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by Don Croft and Ryan McGinty

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[The earth pipes you make without copper, for sign pipes, can be made using a plastic bag inside a toilet roll, but even easier in a glass.]

[2012 Feb] After effects of Earth Piping make news headlines!

[2009] Inverted Six Pipe (ISP) by laozu

[Ew July 2008] Good Indicator of Where to Put Earthpipes ;-)

[Don: Some of us feel that the underground bases are the next high priority after busting the new towers, taking back the earthgrid and neutralizing satanic institutions and killing sites/vortices.     Most of the towers are on the earth grid and vortices and most of the satanic sites are also on or close to these features, so you'll  get a lot of Bang for our orgonite Buck ;-).

For now, I'm also recommending Vancouver Steve's treasured method:  fill a toilet paper core tube with orgonite and a single, 1" long quartz crystal of any quality, wrapped in a coil,  and drop it down a fencepost, stop sign pole or any other (at least) 2" diameter pipe that's set in the ground.  Steve carries a little stepladder on his bicycle for his urban gifting missions. This does double duty as a towerbuster and underground base buster.  Yea, Steve!

By the way, Brent in Northern Alberta came up with this idea independently, too, at the same time and adopted this as his winter gifting modus operendi until the thaw.  I hate to think about where we'd be now without the informal corps of hotblooded Canadians in this network!

Brent once hired a bush pilot to take him to gift a primary earth node farther to the north and Gerard in Australia undertook a similar sortee in the Outback in his own airplane.  Doc Batiibwe and Kizira lately hired a big dugout canoe to locate and  gift some primary (watery) earth energy sites in Lake Victoria near the headwaters of the Nile.  No discussion like this is complete without a mention, at least, of our intrepid African compatriots.

Gale, Laozu Kelly, Stacie,  Carol and I have conceived a long-range way to disrupt and neutralize underground predatory tech but it's still in the testing phase.  The unfortunate part of disabling underground sources of deadly energy is that the results are not as visible, so we have to rely on the psychics or our own instincts for confirmations.   I hesitate to recommend anything for which you won't get abundant physical confirmations but I feel okay about recommending the deployment of Earthpipes because the threat represented by these horrible underground facilities is quite severe, in my opinion, and very widespread.  The following instructions describe  how we make ours:

 Christy coil forms available from www.quebecorgone.com


1. Cut a length of 1 1/2 inch copper or aluminum pipe into 13" lengths

2. Thoroughly tape one end of each pipe closed.  If you're not thorough, resin will leak out the bottom.

3. Temporarily tape or wire seven of the pipes together so that the whole will stand up by itself with the taped ends at the bottom.

4. The orgonite 'plug' in the bottom of each EP needs to be at least five inches long, so drop  2 or 3 oz of mixed orgonite in each pipe.

5. Select a suitable xtal for each pipe.   We use xtals that are at least an inch long and at least a quarter inch thick and have one distinct point.

6.   Cut 13" of bare copper wire.  We use 18 AWG wire but the point is to use wire that's thick enough to hold a shape and thin enough to work easily.  Those coil forms that Christy in Ireland makes are wonderful for making suitable coils.    They're available from www.quebecorgone.com

7.   After bending the wire to resemble the end of a big screw, just like was done for the HHg, only smaller, pinch the small end of the coil around the middle of the crystal. Remember that the whole thing will have to fit easily in the pipe.  You may want to tape or glue the coil to the crystal so the unit doesn't fall apart when you drop it down into the pipe.

8.   Here's the mind bending bit:    as with the HHg, these are being made upside down.   The xtal in the Earthpipe points down into the ground.  The hollow end of the pipe is the bottom.  The cone shape of the coil flares away from the pointed end.  When the pipe is in the ground, the xtal points down and the cone coil opens upward from the middle of the xtal, sort of like a dart in a blowgun ;-)

8. I measured the amount of orgonite in an Earthpipe and it's five ounces, so after you drop in the pipe in the proper orientation, just spoon in the remaining orgonite. If you mix it loosely enough, the mass of orgonite will fill in around the coil and xtal, don't worry.

9.   When you get to the target area, just pound the whole thing down into sufficiently soft, stone-free ground.  I hammer the pipe with a six pound sledge hammer.  It damages the pipe a little but that's okay.  Remember that the orgonite plug is in the top of the device.  This takes advantage of the resonant cavity principle.

Ryan is very kind to furnish these photos, which he took when I was making up a large number of 'plugs' for earthpipes earlier this year, in fact, the short pipes shown in some of these photos were an early attempt at mass production. I've since made up a silicon mould which will accommodate six plugs at once, and please note that you can just tape seven of the 13" pipes together and spoon approx. five ounces of mixed orgonite in each pipe, allowing for the proper positioning of the crystal/coil artifice in the middle of that plug, of course. Be sure to adequately tape the bottom ends of the pipes shut or you'll be making a big resin puddle Smile ~Don] http://www.ethericwarriors.com/viewtopic.php?t=121

[Ryan: How to make an EP: You will need 1" copper pipe or larger diameter, 1 small crystal, 20 to 16 gauge uninsolated copper wire, metal shavings, resin, wax paper and tape.

EP's work by pulling the DOR from the underground and then releasing POR above ground and below. One key to the effectiveness of EP's is the resonating cavity created in the empty space inside the pipe. The larger the resonating cavity the more effective. When using a larger diameter pipe you can have a shorter length pipe and still be effective, while for smaller diameter pipe you need a longer pipe to achieve the same effect.

When choosing a copper pipe think about what you can afford. If you can afford 1.5" pipe, it's easier to place in the ground because of the shorter length.

This is a 1.5" pipe, 13" long. You don't need to have a longer pipe for this diameter. The smaller pipe is used to cast OR matrix plug insert for the main pipe. It is 6" long and has 1" cut off for removing the casting easier. You don't have to do it this way, you can just poor the OR matrix directly in. If you using a 1" pipe I would use an 18" to 24" pipe length to achieve the same effectiveness.

All you do now is find a suitable area to try out your new toy. Drop the plug in the pipe, facing the right direction and use a mallet or hammer to set into the ground. If your worried about damaging the pipe use a large steal plumbing cap or 2x4 to absorbe the pounding. One advantage to creating a plug is that while you are pounding into the ground it allows the air and dirt to enter the pipe easier. DIRT IN THE EP DOES NOT EFFECT THE PERFORMANCE. If you used one solid pipe not a plug I would drill a small hole near the OR matrix to releave the air pressure and help set the EP better. THE EP DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FULLY BARRIED IN THE GROUND TO WORK, ONLY PARTLY. But the further the better, since you don't want people to find it.

The EP must be inserted vertically into the ground to work, unless its into a hill side. (perpendicular to the ground, another way to put it)

How I find locations for EP, I discern above ground DOR to underground DOR. I do this by how my body reacts to certain areas. My hands ache when there is above ground DOR. My head aches where there is underground DOR. See if you notice the same sensations. So far it's been 100% correct for me.

Bust those bastard ups!

Have fun busting the underground bases.]

[Ryan: To figure out how many EP's you would need for an area you'll need to Dowse for the amount. If you made and EP that big, HELL YEAH it would do the job of 8 EP's when I dowse for the answer. Just make sure you use a larger crystal for a Moster size EP.

Here some more info on Resonant Cavities:

The length of the cavity is congruent to the length of energy waves emmitted (This is from what I have experienced, if you have had similar experiences or not please share). If you have a foot long pipe you will feel the energy start for a foot then be a void for a foot then energy again for a foot. This keeps repeating until the divice's power reaches it's maximum distance.

For a CB you have six 5 foot Resonant Cavities. Every ten feet you have 5 feet of energy times six. With the size of the OR matrix base the pipes pull the energy from going everywhere with the cylinder shape orgonite to redirecting it where the pipes are pointing. That's why CB's are so effective at breaking up DOR, the size of orgonite and the focusing of energy.

So when you are experimenting think about the amount of OR matrix you will have and the length/size of the Resonant cavity.

I hope that puts it more into 3D terms.]

Charge crystals on CB and then the whole pipe.  To make without plugs, use electricians tape, and then you use parcel tape as well.  Test using water.  These are 35mm pipe cut to 13 inches.

Toilet roll Earth pipes being cured on a CB.  Crystals charged first--no copper coils used.

Now cure on CB one at a time.

Notice 3 amp drill, either 5 wood drill or use masonry drill. You can put them in in under 30 secs, depending on stones, of course.  Essential in some locations.

Best spade for digging holes (you can cut handle down to 3-4ft):

Bulldog http://www.bulldogtools.co.uk (UK) 
Rabbiting Spade (Long Handle)  Code 5391006580

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