Great UFO Report From a New Gifter in Colorado

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Post Great UFO Report From a New Gifter in Colorado 
Good'Day to you both,
    I do have a question about crystals & metal after I give you a small story that should of been on the news & around the world when it had occured in my state in the afternnoon of October 10, 2000...
    It started when I was coming back from after eating at Wendy's on a main road in my city at a stop light waiting for the green arrow so I can take a left turn going back home that was less than 1 mile away.
    I had noticed movement in the sky out from my driver's side and I saw 3 fast moving orbs/ufos that was very bright blue/white color and they raced about to the center of my view at unknown distance and they split up  at hyper-speed; 1 went straight up & the other 2 split off opposite from center and just disapeared beyond my eyesight; and I notice there were alot of military craft in the sky overhead racing to that area and a few Blackhawk helicopters along the mountain range that is about a several miles away...this was really exciting and for some reason speeding home that I knew that there will be more of them; it was really strange to have that confidence to my hunch was indeed right!...
    Anyways; I got my 16X50 binocs and went to my backyard and started to look around my field of view of an open space of a athletic field for elementry & middle school...I walked out to the field and there were a few kids playing at the playground with an older teenager watching them. They asked me about what I have in my hands and I explained to them what I saw and it was perfect timing; I spotted a spiining top ufo about a few hundred ft away and about maybe 300 to 500 ft high; I pointed it out and explained to them that is is a ufo and it is not man-made - it was very shiny - shaped like a spin-top but the only spinning movement was the top part that also spin from clock-wise to counter clock-wise; they all get to use my binocs and it was there for over 20 mins and then it popped? it was there and it just went out like a balloon w/o the pop - it was like a phasing out pop...
    They soon went home and I went home for a while to eat and watching the 5 o'clock news for any stories and there was no mentioning of any ufos? - I went outside to my backyard and to just observe and the  school field was starting to get crowded w/ parents and their little ones playing football against other teams...I notice something strange along the Rocky Mtns and I still see army heliocopters flying in that area and a few fighter jets and normal commercial jets...the strange object is dead ctr of the mountain and there are alot of clouds along the mtn range and some hazy clouds that stretched everywhere else and thining out to the east; this object started out as a ball of blue light not very bright and then it was getting brighter and soon it was 2 spheres - it divided then the shape was stretching and flattening out and then small round balls at each side; I looked w/ & w/o my binocs and I can see the details of looking at it's back side - the 2 spheres are now 3 and 2 smaller ones at the sides and it was getting brighter then it turned black and I can now see what appears to be a low glowing orange/red color of the engines? it was really huge and it nearly was half the size of the mtn and it was hovering it and then it went into the thick cloud - like it was hiding and then very slowing it move out of the cloud facing north and this object was changing again - still it was black and the 3 lights glowing like hot coals that was shaped like sqr blocks in a triangler figuration and it was getting so bright and took off in a blink of an eye!...
    I had to climb the fence to the school field and I asked anyone had seen what I saw? - nobody did? - some of the parents were making jokes or saying maybe it was a plane? I pointed out to the military crafts that is still in that area and also jets from Buckley Air Nat'l Guard base...
    The I spotted a strange looking orb that was not so sure was it a planet? this was huge and was at the southwest area mid-high position and I pointed it out to a few people and they looked using my binocs and they did not know what it was either? - the sun was setting and a few stars can be seen but this was something else? it was a bright white light & hazy/fuzzy look to it and it had a darke blue/greyr color like a nucleus - shaped like a donut w/ a ctr ring - like a circle w/ a larger horizontal ring donut divided it in half and this was gettting closer? or bigger?
    Cannot tell if this object was in orbit or if it was in our atmosphere? - it looked like a glowing "death star" and it was there for about an hour and I had time to set up my telescope to look at it with better detail and then it went down behind the mountains like a sunset...
    This was major and alot of activity that day and I cannot believe that no one else did not take pictures or video taped it and was not on the news at all!
    I even tried to surf the web for anyone who had seen it? no luck at all!...
    Seeing 6 different ufos in one afternoon and into the evening was amazing!
    I wished I had film in my camera and/or had a video camera and I would taped it all when I got home...


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Post Re: Great UFO Report From A New Gifter In Colorado 
Thank you John for posting via D.C. !

Just for the record Colorado is now TOPS in the list of States that I ship Aluminum shavings too !

I have no way of explaining why folks in Colorado are taking up making Orgonite more than those in other states, but

I sure appreciate you all making Orgonite out in the high country.  Maybe all the new Orgone energy is causing these UFO's to appear
more frequently ?

Thank you and Thanks to all the other people who have been
making and gifting Orgonite wherever you are.

Eric  Wink

Please bookmark my website . Just in Case we lose from hackers again.
Bookmark also it is the forums backup site.

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Post Re: Great UFO Report From A New Gifter In Colorado 
something like that?

 Infrared UFO fleet in Norway, 5/5-2009

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Post Re: Great UFO Report From a New Gifter in Colorado 
Very good intel, Eric, thanks!  I think Carolien's thread about silver discs seen in her sky relates to this thread, by the way.

Laurent, one of our most ardent detractors, Trevor Constable, wrote a good, illustrated book about the use of infrared film to capture images of some space craft and also living entities in our skies. He also showed how radar also functions as an infrared detector.  I asked Carol about the sometimes gigantic critters and she said they're not Sylphs, by the way.  When it was published, I think in the 1970s, he was excoriated by the UFO 'community' because most of them at the time were evidently vested (or hypnotized) in the belief that all space craft came from other planets.

In 1985, right after I returned from Tonga, where I'd first been exposed to legitimate, documented conspiracy literature, I did some work for an old sign painter in St Louis who screened me about my belief in UFOs, then when he saw that I was receptive to new information, told me that in the late 1950s he was in a club that collected and examined evidence of UFOs.

An aerospace engineer at nearby McDonnel Douglas (makers of the F4 Phantom and other weapons) was active in the clubb and a personal friend of his.  When the engineer got and shared evidence that some of the flying saucers were manmade there was an uproar and he was shouted down by the faction who insisted that all spacecraft came from other planets, then the club divided, the engineer was transferred to another state and my friend and his son were accosted by a flying saucer.   It happened when they were on the roof, observing one of hte planets through a telescope. The thing hovered a hundred feet or so, right above them, for a minute or so, then sped off. He abandoned the club, which had become a pseudomystical babblefest, anyway.  Note how some silly UFOlogists insist that spacemen propound Alice Bailey's ideology package, for instance.

Jim Marrs wrote a comprehensive book on the history of the CIA's and the US Air Force's collaborative effort, since their inception in 1947, to dissuade the public from believing in UFOs.  It's a good read for anyone, in spite of the fact that he seems to have an incidental crush on one fellow among the stable of  Theosophy/masonic charismatic gurus, or did at the time.  Maybe he was just looking for answers.  Those corporate mystics explain everything but answer nothing, of course. Devouring their material  is sort of like eating wax fruit.

Some of the reports in Marrs' book jive with Constable's reports of large organisms, by the way.


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Post Re: Great UFO Report From A New Gifter In Colorado 
Good story.  I collected some man made UFO bits

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New post Re: Great UFO Report From a New Gifter in Colorado 
Wow, Lyne sure gets around!

That's all new material to me.  I haven't read up on this stuff since 1997/8.  A German research journalist covered the period between the 1930s to teh late 1940s, by which time the silver discs were evidently being mass produced in an underground factory on the Gold Coastt, north of Vancouver, BC.  One of the projects that were started in Germany and finished up with 'captured' scientists, evidently including Werner von Braun.

Carol and I saw an unreleased TV show that had loads of archived film footage of Vryal saucers from prewar Germany; also showed technical drawings of the engineers' attempts to use the craft as weapons platforms. They wobbled, so were not suited for that.  The craft in the film was exactly like the craft that Billy Meier in Switzerland later filmed.  Note that Meier claimed to have talked with the occupants and they propounded Alice Bailey's paradigm.  Reading that, years before, was what made it clear to me that some antigravity craft were man-made Cool

It's really useful to read several authors' work about any subject, of course, if one intends to get a more balanced view of the subject.

A whole lot of what Tesla did, especially later in life, remains secret, perhaps including the basis for present-day weather warfare. One of my zapper customers in Belgrade told me that a museum dedicated to Tesla occupies an entire city block in that city (not damaged by US bombs, fortunately) and that it's got a lot of stuff we've never heard about Wink . He also told me, by the way, that leukemia became endemic in that city after the US bombed them.  The US Air Force likes to use 'dirty bombs' on civilian targets, of course, in their bornagain-chump/zionist jihad. 'Sieg, Heil!' Cool  

Simple orgonite evidently cures radiation sickness and poisoning pretty fast.

Thanks, John!