Etheric attacks

[Remote Viewing (RV) is also used for killing.]

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Here I am, an ex-operative for these people, with in the field combat experience utilizing Remote Viewing for tactical operations. I have a high Psi efficiency, "raw horsepower" if you will, so much so that my final target termination count was 70 terminations. Some of these were reptilians. And I survived those operations. When operational, I was VERY good at my job. NONE of the so-called "big name" remote viewers would last a microsecond against me. And that's a fact. The Mars Records: Interview with Michael and Stephanie Relfe by Eve Lorgen

Psi-Corps organization is not vicious, they are not vicious people, they're very well trained, sensitives and psychics who have a mission. The basic mission has been, in more recent years, not the original one in the first 5-10 years, where they were used for assassination. But they finally drew the line on this when NSA was formed and they became part of NSA in 1949-50 because their original genesis was in 1940 under Harry Bennett under the Roosevelt administration. But they said, "We will not do assassination any more because you have other organizations and intelligence groups that can do this much better than we can so we refuse to do it." . Interview with Al Bielek 1991

What Don has said about most resisting psychics being murdered by fast cancer in the 90's is something that I can confirm. I once had an Australian girlfriend who was a bit psychic and who's mom was very skilled witch (one of the good ones). Her mom died of cancer in a very, very short time period (in a matter of weeks since getting the first symptoms) inexplicably, and the doctors were perplexed because she showed all the symptoms of testicular cancer (?!?) but being a woman this was impossible of course. The serial killers also had never seen such a fast acting cancer. This old girlfriend of mine was the first person I met who had a burning hate towards the world odor which she got from her mom, so I'm sure her mother was quite a threat to these freaks. She was quite tramatized by her mom's death and thought MDs were the lowest of the scum on earth, I guess she never met a Jesuit Cool ----Alejandro