Cbswork and Rudolf Steiner


Post# 52985 12/20/03 Kininigin

"A picture is worth a thousand words... so they say. This post may appear to be light relief, yet it can go very deep if you want it to. Your choice... and I believe in free choice above all else!

I found an old book I hadn't looked at for years and years. It documents an interesting sculptural project. Did some scans and uploaded to a folder called 'masks'. There's a short explanation there as well.

There's the smirk of Ahriman, the draconian mask... I can see this influence in everything from the Colon Powells of this world to the frontal look of modern car designs!

There's the reassuring look of unwavering goodness incarnate!

There's the steely stare of self-serving determination which you see in many 'important' people-puppets... the dubbyas of this time, the aspartame kid, etc

There' even the pyjama look of the resident elemental, the way most people appear asleep in bed, etc.

If you work imaginatively with this imagery and ingrain these typical facial features into your visual memory, you can see them crop up all over the place... and I mean EVERYWHERE!

I'd welcome some feedback here, especially of the look-alike variety you can come up with. That should be fun ;-)"

Post# 53166 12/23/03 Cbswork

"Steiner could see the various visages of these entities, as they condensed to the physical plane. He felt, at the time, that because any expression of planetary evil would try to cloak itself, there were certain characteristics that would "shine through." Steiner did the drawings, and spent a great deal of time on scaffolds, with a chisel and saw, making the large pieces, which were destroyed by the third Reich via arson.

And, naturally, when you look at how darkness empowers (remember how the black magician never gains power, but has to relinquish an aspect of one's self, to make the corresponding vacancy for the entity), then quite naturally, you'll see how these expressions tend to appear in the faces of the so-called faithful. That's why Rice, Cheney, Village Idiot, all bear striking similarities to these beings. The greater the over-shadowing, the greater these features appear.

Steiner was meticulous about the details of these carvings and spent much of any spare time he had, working on them. There are several pictures of him in old books and magazines from the 1920s, showing him with his sleeves rolled up and covered in wood chips.

The carvings are gone, but we have the photographs."

Post# 53167 12/23/03 Cbswork

"I've seen a master photograph of Steiner looking up at this thirty foot tall display of the whole smash. The scene is mankind at the center, with the dark hosts flitting about him, trying to stear his path into darkness. The Etheric Christ Spirit stands over humanity, allowing free will, but protecting, serving, and providing a way out of madness. It was quite impressive.

Steiner could see everything happening to the world and to him. He was an oracle who quit the job, and turned against his former masters! Like Krishnamurti, he too found he was being used, not by wonderful souls, but by devils appearing as angels. As soon as he saw the real play, he became their greatest enemy. Hitler had - and in 1924 dollars - a one million Mark price on Steiner's head. Steiner saw, at a railway station, two assassins with shotguns waiting for him. Because he saw it using his clairvoyance, he still went anyways, knowing full well the law that to use these gifts FOR SELF is the first step toward lifetimes in the darkside. So, he went ahead with his plans, knowing they were waiting. Some friends were apprised through another source and got to him, just as he arrived at the station and saved him. THat's the kind of person he was."

Post# 53168 12/23/03 Cbswork

"And of all the so-called seers of the 20th century, he's the only one, in MY book, who passed every SELFLESS test, esp tests of ego, save for Krishanmurti.

See, the first things you are going to discover about treading this Higher Path, is that all your perceptions and "being right" and everything that exists as an aspect of your not-self (emotions, urges, centric-thinking) are all brought to the surface, TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE REALLY MADE OF."

Post# 53172 12/23/03 Cbswork

"When you are under any influence, it affects your features, esp the face. Everything shows up there. For example, the few times I was homeless and living in a car in my life, you can clearly see the hardness in my expression. And I've seen this in others, who have been homeless - a hardness, a stiffness that shows there. This reflects the indrawing of energies that kind of life does to you.

You can see the energy animating a person, by the love radiating out from their RIGHT eye. Left eye is WILL power. Now, look at the pics of daddy bush and all these leaders. Always a lazy or dead right eye, and an unusually larger left eye. That solar plexus and Sacral center energies dictating terms.

Now, get any pics of people you KNOW to have good and loving hearts. Balanced eyes, very warm, and a very tight - not sagging - fluidity in their face.

If they are being overshadowed - either good or ill - the overshadowing being's visage will show in their face. If it is heart center and higher, you'll see it instantly. A warm light about them. You know the rest..."