piece of paper.  There was no mistaking it.  Her skin turned slightly red, then raised up in a ridge, forming the symbol, then went away with no mark left.  There was no one else around at the time.  It seemed to have been done remotely.

The only other time I had heard about the symbol thing was from a friend of mine, J. that was from an Ultra type program that was in Canada.  It is done by tattooing the skin with a needle dipped in histamine, creating a scar.  Sometimes a special gun shaped electrical instrument is used. Then the slave is told or influenced to make it disappear or draw it under the skin under hypnosis and to bring it out with a command.  Not joking.  It is actually commonplace in the Satanic community to show the power of the handler over the slave.  People who have viewed me so far saw it being done to me and several others of my age group with the gun type instrument in the hospital when I was born.

I was given a psychic reading by a friend of mine, S., foretelling a “call” by a party that he could not see, because they were shielding themselves, and that they were Government and that it was about the military deal.  Naturally, I expected this to be about the deal with my small arms instructor, so I waited by the phone.  There was no phone call.  Instead a curious thing happened.  I had the sudden inclination to start training martial arts.  Walking out into the living room of my house, I started to do Bagua Circle Walk.  Then I found that I could not stop moving.  Something had taken control of my body.  Then a cable made of some subtle material that could barely be seen, about four inches in diameter snaked through the air and attached itself to the back of my head, and then my head felt like it was some black box.  I remember seeing numbers and symbols.  At first, I tried to discount everything, and then when it wouldn’t stop I started to panic.  Couldn’t do anything. I could only continue the physical exercise I was doing.  Then, it stopped.  The …”cable” disconnected itself and snaked away.  The entire process was about five or ten minutes.  I had control of my body again.  Did not know what to do.  No Seer that I went to could help.  My dad did not want anything to do with it.  He thought that it was my fault for Viewing the base, or that there was some divine guidance in it, because it could not be stopped. 

He did not want to get involved because he said that the Government was leaving him alone, so it was my problem.  I did not take this personally, as we both did not know how big and dangerous the issue was.  Also nobody we knew had ever heard of anything like this.

I am happy that he decided to get involved.  I am alive today because of it.  Do you have Powers?  Use them for the Good. 

Then a curious thing happened.  The iron sight project is canceled.  The sample pistol slide with sights attached that was used for testing is returned by the military.  My shooting instructor was very upset.

At the same time, T. wants to move.  She wants to go to a tropical location.  I mean why not?  I had nothing left career wise now in Az.  We decide to move to Hawaii.

After a challenging landing, we end up living near Paia, Maui.  I got a job as a groundskeeper at a bed and breakfast, and T. and I looked after the main house, as the owners were out of the country six months out of the year, a few weeks at a time here and there.

Activation attempt

There was a realtor that was to be showing the property that I was working at because it was for sale.  It was going to be in the early afternoon, so I had to complete my tasks by then.  T. took the dog to the beach.  The guests left.  Then the manager got a headache and felt compelled to leave.  I realized that I had left on the kitchen table a pendant I had usually carried with me that had a dryad in it, making it alive. 

Then it occurred to me that this was the first time I had been actually alone for months.

I was hedging the wedalia that lined the driveway to the B&B when I became compelled to look at the sky.  There seemed to be part of the sky that was blurry and maybe 15 feet in diameter, at least so it seemed, and maybe 50 feet above me.  Then it opened like a hatch and what looked like people came out. I could make out silhouettes as they were transparent, but were dense enough to clearly see the displacement of energy even by an untrained person.  But of course, it was just me there.  With them.  The thought suddenly came over me “…Holy &*^%&^#& I am under attack…” then the thought suddenly come over me “…no, that’s crazy.  Who would believe you?  Besides you have to finish your work.”  So I went back to work.  Then they surrounded me in a circle and started saying commands that stabbed into by body like objects such as “HEART ATTACK”, and “ENDOCRINE SHUTDOWN”, “EMBOLISM”, “STROKE”, “ANEURISM”, and other horrible things.  My mind would have a response and my body began to shut down and I felt like I was dying.  I began to collapse and I felt and “heard” what seemed to be an officer outside the group say something to the effect of “Do it now!” and it felt like a predetermined member rose up and came down upon me with a heavy object like a log splitter cutting down onto the top my head with tremendous force.  My head rang in a painful overwhelming crushing thud and I lurched to my knees.  Then they all stopped and were silent.  Then one of them said, “…he’s not dead.  Who is this guy?”  Then the officer said “Keep Going!  Finish him!”  And the attack resumed with great viciousness.  The soldiers did not seem to have any equipment like guns, but would instead make their aura very condensed and sharp and would scoop their hands trough my head or other parts of my body.  I felt like I was bleeding everywhere in huge gushing amounts that flowed like water, but it was invisible.  I was bleeding, but I was bleeding chi. My body was in incredible pain.  I made my way along the ground as the attack continued; each of them taking turns trying something until one would give up then another would take over.  I had a memory of a life in which I was a type of Caucasian humanoid and was a general/ruler.  There was a prophesy that I was going to be killed in combat and so I had made a deal with the Reptilians because they said they could prevent it with their machine, and continue asserting their Timeline.  I had a piece of myself displaced in their system in such a way that it would allow me to reincarnate back into my body.  During the battle I was mortally wounded, then was able to heal my body and reconnect my self back in, and resume the battle.  I did not realize at the time how important this memory was.  This was the computer beginning to Override my body completing the circuit, using the SP that was in their system.

Reaching the end of the driveway, I felt I had enough energy to stand and maybe even run.  Intuitively I had been keeping myself as calm as possible as it seemed that they were looking for fear.  However, the panic of the realization of the attack came over me as I stood and began to run and the soldier struck me using the fear as a conduit and knocked me to the ground.  I got back up and crossed the dirt road to the house I was living in.  As I went around the side of the house I saw two following me. Somehow I extended my energy and shocked the closest with it in a large arc that extended off my ribcage, throwing him back momentarily (no, I have since not been able to duplicate it.  When faced with fear of death one can do interesting things.).  The other soldier behind the one I had just hit began to round the house in the opposite direction.  I proceeded to the front porch where I went into BaGua circle walking to recharge as much as possible for the few moments I had before they were on me again.

They stopped suddenly and turned around, returning to the driveway where the attack started.  This surprised me.  Bewildered, I contemplated the situation.  I had to go back there, to the driveway.  I had to finish the job I had to do, because who would believe me? I had to finish before the realtor arrived, and especially my boss.  This was partially me thinking, but mostly this was the controlling system thinking.  A non controlled person probably would have ran. 

I gathered my self, and walked back to the driveway, hoping they were gone.  Of course this was not the case.  I could see each one of them…clearly.  They were standing around in little cliques, maybe eight or twelve people altogether, talking to each other, while the two or three officers walked around separately.  At least it felt like they were communicating.  They all seemed to be enough out of phase with the physical frequency that I was at so that one could only just make out shimmering outlines of people, but they all perceived each other easier than I could perceive them.  I picked the closest palm tree to the edge of the driveway, as far away from them as possible and resumed working.

One of them walked over to me.  Feeling him, I turned around.  I could see his silhouette clearly.  “Hello, my name is Tom, I guess we will be working together,” he transmitted to me, in my mind.  All following conversations during this melee took place telepathically.  
I turned away, and thought, “…this is not happening.”  
That pissed him off.  “This IS happening.  My name is Tom.  We will be working together.” he replied curtly.
I replied with my mind, “Ok…Tom… Lets talk later when I understand more.”  Then he left.  I believe this was the team leader.
One of the ones that felt like an officer came over.  His feeling reminded me of a Nazi officer standing in his black uniform.  
Then a very terrifying thing happened.  It felt like a machine turned on and over took my body, made me stand up, walked me backwards to him. He inspected the astral body wound to my head.  “He will be fine,” he thought to himself.  At close range, I could hear the comments they were making to themselves.  Then they made me kneel back to the ground, going back to work.  I could feel him stand there behind me.  Another officer walked over, he felt subordinate to the first.  And again, it felt like a machine took over, made me get up and walk backwards to him.  Standing next to the other officer, he looked into my head and also said, “He will be fine.”

They walked away, into the middle of the group of soldiers. The lead officer said “LINE UP”, and everyone formed into a line at attention.  The machine made me get up, walk over to the lead officer, the second in command was next to him.  As I did this, I was now beginning to make out their faces.  One of the soldier asked, “Who is he?”  The lead officer turned around and then another terrifying thing happened.  It felt like he opened up the top of my forehead and inserted a large, gold circuit board.
“He is from another program,” the officer replied.  
Then as if an invisible door shut in front of me, they disappeared.

I am not completely sure how everything was done, but I will say these things.  There was a room that had a special cadaver in it that was hooked up to the main computer and my energy would be rerouted into it to gain control of my original physical body.  This particular cadaver looked like a normal person, except at the top half of the head from the forehead up there was a black box looking structure that had a hinged door where circuit boards with different programs could be added.  It could freely stand and walk about.  This is one of the types of what I term an Access Cadaver; i.e., they could pull a part or all of my consciousness into it to access me.  Other AC’s did not have any external hardware, and others had hardware with the head and main organs removed.  They were not able to take control over my Original body after this one situation.  It seemed to be literally, the only moment in time in which they could do it. 

Stunned, I returned to working.  I was not alone. There were two operatives that were using some kind way to project to me.  One looked like my Guide, but clearly was not.  They were telling me that I was under some kind of contract and that I had to go along with it.  I was assigned to be part of some kind of combat unit, and I had made the contract in another life.  “We’ll see…,” I said.  Besides these characters, there were several aliens that looked like the ones commonly referred to as Grey’s that kept projecting in and examined me. 

Then all at once, everyone… the guests, the manager, T. and the dog all came back to the property, and the realtor with clients also showed up.  I mean all within 5 minutes. 

I finished edging and went home and told T. what had happened. She looked at me funny but seemed to believe me.  That night they came again.  They seemed to use some kind of projection technology.  I was in bed with T.  She had the covers over her head and she would not move.  My body was paralyzed, and was being deliberately kept awake.  It was as if the wall behind the bed was gone and there was a surgical team of Greys, with Reptilians overlooking them, and human officers were around watching.  They were operating on my head.  The Reptilians were arguing with each other about some kind of jurisdiction issues and control problems with me.  Other surgical/implant teams wanted to try out their implant.  They were afraid of loosing containment of me.  I could see them all around me, as my eyes were open (they did not let me close them, except to blink) and they all looked transparent like apparitions.  When I looked up I could see the aliens and the wall behind the bed.  It was like the wall was not there.  But it definitely was.  This went on for several hours.  Then they finally made me go to sleep.

My father arrived the next day, after divorcing his wife.  Me telling him that the Government of the United States and aliens were trying to kill me and take over my body was not what he wanted to hear.   T. was quite upset as well, because they did something to me so that all emotional feeling towards her was completely gone, like a switch was turned off.

T., My father and I went to Kauai, as the owners of the house were coming back for a month.  A small guesthouse was rented for T. and I.  At night the Reptilian/Grey/Human crews started to come again, so we employed the Rune Shield again, and the Greys, nor anyone else was able to get in while it was up.  Also at this time we saw the Man with Glasses project to us again, he seemed to be just looking.  We moved out of this guesthouse and the three of us moved into my father’s friend’s house, and we did not recreate the Rune Shield at this location.  On the night that Mars was the closest, while I was sleeping, some piece of equipment was turned on causing a very strong kundilini reaction.  My entire body felt and looked (if I closed my eyes) like it was full of white sparks that were hot and cool at the same time.

We went back to Maui.  My father stayed at the owner’s house with us (the owners went back to Australia for a month).  The relationship between T. and I was rapidly deteriorating.  I decided to start sleeping on the couch because of my lack of feelings for T. 

Then the next phase in operation began.  At the time of going to bed, a machine would turn on and force me to sleep.  Then a sexual dream would start, and as soon as I would make contact with the female in the dream, I was violently, painfully, ripped from my body via my 2nd Chakra.  I was lifted strait out of the house, through the air, and into a virtual reality where I was put through combat training simulations on fast forward.  Then I would remember a special mental trick and as I repeated it I would be dragged out (yes, out; it felt like the virtual space enclosed me).  The “mental trick” would suck me right back into my body.  This was a totally conscious experience.  As soon as I got back into my body, I opened my eyes, but was paralyzed.  As soon as I closed them, even if to blink, I was ripped from my body again and again was put into the Computer.  Again I employed the “mental trick” and sucked myself back into my body.  Needless to say, this really pissed them off.  Apparently this had never happened before with this type of system; it was supposed to be non escapable.  Later when this was done, when being Soul Transferred in this method, I would see the code that of the Virtual Reality when I was entered into the virtual“space”.  They could never separate me permanently from my body, or operate it remotely even if temporarily separated. 

We employed the Rune Shield again, and they could not pull me out. 

My father met a woman on the beach and wanted to be with her.  I helped drive her to the house.  When she arrived, she started coming on to me very strongly, and at the same time kept saying she was having visions of the future of being with me.  I denied her, but T. was very upset, thinking that it was me that had the romantic interest in her, when it was actually my father that did.  I believe that this woman was an operative that was supposed to bring me in. We quickly removed her from the house.  T. had enough and left the next day and moved back to mainland.  The operative woman kept calling.  I promptly quit my job at the bed and breakfast, my father and I changed our phone numbers, and we relocated to Kauai, staying with friends.

First Disconnection 

One morning, on or around Oct. 18, we drove to Anaholi Beach.  We parked the car in a little circle of trees on the beach close to where one enters the area.  Sitting there, I asked, “Dad, can anything be done to stop this?”.  He reflected a moment, and responded, “Let me try something”.  He closed his eyes and went into a trance, then, in his mind he visualized a sharp scalpel like instrument made of the energy of Love.  He for the first time saw the same things in my head that I also saw that nobody else could.  There were three main implant areas; back of left eye, black sphere in the left temporal lobe, black sphere that encased the pineal gland with seeds in front that would re-grow the implant system again if it was removed.  The one on the pineal gland also had a gold rectangular screen like structure in front of it, but I believe this was actually in the Access Cadaver that was at the remote base location, but could be seen in front of the pineal implant because me and the AC were slightly in the same “space” via reality engineering.

Using the thought scalpel, my father removed the main control implant that was at the pineal gland, and disabled the temporal lobe implant.  At that moment, I felt and heard a whooshing sound and the pressure that was in my head making it feel lopsided for years suddenly vanished.  All the thoughts of combat that had been rotating through my head completely disappeared with it.  I was overjoyed. 

We went for a walk on the beach and became attacked on all sides by projecting operatives.  We could see them, as they would make contact with our consciousness.  Using the same principle as the Scalpel, we created bows and arrows out of Total Personal Responsibility, Love and Kindness to others, and Enlightenment.  As soon as our arrows struck, the operative would “blink out” and we would loose contact with them. There were no further attacks during the rest of the time I was on Kauai.  Three weeks later we went back to Sedona, Arizona.

Plan B Reactivation Attempts

Back at Sedona, stayed at a friend’s house while we looked for our own.  During this time, I saw the movie Equilibrium.  At first I could not believe my eyes.  It was almost exactly like the capability that I was training for.  Dual pistols, deployment in pairs, etc.  At once I realized this was a programming movie.  Of course, in real life the Grammaton Cleric character would be actually a person remote controlled by a team of people in what looked like a flight simulator with supercomputers.  That was what I was supposed to be.

We found a house and moved in.  I retrieved my Glock pistol that was being stored at my friend’s house from when I left for Hawaii. It was placed in the hallway closet.  That night I had a dream that someone walked into my room from the direction of the closet.  They were wearing plain clothes with a name badge on.  I put it out of my mind, but still I was having the same dreams.

My father and I investigated the hallway.  We opened the hall closet and suddenly came under psychic attack.  I got a piece of paper and started to draw out the Rune Shield but could not—every time I would, I would end up drawing a rune set that would let them in, so I stopped, realizing I was not completely in control of my intent.  There was a “gate” of sorts that was open in the closet directly above the pistol.  The air shimmered in a column about ten inches in diameter and about five feet high, suspended about three feet from the ground.  The pistol must have a chip in it or something to lock on as an address.  They were entering the house astrally through it.  We fought them back with our mind forms and they backed off.  After we removed the pistol and placed it in our storage room that was separate from the house, we tried the Rune Shield again but it did not work.  Somehow they hacked through it.

Attack after attack came through the end of December, attempting to reconnect me to the main computer in a way that would take over my body.

As my pieces were in their machines, but the implant in my head rendered useless, during an attack they would attach an implant that would look anywhere from a small black box, to a long black “chain”.  This was needed to complete the circuit because the original implant was deactivated.  The agent team would project in, and they would place the implant to part of my aura, and then I would immediately be rendered unconscious, dragged forcefully out of my body, soul transferred into the computer, then I would drag myself out of the computer, back into my body, remove the implant, and fight back.  This cycle would go on repeating itself for weeks.  And was totally conscious.  The Lucifarian scientists would try many different methods, trying to come up with something.

Plan C
Human Teams

Beginning in January, the attack sequences changed and they projected to me and my father saying that they made a mistake.  They “realized” that I was a very special person and that they would do everything they could to help heal me and restore me to power.  They also told me that I told them to do this long ago.  Still they would not come to the house and introduce themselves in person, I believe that this is because they were afraid that we could find them out and defeat them at close range mentally. 

Of course, they were not helping me at all, but 1) buying time to figure out in secret how to take my body over permanently, 2) if step 1 could not be accomplished, then a second type of weapon would be loaded into my mind and tied back to existing programs using a type of torture programming that could be accomplished remotely using my Soul Pieces that were still in their equipment.  They used the same patterns as classical Monarch methods.  The type 2 weapon would have environmental, and spoken triggers to kill, and once the first kill was accomplished, I would lose permanent control of my body thereafter in a cascade shattering effect.

Kill Tests

There were things that they called “kill tests”.  They said that I could not become King until everybody had their turn trying to kill me by various means (“King” in this context meaning “controllable or dead”).   After it had been determined that I could defeat a foot soldier at a distance, the various Maji all challenged me one after the other.  They would declare themselves, as if to an audience (I was not permitted to hear the declaration, but knew that it was happening) very formally, then engage me in psychic warfare until someone was eliminated.  Sometimes they engaged singly, sometimes as a team.  A couple were not regular human but were some kind of tall, stocky ape looking creature with long gold hair all over its body, and did not wear clothing.  Like a Sasquatch, but had physical movements that would remind one of a cat; the humans would refer to them as demons of some kind of slang pet term, maybe for my benefit.  There was a team that were human looking, but with tall bald almost cone shaped heads.  Occasionally a team of Maji would wait until I was sleeping to attack.  They would try to enter into my energy centers to take over my body or kill me.  For instance, one time a team tried to kill me by hypnotically induced heart attack during sleep.  Another would try killing me with some machine that made my body go numb, but I could pull myself back in my body and subdue them.  For a few weeks in Jan. thru Feb. the challenges would go on all day, one after the other.  Later Reptilian groups would perform the same formal type challenges from space ships.  The human teams that were in charge of me would regularly perform kill tests on me with equipment, and I was told it was regular procedure in my type of case (I don’t think there are any other cases.  They just wanted me dead).  They would look for a weakness with their machine, give it some juice and kill me from my body, and then I would have to reincarnate myself back in my body without their help.


At this point there were regular rituals that they would involve me in.   I would always have an experience of being in two places at once. 

Let me try to explain this again.  With the Soul Pieces of me that were in their machines, they were able to conduct a partial soul transfer, where part of my consciousness was transferred to another body at another location.  This other body is the Access Cadaver.  It is a human body that I would partially inhabit, and I would experience being two places at once all the time. There were different bodies that they would set aside for particular uses. For instance a particular body was used for rituals, another for sexual encounters, another that was disposable for executions, another for torture, another for combat training, another to lie in the hospital bed for monitoring.  They were stored in a morgue type area in a wall that had doors, and would slide out on a rack.  They told me that they were clones, but they were different ages and sexes (I only remember being transferred into a male bodies) and I later got the feeling that these were people who had their soul transferred out during a ritual.  This was the preferred method of access.  For instance, I would be at home or at work, and at the same time, would be experiencing lying in a hospital type setting, or in a ritual.  In the hospital type setting, more often than not, someone was posted to sit next to the AC in the cot talking to me, running me through thought drills, where I would be instructed to think of specific things over and over again.  These drills would be monitored by a team in a control booth whom I also had contact with, and could see.  The rooms at whatever base this was at used some kind of energy that when turned on and linked with my project I could see the people in that room. If someone activated a control room or projection room, I could see and hear into it as soon as it was activated.  A projection room was a room that had an attached control booth.  The projection room was covered entirely on every surface with 1’x 1’ white tile of some kind.  When turned on, this room was almost in two places at once, and created some type of teleportation.  If someone got pissed off, and wanted to terrorize me, would activate one of these rooms and send soldiers through it.  The soldiers would then emerge locally in my space, for instance in my bedroom.  They had some kind of bodyarmour suit on, and had projectile weapons that were made out of some type of material that was black, or flourescent green, or orange in colour.  When they arrived locally they arrived in a frequency that was close to physical, but not completely physical.  They would shoot me, but with my mind I could shoot them back with the projectiles that they fired, and push them back into the projection room where they came from.  Also when the projection room was turned on, the thought was amplified in that room and sometimes I could... coax... a slave soldier (or clone) to shoot the officer that was sending him through to kill me.  They have since started using other methods.  To keep up the facade that they were helping me, after the failed attempt, they would give me a false story about a renegade officer that did not want me to come to power.  All the officers, when in uniform looked like Nazis, although occasionally I would see one or two that were dressed in uniforms from the other United States armed forces.

The Projection Room was also used in other ways, such as an intermediary between the Computer, and me.  They would have an AC lying in a bed, and have a special Beta alter have sex with it, drawing my attention into it, and then soul transfer me into the Computer.  Sometimes it was more ritualistic than scientific, and sometimes the scientists would be in ritual Black while working with the AC, even if it were a seemingly mundane exercise.  Sometimes they were in plain clothes.  I did not understand the pattern, and there was obviously much more going on than what I saw.

Understand that at the time that these events were occurring, I had no idea what Satanism was, or how it was linked with Reptilians, or what Reptilians and Greys were all about.

During the rituals, I could not tell exactly what people were saying, or why certain things were being done.  The rituals that my conscious mind was exposed to usually did not involve blood sacrifice, unless I was the one being sacrificed while in an AC.  They seemed to be specific to me.  The rituals were in a large room and I remember red carpet, but I could be wrong.  There was a large statue of Ganesha that seemed to be carved out of a dark colored wood on a stage. The statue was maybe ten feet tall.  They told me that that was me in a previous life.  They also told me that I was the real White Rabbit.  They would sometimes then ritually kill a white rabbit in front of me, telling me they were killing the parts of me they did not want.  As far as I know, the White Rabbit in Satanism denotes the continuing seed of Satan.  An example of usual Satanic usage of the term would be to denote the slave handler, who would access the slave by telling the slave that they are the White Rabbit., (the slave is Alice). They would make allusions during ritual to [a very well known men’s magazine with beautiful naked women in it], sometimes using its trademarked business logo.  Remember, [MM] was a Presidential Sex Slave model, also known as a type of Beta, whom also graced the cover of the first [issue of the aforementioned men’s magazine]. 

Jane Mansfield is another- See picture of her with Anton LaVey, founder of the public Church of Satan, in a ritual in Fritz Springmeier’s Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier page 156.


Now I am not saying that all the girls of [the well known men’s magazine] are Betas, or that there aren’t wonderful girls that are in the organization.  What I am saying is that there are some unsettling coincidences here, and that the public view of something is not always the truth. The large rituals would occur every month on the fifth, and on the sixth month was on the sixth, and on the seventh month on the seventh, if I am remembering correctly. There were smaller rituals that were held throughout the months, sometimes daily. The large ritual would go on for hours, and would consist of what appeared to be sometimes hundreds of people.  They would wear long cloaks with tall pointy hats that sometimes would be the usual black, but would be sometimes different colors I guess depending on the ritual- red, gold, and would also wore headdresses sometimes, with each one being unique and specific.  The headdresses reminded one of Middle Eastern, and once there was a program that was placed in me that had [famous native American tribe that resides in Northern Arizona] type.  One time they wore all blue with pointy hats at a place that had all blue carpet with gold [well known Western Mystery School] logos in it. 

The Access Cadaver would be activated, and dressed in ritual clothing.  Then the AC would be walked through curtains and into the ritual room and sometimes touched by everyone as it entered.  There usually was a marriage ceremony where the AC would be united with a blonde female then we would both be crowned.  The ritual sometimes consisted of several smaller rituals happening simultaneously in the room.  They were extensive and complex.  Usually all I could do was pay attention to what was happening to me directly, so I do not remember the rituals exactly.  The person leading the ritual looked very much like [famous ex President].  He seemed to be in charge of everything, but would not talk to me.  The officers in charge of me would talk to me and report to him.   They considered the date April 20 to be very important, and when daylight came I was told that it was a holiday and that there were to be no exercises that day.

Usually in the day I would be run through thinking drills.  One of the people would tell me to think of a particular thought, or would tell me to try to avoid thinking a particular thought.  Could be simple as thinking of or not thinking of a particular color and type of pickup truck, or type of sexual thought, or swear words.   I would be continuously monitored and given feedback until I succeeded in the exercise.  Then I would be brought through another exercise such as microcosmic orbit breathing.  They told me they were trying to remove the programming that was on me, but were really trying to reconnect the main computer to my different thought frequencies.  At night they would either do programming which I would experience as a dream of bizarre concepts or symbols, or I would be pulled out of my body and completely in an AC and they would, say, have me meet people that were sometimes in ritual clothing, sometimes dressed in plain clothes.  I would come out of the experience not remembering what the conversation was about.  Sometimes there would be a total pullout into an AC and they would have me kill people by accessing my programming.  As the experience was happening, I was in a dreamlike trance.  One of these times I was in a large room and a line of soldiers were entering through a doorway that was in front of me maybe 30 ft.  As they entered, I had to nullify them with some kind of energetic force I could push out my palms or fingertips.  They could not pull off a shot.  I have not since been able to duplicate this force.  The ability is still in my subconscious.  After this kind of thing would happen, they would play it off, saying that nobody really got hurt, and that I should forget it happened.  This can also be done if you have an Alter System that has one of it’s Alters trained in channeling, and the target person has an Alter that is congruent through conditioning to being transferred, therefore without the need for high tech equipment (can also be transferred to a holding vessel with the same procedure).

Let me remind you.  I am not speaking figuratively.  When a pullout into an Access Cadaver is performed, it is EXACTLY as real as your experience of sitting here reading this because I was actually being soul transferred to an actual separate physical body in some base somewhere.  This is not some notion of mere emotional or sensory disassociation. They did not seem able to do a complete transfer for more than three to five minutes maximum, and could not gain control of my original body while I was out even with my consent.  Yes my consent.  When someone is holding your Soul Pieces in is very easy to be influenced, and the last thing you want to think is that these very powerful people are really lying to you and trying to kill you.  It is much nicer to think that everything is really ok.  How the fuck do you think powerful generational Satanists like [several ex Presidents of the United States that happen to still be ruling right now] get into the White House?  Nobody wants to believe that the worst may actually be true.  So I went along with all the lies they told me.  We did not know what to do, and everybody we knew had ever heard of anything like this, or could do anything.

There were other times where before going to sleep, I would be put in an AC and would be in a Climax Ritual where a very attracive female with a specialy trained alter would sexually mount me and when orgasm occurred, the head of the AC would be chopped off, or body chopped in half bilaterally.  Sometimes before the ritual was completed she would seem to "read" me and would be telling someone what she was seeing. They told me I needed this because they were making me ready for my wife and that they were cutting away the bad parts of myself.  They were actually preparing and layering structured traumas and attaching assassination programs to kill 1) any one they wanted to (ideal), 2) a deliberate decoy of my wife that they provide, or defaulting to 3) my wife or any woman near to the description, invoking a high level of sexual excitement, which would ramp into a kill program. 

I have spent the last few years with painstakingly removing this trash from my self with allot of help from loving people.  The healing process has still been happening since, and now (as of 3-07) am I finally removing the last Delta assassination programs.


During particular rituals, Reptilians would lead the humans.  The Reptilian would wear a cloak, sometimes with a high scooping collar.  They were always highly arrogant but offered me great (fake) respect.  Some had no horns. Some had a ring of horns around the head and were subordinate and specialized in mindform warfare.  Sometimes it seemed that the Reptilian was not at the ritual with the humans physically, but was projecting in to the room, but still ordering them around.  The Reptilians also used technology, and would conduct their own tests to control or kill me with their space ships.  The Greys would do what the Reptilians told them, and would be directed to conduct their own tests with supervision.  The Rep’s, Grey’s or Human could not engineer their ship into my local physical, but “closeby” and still deliver a strike that felt like a lightning bolt attempting to separate me from my body violently.  There was a feeling to me that the Reptilians could not completely enter our level of physical density except in certain circumstances.

Soul Recovery

During the last month of this last stage, my father met a woman that was trained in classical Soul Recovery using the Power Animal by a Cherokee medicine person, using the traditional method that we currently teach.  She Journeyed (Remote Viewed) into the computers at the bases and brought my Soul Pieces back.  I learned Soul Recovery as it was performed on me.  As the pieces were brought back, I lost more and more contact with the control rooms. When SP’s would come back, sometimes I would have memories of when it was taken, sometimes during blood oaths during other lifetimes, then the SP that was taken during the oath was placed in a specially prepared jar, statue, paper, stone or other containment vessel.  The SP’s then were passed down through history being used by onworld / offworld people like intelligent batteries that can help engineer reality.  Some found their way into the computer system that I was being saved from.


A Seer friend of mine told me that I would meet my wife on a particular day.  This Sight was manipulated.  On that day, a team of Theta and Delta trained slaves with a handler that I had seen before in the bases with the Access Cadavers showed up in Sedona.  I recognized this team immediately.  With them they had a slave that only loosely followed the description of my wife.  Also who showed up at the same time but independently was a female that they really wanted me to think was my wife, LW.  LW happened to be related, so it seems to one of the Grand Magus’ of England (found out through my own research later).  LW lived in a town close by, and I had heard of her and wondered if it was possible if it was my wife.  When she showed up I did not recognize her, but since I was hypnotically loaded so much I was certain that it must be her. The team of operatives would try to come to our house to kill us, and we were under constant psychic warfare as a result.  They liked to attack while we were sleeping.  They could mask their killer intent to where they were in close physical proximity, but as soon as it was unleashed, they were weak and the intent could be fed back on them, forcing them to experience strong incapacitation.  If we were sleeping, they could hide long enough to get as close as possible, but the target person would suddenly start having a tremendously bad dream and then everyone in the house would wake up and force out the enemy with our mind.  One we caught in the back yard at night, who was seen by witnesses, but was scared off.  It was easier to strike them while they were projecting the intent, which would explain why they could not, say, use a sniper that lay in hiding-- the sniper would be in the range of our influence as soon as the firearm was picked up, even before he got on the plane to fly out to Sedona.  The same reason why an Alter System cannot switch into a Delta Alter in our presence.  They knew that if they could not kill me or us during this time, that at least it would enforce the concept that LW was my wife.  Up until LW showed up we worked every day nonstop to remove any dangerous programs so that she would be safe during the meetings.  We only met a couple times and exchanged very few words.  One day she received a phone call on her cell phone from a male and I could tell from the words that they were sexual.  That kicked on one of the last programs that was keyed to LW called Right.  Right was an assassination program that involved a crushing fa jin strike to the left temple with my right hand that always loaded itself as long as someone used the word “right” in a sentence around me.  Right did not go off immediately, however, LW noticed something very wrong with me.  That was also the last day I saw her.  I spent the next five days in my room in tremendous anguish as the energy that drove the programs keyed to her drained off.  Two days later, while washing dishes, the program called Right finally released in a sudden explosive movement that happened by itself away from hurting anyone.  Once it went off, it was no longer activateable. 

Destroying the Demons

We then moved to Hawaii for four months, and came back to mainland.  This was good for my deprogramming, even though we were under continuous psychic warfare, and sometimes would sleep in shifts.  We were in many battles with many humans, Reps, Greys, and a race of large Ants, as well as other races.  Once you know how to express Love and Kindness and TPR as a force (Heavenly Catalyst), it is easy to find the disassociation frequency of malice dominant species.  To put it bluntly, you just create the frequency and you pull the Soul right out of their nefarious alien body.  They will thank you for it once they have been pulled out.  After I saw the deception, I went on a passionate spree to defeat all of them, and still do.  It is easy with this method because their body is not as physically dense as the human physical body.  When applied to a human attacker, it may tend to feed back their malice thought back into them, in a way that keeps the applicator safe, while stopping the progress of attack, or even cause the human Black Magician physical harm until they stop the attack, by lethality if necessary. The effect depends on the malice, free will factor, and power of the attacker (the Catalyst application automatically conforms to the Higher Good in any situation).  If the attacker is a DID Theta or Delta model, it will start their healing.  If they are difficult to subdue, it is because of a weakness in the practitioner. However, the practitioner can at least reach a stale mate.  Then, they will automatically attract help for themselves as the technique tunes the local reality.  If the practitioner gets attacked with an enemy thought form, they just find its texture, volume, size, limitation, then separate it from Self, then set it on fire, filling it with Catalyst.  Also Puncturing the thought form and Catalyst work also.  Then apply Catalyst to Self and body parts that were affected by the enemy thoughtform until the practitioner feels better, and you are good to go.  Same technique also works to heal from sicknesses.  In other words, when Catalyst is applied to any being it heals them in a way that keeps the applicator safe, even if it means that the garden must be weeded.  YOU WANT TO STOP EVIL?  THIS IS THE ONLY METHOD.  MORE PEOPLE MUST DO IT BESIDE MYSELF.  REPTILIANS AND GREYS ARE OPEN SEASON.  GOOD HUNTING. All these topics can be covered more in depth in class or by research by the reader.

There have been many battles, and we are not done yet.

Now it is about teaching other people to do the same things that I can do.

There are many other things that happened along the way with this journey.  However my purpose is not to write a complete autobiography or write an entertaining story, but to give enough information to help people defeat the Darkside.


In Conclusion

It is 2007 and the end of the Fourth World is upon us.  Between now and 2012, World War III will be under way with a nuclear war involving the US, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, China, and thus the Satanic New World Order will work on asserting itself in a last ditch globally orchestrated maneuver.  Martial Law will be under way in the US.  Armageddon will be in full swing.  Nibiru will be seen in the sky, as well as the Dark Star, the companion star to our sun, coming out of the area west of Orion.  Debris that Nibiru is dragging around with it will strike the Earth, and the Pole will shift twenty-five degrees, moving Antarctica (Atlantis) into a temperate position with the new equator running through what used to be San Francisco and Montreal.  As this happens the oceans will wash over the continents before settling.  The die off is expected to be upwards of 99%.  The one thing that separates the survivors from the dead and the Demons from the living is people that are trained in the psychic abilities that we teach.  The only type of people that will populate the Earth are the Loving Aware.  Once the Evil is removed from the Earth, then there will be a new Utopia, and Knowledge and Peace will be brought back once again to the people with the new alignment to the Galactic Center.  This is the time to decide where you want to be.