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An Interpretation of Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut Adam Gorightly

[vid] Eyes Wide Shut Unveiled, Decoded & Explained Politically ~ by Zeph Daniel

As many writers have noted, there are aspects to the film which uncannily echo the accounts of purported CIA-mind controlled sex slaves such as Candy Jones, Cathy O'Brien, and Brice Taylor. For instance, as Adam Gorightly notes in his article "An Interpretation of Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut" on Konformist.com, the use of masks in the film and the manner in which characters inexplicably change personalities are strongly suggestive of the process of trauma-based mind-control programming. Gorightly further notes that the recurrent rainbow symbolism in the film seems to be a direct allusion to the way in which images and themes from The Wizard of Oz are reportedly used as a programming matrix for mind control victims. Also, the film's key scene--the one in which Tom Cruise crashes a Masonic-style sex magick ritual--readily brings to mind the goings-on in Alex Jones' real-life Bohemian Grove video. In this surreptitiously recorded video, world leaders in red hooded robes are seen conducting a mock human sacrifice in front of a giant statue of the Babylonian child-eating, owl-god Molech.--Mack

Recently, in the Movie "Eyes Wide Shut", which is about a secret society, when Tom Cruise is ultimately confronted with the person who is in charge of the ceremony, he is asked to "Take Off His Clothes" The person who is in charge, that says this to him, is sitting in a peculiar "Throne" looking chair. This chair has a "Double Headed Eagle" with the World above it. This clearly represented "World Freemasonry", and was a Masonic Ritual that Cruise had stumbled onto.

We also believe that Stanley Kubrick, who died shortly after the release of his movie “Eyes wide shut” was also killed by radionics. We believe that his movie “2001 a space odyssey” indicated that he was in alignment with the secret powers that be. However, people change. He didn’t produce a movie for twenty years before he produced “Eyes wide shut”. This movie was kept in super secrecy until it came out. Even reviewers did not see it until the day it was released. Most people did not know what to make of it. They didn’t recognize it for what we believe it was, namely a documentary, of the kind of religious rituals that the powers that be are involved in. In the movie Tom Cruise is told towards the end something like “If you knew who those people were, you wouldn’t sleep at night”. We believe that Kubrick towards the end turned towards the good side, and wanted to get information out to the people. We believe that Kubrick was killed radionically by people who he was once aligned with. THE MARS RECORDS BOOK 2

Eyes Wide Shut was released on July 16 th 1999. Stanley Kubrick insisted in his contract that this be the date of the release. July 16 th 1999 is exactly 30 years to the day that Apollo 11 was launched. [2009] How Stanley Kubrick Faked the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Show


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