Glossary (orgonite, energy, Etheric)
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Bielek, Al

Big Secret coil.

Black candles

Blasting:  Sending the bad guys energy from your heart chakra, often using a Succor Punch or Powerwand

Boosting:  Sending someone energy from your heart chakra.  Dooney  offers coaching.

Busting:  Putting orgonite near Death towers, HAARP,  Weatherballs to 'bust' their nefarious activity---eg droughts, hurricanes, DOR generated disease, mind control.

Cescolator Coil

Cesco (as in Francesco).  Gifted sensitive who created the remarkable orgone generating little secret coil and the Little Secret device. 


Cloudbuster (CB): Orgone Generator. Designed by Don Croft to destroy chemtrails and HAARP generated weather.

"The grandest results I ever witnessed from an orgonite cloudbuster, for instance, were when Gert Botha stopped all the sandstorms, dead, in his corner of the Namib Desert with his funny-looking, half-scale CB that was cobbled together in a hurry from whatever material he could find."--Don Croft

Crystal charging

Crystal Charges.  One end of a crystal is positive, the other negative.  The positive tip (easy to find in a single terminated--it's the pointed end) needs to be pointing in the direction you want the energy to flow. See: How to Make New Orgone Devices. Part 1 by Ryan McGinty

"In some Orgonite Generators it is important that the positive end is facing in a specific direction, for instance the HHG or the CB. This is quite easily determined by the average, non sensitive, person with a ST Crystal, as opposed to a DT Crystal."---Cesco

Death towers:  Cell phone towers or panels designed to harm the population.  They also are used for radar type surveillance (1, 2) among other nefarious activities. 


Dodec Orgone Generator

Dodec Technique    Dolphin-inspired technique for protection and healing

Dolphin Ball Orgone Generator

Don Bradley Psychic previously known as CBSWORK and DB

DT Double terminated crystal.   "The DT has a negative and a positive point to it, but with the DT it is considerably more difficult do determine which is which. This makes the DT crystal a unfit choice for those without proper knowledge/sensitivity."------Cesco

DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base)

DOR, POR.Cables on tower in Tarvisio, Italy, the same as UK ones.

EARTH PIPE Orgone generator used to deal with underground DOR from Underground bases


Etheric:  The internal reality accessed by anyone with psychic ability or mystical training.  All things and beings are connected in the Etheric reality which is how psychics can read your mind (telepathy),  or remote view.  The Dark Side have easy access of the Etheric reality which is how they had such power.  It is the first basics of mind control to shut off contact to the Etheric reality, hence kill all psychics not on side (eg. witch burning), as well as all shamanic knowledge (try and find one in Western society).


Gifting:  Distributing orgonite

Gifter:  One who distributes orgonite. 


HAARPicane.  HAARP generated hurricane.

Harmonic Protector

Holy Hand Grenade (HHG)Orgone Generator. 12 fl oz piece of orgonite with crystal and coil in tip, usually cone shaped (easier to make in funnel), but often pyramid or rounded.  The old version had 5 DT crystals in it, 4 pointing to the centre at the base, one in the tip.

Hootenise.  Term for the additions to a CB made by Mark Hooten--DTs between the pipes in the base with copper wire attaching them to the pipes, also wire around the crystals in the pipes, with a 7th pipe in centre.  It was found to make the CB work less effectively, so discarded.


Implant killer Don Bradley designed device for disabling Implants

Laozu Kelly McKennon.  Very gifted sensitive, who can see/feel energy (eg DOR and POR), elementals and other spiritual beings, now opening up earth vortices with Towerbusters and creating a chi canopy around the world. See: HEAVEN AND EARTH by Laozu.  Designed the Torsion CB

Lenticular clouds

Lemurian crystals (Lemus) Type of quartz crystal.  Crystal of choice if you can afford them.

Lemurians:  Benevolent alien race.

Little Secret or Cesco coil:  Orgone generating coil, invented by Cesco and used in his Little Secret device.

Little Secret device.  Cesco designed device that generates orgone energy out of the crystal tip.  Used for healing, meditation, or in Earth pipes and CB pipes instead of crystals.  Also in the base of a CB, in the centre, to enhance its effect.

Magnets:   "Carol puts a rare earth magnet in her Crystal Harmonizer and there's also one in our zapper but magnets seem to get in the way when put into field devices. Promoting magnets for cloudbusters, etc., was probably just another ploy to confuse people and debilitate their field pieces, years ago, and I'm glad that one died a quiet death."--Don Croft March 2008

MK KidsVictims of MKUltra Mind control.

 "Refers to unfortunates who grew up victims of Trauma-based Mind Control, with 'MK' being a reference to the 'MK-Ultra' programme that assiduously produced such victims. Said unfortunates are 'programmed multiples' who have had alternate, programmable/programmed 'alter' personalities created within themselves via trauma/pain/violence. Those alternate personalities that can be accessed/activated/utilized by the ill-intentioned handlers of said MKids. Those handlers are often/mostly the people who did the programming in the first place."--Jeff

Mobius coil

Montaulk boys.

Monarch Program


Operators.  Collective of beings helping humanity, eg Dolphins and Whales.

Orgonite:  a mixture of non-organic (metal shavings) and organic (fibreglass resin) materials, the combination of which produces (generates) orgone energy.Orgone Accumulator

Orgone accumulators:  Wilhelm Reich created Accumulators “Orgone Accumulators draw in and concentrate orgone and send it back out again. When they draw in unbalanced orgone, they send it back out as unbalanced orgone, so one needs to use them in a place where there is more good orgone than the bad stuff.” ----Don Croft

Orgone energy:   "Orgone is a name given by Wilhelm Reich for vital health or life energy. Orgone also is the same energy know as Chi or Prana from Eastern cultures. To read more about orgone click here. "--Ryan McGinty

Portal:  Doorway into another dimension, time (eg Montauk Project) or place such as Mars or Moon (as depicted in film 'Stargate'). 

POR The terms POR and DOR, are sometimes used for sheng qi and sha qi, respectively: those terms derive from Reich’s terms "positive orgone" and "negative orgone".

Powerwand:   See: The Powerwand by Don Croft

Psychic:  Someone who can access the Etheric reality.  Usually gifted at telepathy and remote viewing.

Pyramid Meditation exercise by Carol Croft

Pyjama person (PJ) Evil blindness. Anyone doesn't want to see Big Brother and his antics, like Fascism, & false flags like 911. NB:  "You can't wake a person who is pretending to be asleep." ~Navajo Proverb.  See: Slavery and the eight veils by Don Harkins


Reptilians:  Dark Side aliens.

"I personally have no use for any of the reptile 'info' though I've seen reptiles.  I apparently killed one with my new Powerwand a couple of years ago.   Green skin; no nose or ears.  I know they're no more than parasites. The scam is that they 'run the world' and 'own humanity.' Here's where a little intellectual integrity can serve us:  all of that drama is based on the assumption that humanity is a few thousand years old as a specie. How is that much different from believing that God made Eve from one of Adam's ribs?"---Don Croft

Saint Buster Button (SBB):  Coil.

Schneider, Phil  Notable for his exposure of DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) and the Reptilians.

Shavings:  Metal shavings used in orgone generators.  Aluminium is the usual choice as it is easy to find, light, rustproof, and usually in the right size, unlike ferrous metal. Preferably not very fine pieces.

Sha qi:  "Near as I can tell, DOR is a form of sha qi."----Laozu

Sheng qi The terms POR and DOR, are sometimes used for sheng qi and sha qi, respectively: those terms derive from Reich’s terms "positive orgone" and "negative orgone".

Succor Punch ("SP"):    A Succor Punch is made up of a mobius coil, wrapped around and glued to a substantial quartz crystal that has a distinct point on it. The terminals of the coil are connected via small alligator clips to a frequency generating box, powered by a nine volt battery.  It was designed as a weapon, and will also block surveillance.  See: Succor Punch Explained By Don Croft

Sylphs  Air elementals.

ST:  Single terminated crystal.  Used in HHG and TBs.  Also CB.

"In some Orgonite Generators it is important that the positive end is facing in a specific direction, for instance the HHG or the CB. This is quite easily determined by the average, non sensitive, person with a ST Crystal, as opposed to a DT Crystal."---Cesco

TerminatorDon & Carol Croft designed zapper containing orgonite.  See: Zapper quotes

Theosophy:  Dark side outfit. 

Torsion CB:  Laozu designed CB

Towerbuster (TB)Orgone Generator. 3 fl oz piece of orgonite made in a muffin pan.  Designed to bust towers.

    6 TBs in a circle:  This heals black energy (ley) lines.

    18 and One-O-Eight




Welz, Karl: Invented orgonite (and the term) in 1993 and two years before that he built the first device that generated orgone energy.  See: [EW Feb 2008] Stolen Orgonite Formula?

Wilhelm Reich

Zapper:  Electronic healing device for parasites, cancer, AIDS, arthritis....  See: [EW march 2007] Here's the actual generally accessible state of the art for electromedicine--Don Croft

Zapchecker   Meter that was used to detect busted towers (no longer does that), and for detecting Implants.