[Orgone generators with tutorials] 

[NB: This device is under evaluation/discussion on WM, see.]

Heaven and Earth Device (HED)

The shape of this not-quite-octahedron is based on the Giza pyramid, for quick reference of the proportions see for example http://www.geocities.com/davidjayjordan/GoldenSectionandyourBody.html

It can also be made using isosceles triangles so that it is a proper octahedron.

The proportions of the pyramid are 1.0 : 1.618 : 1.272, where 1 is half the length of the base of the triangle.   My base is 8 cm (i.e. 2 x 4 cm, 4cm being 1.0) and the slope length is 6.5 cm (i.e. 1.618 x 4 cm).  The latter is not the height of the completed pyramid, you can discount that measurement (1.272) entirely as the height will be correct when you assemble the mould.  So when you cut your triangle make sure the height of it is 6.5 cm (6.472).  I got caught out with that for not paying sufficient attention.

I use a material called Correx, it is a double walled extruded polypropylene sheet, it is often used in lightweight signs and placards, grab some of those from a skip somewhere, manufactured by www.kaysersberg-plastics.com.  Resin does not stick to it and is very easily removed.  The moulds need to be replaced every so often, so I made a perspex template of the triangle shape to make cutting very quick. The individual parts can be stuck together with masking tape, which is easily removed and adjusted if necessary, and quite strong enough.

You can see that it makes quite a tight neat fit.  Make sure the point is leak-proof. The resin tends to seep into the corrugations sideways and makes the mould stiffer which is quite good but it does bend out of shape after a while.

I then pour a bit of resin mixed with brass shavings into the point (above right), before putting the crystals or
Big Secret coil, below right, coil in.  This adds a nice touch and distinguishes top and bottom from the side corners.

Now we come to the crystals.  In cooperation with an energy sensitive person the design that has evolved is two single crystals end-to-end, wrapped in a copper coil; this is more effective than one DT crystal with copper coil.  The space between the negative poles of the crystal in the middle of the device acts like a heart.

Alternatively, a Big Secret coil (above right) can be inserted, this has a different effect which we have not yet been able to fully ascertain.  Try it and see what happens.

Above you see the completed first or top half of the HED with the crystals/coils sticking out.
Now, the really important trick is to have a slightly bigger mould for the bottom half (i.e. 9 cm base x 7.3 cm slope length) so that when you stick the cured top half into the bottom it swims in the excess resin.  This way you have no air gaps between top and bottom.

Of course, you will then have to trim of the excess resin, I do this with a big knife and then with the belt sander. 

Et voilą!

I am not making these for sale at the minute, so they are a bit rough and ready but they do their job.  Our energy sensitive says that they do the same work as a CB but on a smaller scale. This will have to be tested in the wider network.

All the best