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Each human being has female and male energies, a female and male side. But that is not the topic. Unfortunately I have no other word for this female energy (fe) that I will talk about. This female energy comes from the woman's abdomen (strictly speaking from the second Chakra). This energy works passively, that means, women must not do anything to make it work. Only the energy should not be prevented from flowing. If the ‘fe’ can flow unrestricted into the outside world, something wonderful happens: The outside world changes into a paradise. The ‘fe’ is the source of affluence and abundance in the framework of a family. Under suitable circumstances, a woman can hold an even bigger circle of persons in agreeable and happy conditions. Climate, animals and plants are happy to come in resonance with the ‘fe’ and produce positive circumstances for the human beings, for example sufficient food, disappearance of parasites, mosquitoes etc. Also beauty, well-being and health are products of the ‘fe’.
Alien Influence by Franz Erdl