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[back] Northern Ireland

[2007] Exposing Gordon Kerr and Tony Blairís secret army Two of Britainís most secret military units operating in Iraq are run by a man who ran death squads in Northern Ireland.....Tony Blair appointed Kerr to head up military intelligence in Iraq in 2003 Ė just two weeks after an inquiry into collusion with paramilitaries in Northern Ireland sent a file about Kerr to the director of public prosecutions.

[2002] Why MI5 sanctioned the murder of a pensioner

[2002 June] The army asked me to make bombs for the IRA, told me I had the Prime Minister's blessing ... then tried to kill me

[2002 June] Rogue British agents name MI5 bosses in video expose  the RUC knew about the Omagh bombing but did nothing; how military intelligence helped set up Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane for that MI5 helped one undercover army agent, who was working in deep cover inside the IRA for more than a decade, source infra-red equipment which was used to provide the IRA with state-of-the-art bomb detonation technology. ....Fulton also told how he helped develop a light-sensitive remote control device for booby-traps for the IRA with his handlers' full knowledge. The detonation equipment was set off by photographic flash units. In the video he says he made so many bombs - all of which he told his handlers about - that he lost count.

[2001] Abandoned for killing their own, British Army officers planted as terrorists appeal to MoD to come home

[2000] British army allowed IRA to bomb Ulster Pub