State sponsored terrorism in Northern Ireland (IRA etc)
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[Omagh bombing: Twenty-nine people died as a result of the attack and approximately 220 people were injuredBrits had nukes there so need their army present to protect, so MI-6 set up IRA and created ongoing wars until nukes decommissioned, then IRA disbanded 1.]

See: Brigadier Gordon Kerr   Force Research Unit (FRU)  Special Reconnaissance Regiment


[2009 May] Covert army unit played role in Menezes tube killing

[2007] Exposing Gordon Kerr and Tony Blairís secret army Two of Britainís most secret military units operating in Iraq are run by a man who ran death squads in Northern Ireland.....Tony Blair appointed Kerr to head up military intelligence in Iraq in 2003 Ė just two weeks after an inquiry into collusion with paramilitaries in Northern Ireland sent a file about Kerr to the director of public prosecutions.

[2006] MI5 'helped IRA buy bomb parts in US'  A FORMER British Army mole in the IRA has claimed that MI5 arranged a weapons-buying trip to America in which he obtained detonators, later used by terrorists to murder soldiers and police officers. ...The British Irish Rights Watch report will also put the focus back on the alleged MI6 agent 'J118'. Army intelligence officer turned whistleblower Martin Ingram has alleged 'J118' was Sinn Fein's chief negotiator Martin McGuinnesss.

[2006] UK agents 'did have role in IRA bomb atrocities'  two British agents were central to the bombings of three army border installations in 1990.

[2003] Top British agent on run after cover is blown

[2003] Named: British double agent who murdered for the IRA

[2003] A dreadful stain on the reputation of our armed forces

[2003 April 19] Former minister 'ignorant of Army collusion' Another former government minister declared yesterday that he had "no idea" that British intelligence agents had colluded with loyalist paramilitaries in Northern Ireland.

[2003 April 18] British agents conducted illegal, secret war on IRA  An intelligence community that saw itself as above the law and free to indulge in extensive illegality, not excluding murder, was depicted yesterday in a damning report by Britain's most senior policeman.

[2003 April] Army had 'hundreds' of agents in IRA

[2003 April] Brian Nelson  An army agent in the UDA, he was implicated in sectarian murders

[2003] How Britain's master spy left Ulster double agents to die

[2003 Dec] IRA torturer was in the Royal Marines

[2003 March] The secrets of Castlereagh

[2003 March] 'UDA collusion' masterspy in top Iraq role

[2003 April] The murderous collusion at heart of Ulster's dirty war The key finding of the Stevens report is its stark conclusion that security forces colluded in at least two murders, those of the solicitor Pat Finucane and a teenage student, Adam Lambert.

[2003 Feb] 'UDA collusion' masterspy in top Iraq role  Promotion for Scottish brigadier in Ulster murder probe rules out threat of prosecution

[2003 Feb] Brigadier may face Ulster murder charges  A British army brigadier and up to 20 other serving and retired soldiers and police officers could be prosecuted for allegedly conspiring with loyalist terrorists in Northern Ireland, it emerged yesterday.

[2002 June] The army asked me to make bombs for the IRA, told me I had the Prime Minister's blessing ... then tried to kill me

[2002] Why MI5 sanctioned the murder of a pensioner

[2002] So the State Ran Death Squads ?

[2002] Panorama missed the real story of collusion in Ulster

[2002 June] Thatcher 'gave go-ahead for IRA assassinations'

[2002 June] Rogue British agents name MI5 bosses in video expose  the RUC knew about the Omagh bombing but did nothing; how military intelligence helped set up Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane for that MI5 helped one undercover army agent, who was working in deep cover inside the IRA for more than a decade, source infra-red equipment which was used to provide the IRA with state-of-the-art bomb detonation technology. ....Fulton also told how he helped develop a light-sensitive remote control device for booby-traps for the IRA with his handlers' full knowledge. The detonation equipment was set off by photographic flash units. In the video he says he made so many bombs - all of which he told his handlers about - that he lost count.

[2001] British double-agent was in Real IRA's Omagh bomb team  SECURITY forces didn't intercept the Real IRA's Omagh bombing team because one of the terrorists was a British double-agent whose cover would have been blown as an informer if the operation was uncovered......The revelations follow claims by another British double-agent in the IRA, Kevin Fulton (not his real name), that he phoned a warning to his RUC handlers 48 hours before the Omagh bombing that the Real IRA was planning an attack and gave details of one of the bombing team and the man's car registration.

[2001] Abandoned for killing their own, British Army officers planted as terrorists appeal to MoD to come home

[2001] MoD farce as Sunday Herald gagged

[2000 Dec] MoD mounts legal bid to gag the Sunday Herald THE Sunday Herald's probe into the activities of an undercover British army intelligence unit in Northern Ireland triggered legal moves by the Ministry of Defence last week to gag the newspaper from making further revelations about covert military operations in Ulster

[2000] British intelligence sanctioned 1987 killing of pensioner to protect IRA agent

[2000 Nov] The Scot behind Ulster's dirty war  The Sunday Herald today names for the first time the Scottish military intelligence officer who controlled an ultra-secret covert army unit in Northern Ireland that colluded with loyalist terror gangs to murder at least 14 Catholics. Home Affairs Editor Neil Mackay reveals a web of treachery, lies and murder

[2000 Nov] The secret wars of a spymaster  There's a phrase set aside in the British army for men like Brigadier Gordon Kerr and it's "Green Slime". ....In total, an estimated 15 civilians died as a result of FRU collusion with loyalist terrorists.

[2000] Headline 'My unit conspired in the murder of civilians in Ireland'

[2000] Revealed: how we spied on Ireland

[2000] Exposed: captain who aided hitmen

[2000] British army allowed IRA to bomb Ulster Pub

[2000] Ulster 'dirty war' inquiry collapses