Is there an honorable place in the work for blind imitation?

by Don Croft

EW Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2005 4:19 pm    Post subject: Is there an honorable place in the work for blind imitation?

There are a few very persistent unfounded claims that have survived the exposure of their proponents' lack of personal integrity.

In a smaller number of cases persistent unsubstantiated claims, caveats and recommendations are still being made by otherwise reputable folks and I've let that slide for a long time but the subject comes up so often in private correspondence that I feel it's time to address it in a post.

I'm so reluctant to harm anyone's good reputation or rub the noses of the disreputable ones in their own messes that I'm a little shy to even name anyone specifically but please bear with me, okay?

The receding paradigm is schizophrenic by nature and design and most of us still have at least one foot firmly planted in that retreating matrix. It used to be impossible for anyone who has intellectual integrity to find a proper niche in human society or the market place because the schizoid element of at least western cultures was too virulent to comfortably allow it, hence events like the book burning, imprisonment and murder of Dr Reich during the most blatant of America's fascist period, the Eisenhower administion.

So, how can I tiptoe around this issue and still let you know what I now consider to be persistent obstacles to the free expansion of this network?

Carol and I won't make any recommendations or strongly hold to our expressed opinions unless we can provide plenty of corroborative evidence and/or support it with balanced, rational argument. The rest (most of the contents of our reports) is freely offered as no more than our subjective observations. I won't allow anyone to advance unsubstantiated claims and opinions in my presence without challenging them, as anyone who's familiar with me has learned.

Okay, I'll just bite the bullet:

Fancy coils, gems and crystals generally have no place in orgonite devices which get placed or tossed into the field nor in cloudbusters, either, unless you're sleeping with them, invite them to the dinner table every day and haul them along on your gifting missions and visits with the in-laws.

The possible exception to this is when orgonite devices are placed in energy vortices where various hyperdimensional entities and species have a vested interest in the success of your gifting effort, so they continue to interact with the enhanced orgonite devices.

In most cases the only concession we make to this field device interactive dynamic is to add a simple spiral cone coil to the single quartz crystal in the tip of a HHg. An
exceptional effort was when we put a dozen of Cesco's  coils among the 26 earthpipes we used to ring the caldera at Yellowstone and DB, Carol and I have left solar-powered 15Hz generators with cloudbusters and other trick devices in wilderness vortices before.

Most of our vortex gifting is done with simple HHgs, in fact, and it's been handy for all of us that the occult/corporate rats predictably erect tower arrays, not single towers, in vortices.

The reason we don't encourage anyone to add fancy stuff to every orgonite devices is because all of this stuff is interactive in nature; interactive with US, not with the environment so the fancy stuff is generally wasted out there and the belief that it's necessary ensures that the gifter won't make as much orgonite as he would if he realized that the stuff isn't needed. Why not get the most bang for your buck?

Busting the death towers with cheap, funky TBs will show you how powerful bare orgonite is. Doing it with fancy, expensive TBs will leave you with some doubt whether you got it done with orgonite or with arcanery. It's more empowering to realize that you did it with orgonite.

The proper use of fancy additives, we believe, is in the orgonite devices we wear, work with every day, keep in our cars or sleep next to, over and/or under.

As far as we've been able to tell, adding magnets to orgonite devices doesn't do much at all. The only exceptions we've found is adding a magnet to our Terminators and DB's inclusion of a magnet in his Implant Killer. It's the magnet in that devices that destroys the nanocircuitry in implants, of course--the orgonite and gems just make the process more user friendly.

The only generally discussed coil forms which we've found to have any innate, consistent credibility are the SBB one (including a few intelligent variations), the cone spiral and Cesco's designs. The few chest pounders out there who vigorously promote other coil forms but can't substantiate their claims need to be held accountable as long as you feel compelled to imitate and even promote their offerings, don't you agree?

We're always happy to be held accountable and to discuss our findings and if anyone runs from that or insists that they have 'authority' so don't need to support their claims you should ask yourself why and meanwhile stop blindly imitating them.

32 Hz only feels good to potheads. Babies and little children cry when you play that frequency through a speaker and animals flee but they find 'C,' 15Hz and some other freq's comfortable and even envigorating.

Wax has not been shown to be an adequate replacement for resin, though the proponents of wax orgonite have had plenty of time and open opportunities to substantiate their claims.

Cesco and Laozu Kelly have apparently developed a way to energize water and keep it energized in a form that excedes any other available energized water but I'll leave it to them to decide when it's ready to be introduced. Unlike the insistent, unsubstantiated energized water claims that were made a couple of years ago in an apparent effort to sabotage the gifting network, this is something that anyone can replicate. Some more testing will be done.

Boathulls are made of fiberglass, which is glass fibers embedded in resin. It's not necessary to put ocean orgonite gifts in glass jars because resin is functionally waterproof. If that weren't so, then all fiberglass boats would need to also be put in glass jars. Here's a case where simple, rational argument can dispel an unreasonable assumption. Some of the cetaceans apparently love colorful jars for orgonite gifts, though.

DB's fine little towerbusters are capable, singly, of disabling a death tower but perhaps only if he's the one who tosses it, we believe. Otherwise, Carol and I recommend that you toss two or three of these in the vicinity of a single death tower or HAARP tower if you want to feel confident that you've successfully turned that tower into a life force generator, unless you have the same etheric prowess and energy sensitivity that DB has, of course, in which case one will perhaps be enough for you, too. The nice part of his approach, for me at least, is that these much smaller ones are a little easier to hide.

Since nobody's done any supportive field experiments, yet, using the smaller towerbusters the above paragraph is only our subjective impression. In our own field work we demonstrated that at least 3oz of orgonite with a small xtal in it can be relied on to take out an average death tower and lots of folks have repeated the experiment, then gotten their own requisite confirmations for this simple protocol.

There really is no line between subjective and objective reality because the 'objective' part is conditional on our own awareness and progress as a specie and perhaps even as individuals. On the other hand, we can have confidence that substantive recommendations can be supported by others' experimentation and that's the little band of reality that Carol and I choose to work within. That doesn't obligate DB or anyone else to do things our way (I've often witnessed my own little personal paradigm bend, twist, compress and expand in his presence Cool ) but I reserve the right to answer any published claim within this network that hasn't yet been substantiated because I feel that this is the most constructive approach in the long run.

We've seen a gradual shift over the past year or so within the network from mostly blind imitation to mostly substantive contributions but I still have an itch to encourage everyone to reach for high intellectual standards in our individual efforts and examinations. Dr Reich wasn't shy about this issue and I feel encouraged by his example, don't you?

~Carol's Old Man
"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich