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Dolphin Balls & Gifts

[EW Aug 2006] Whales Attracted to Dolphin Ball

Candle moulds fit the bill, metal preferably.  3-4 inches diameter ones come out around 7 fl oz which is enough.

Coconuts OK but all have cracks in them so can only use once.

Wire: 26 inches

"20 AWG in Carol's dolphin balls. I have one of Andy's and he uses 18 AWG."--Don

Using 1.42mm (c. 15 AWG), which is almost largest size to fit Christy coil forms (1.5mm max).

Coil  [This is Big Secret coil]


Herkimer for coil, Chinese Herkimers work out cheaper and just as good.

Peridot, pink tourmaline (cesco's choice), rose quartz, emerald

"I also use elevating gemstones like amathyst, rose quartz, moonstone, sunstone, aquamarine, etc....No grounding stones."--Carol

Pic showing Christy coil form being used:

dolphin3.jpg (294014 bytes)