by Andrew Hennessey

 Oct 2008

The surreal comedy sketch below illustrates the widely held social significance of the PhD and its special place and importance in our Society.

Humanity places great trust in people with such credentials

 I have a list of personal preferences for PhD’s and their outstanding, positive and original contribution to human society and that would include people like Drs; Salla, Kauffman, Sheldrake etc.

As well as the PhD, however, we also look up to some people who have held high offices within the Military Industrial and Intel triad.

Our trust can often be assured with some small tactical giveaways but what about the big strategic picture ? What and who is the real command structure of this our social charade ?

 My apologies to ladies such as Dr Susan Blackmore for giving them an easy time of it so far.

 Here again is a selection of in my opinion flawed disclosure that is often promoted in UFOLOGY and on lists like P4C e.g.

 Dr David Wilcox

Dr Bill Deagle

Dr Boylan and Dr Greer

Dan Burisch

Bob Dean


A look at a couple of David Wilcox issues.

 I think that David Wilcox has the basis of the science of ascension but that in places his illustrations are ill advised and that also he could and perhaps should incorporate and build on the work of the 1990's morphogenetic field pioneer, biologist Dr Rupert Sheldrake by operating with an already established set of neologisms.

 DW As time went on, I realized that I could reach everyone at the same time...  by tapping into the 'archetypal roots' of everyone's pain, which we all share in the "Human Energy Field."   I called these "global readings", and published many of them freely on my website.

 AH Surely the nature of personal pain in every individual is tied up in and invested in thousands of unique associations, investments, triggers and anchors.

I am familiar with there being a limited number of transactions in some general systems theory of human interaction - but you cannot possibly sensitively apply such a mechanistic archetypal approach to the minute things that define us and make us special and the many subtleties that generate human suffrage and sorrow. imo.

For example - Just saying 'everybody loses somebody' is neither sufficient or appropriate to address human grief and human experience in many different kinds of social contexts that are also driven by  the chaos of human error and also perhaps surreal negative intervention..

 DW In The Science of Peace I also give a wealth of scientific evidence to show how the 'mind field' directly affects the Earth - and actually IS the cause of the "earth changes" we're suffering through now - not industrial emissions of "Greenhouse Gases."  The "heat" of the Mind Field does eventually translate into heat in the Earth, if we do not adequately process it in our conscious minds first.

 The green line is the Earth's overall temperature. There is a steady warming trend through the first half of the 20th century, up until the end of World War II - where everyone could "chill out" and relax. Temperatures immediately started going down, worldwide. Then, global temperatures CONTINUED decreasing, steadily, through the entire "Post-War Economic Boom" - even while our production of "greenhouse gases" was skyrocketing.

At the exact point that the 'boom' ends, thanks to the sudden gas crisis and widespread economic recession in the early 1970s, global temperatures started INCREASING... and have been going up ever since. Hence, the best scientific warming data suggests that our own state of consciousness is far more potentially "toxic" and damaging to the planet - the way we think each day, as we move through our apparently private lives - than any industrial emissions we are creating.

 AH Dr Wilcox demonstrates total ignorance of geopolitics post ww2. In failing to note that In Russia for example Stalin sent around 10 million people to Gulags, many more than Nazi Germany did, and there were also large scale mass purges, enslavements and executions in China and a war in Korea - during his alleged 'chill out and relax' period !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He totally shoots himself in the foot.

 He would have been better trying to relate human behaviour directly to the sun and solar cycles, sunspot activity and electromagnetic emissions rather than global gasses on Earth - simply because there is a big delay between changes in the sun and its impact on greenhouse gas production

 DW Most specialists blame these changes on "mass extinction" caused by cataclysmic activity - such as the "monster asteroid" alluded to in the above image, as if it were a proven fact - but in some of these cycles there is no evidence of a cataclysm.

AH That's not true for the one we all know and love the dinosaurs e.g. 'Worlds in Collision', Immanuel Velikovsky, also polar ice core evidence, seabed cores on diatomic plankton distribution. The lack of missing links in the Darwinian archaeological record is more than likely due as Wilcox suggests to the spontaneous emergence from chaos biology of brand new species e.g. Dr Brian Goodwin on Acetabularia.

DW The DNA simply upgrades and evolves, and new creatures spontaneously emerge, followed by long periods with hardly any change whatsoever. And then, when you fast-forward another 26 or 62 million years forward, you get another major upgrade of all life on Earth... all in these even cycles of time.

AH I agree that that is possible e.g Teslas Theory of Environmental Energy,  and also that subtle aetheric changes in the subatomic regions of the cosmos our galaxy is in could well change us totally at any time.

I Like this stuff about DNA - I just wish he didn't try to justify it with bad data and insubstantial ideas. I'm sure though that he is a great motivational speaker along the lines of Anthony Robbins. He could work in Cosmological data that is full of harmonic patterns e.g. Rae Tomes, 1992, Harmonic Theory, and the periodic table as a galaxy of atoms, the Loom of Maya double helice from thirteen intervals.[Jose Arguellis] He could use Dr Stuart Kaufman's DNA and chaos model 'autocatalytic self-organising polymers', or Dr Brian Goodwin's work on the spontaneous emergence and demergence of the eye in Acetabularia.

Next he builds upon the pioneering work of biologist Rupert Sheldrake and his morphogenetic fields theory from the early 1990's.

DW I  propose, based on the evidence, that these are not random happenings. The Science of Peace presents scientific evidence that DNA is a resonant antenna for the consciousness field, and when the consciousness field increases in frequency, the antenna itself changes. This naturally occurs as we move into a more organized level of 'intelligent energy' in the Galaxy, and there is reason to believe it is happening again, surrounding the year 2012.

I also cite more than one piece of laboratory evidence, with living creatures, showing that we can PROVE that you can completely metamorphosize a developing embryo from one species to another... by an energetic process that uses nothing but coherent light. This means that we have scientific proof that DNA can, in fact, be energetically re-arranged, and is not a static, fixed structure.

AH He would have to empirically reproduce and model Coherent Light in action to call it a science he discovered - other wise he only has a black box process of faith. Rupert Sheldrake the pioneer and discoverer of Morphogenetic Resonance dedicated his life to these same ideas.. If there is something going on it will be operating by rules of sympathetic resonance that can enable its reconstruction and laboratory re-application. Indeed it sounds like an organism driven by Coherent Lightform or delineated by Morphogenetic Resonance of the 1990's Rupert Sheldrake are one and the same thing.


I listened to part 1 of the Dr Bill Deagle interview by project Camelot and noted that Dr Bill is in the pay of strategic and tactical modelling organisations that use massive super computing using chaos and complexity processes in a sophisticated virtual earth model.

 I note that at 31 minutes he was advising us to judge by the `laws of physics' - the reason why there is no working and complete relativity on planet earth is because we do not use aether and chaos theory which are not parts of the laws of physics in use or for use by humans.

 I note the nice explanation of the derivation of the word Hu-Man from Welsh that explains that HU means serpent and MAN means clay and that the Human hybrid of the iron of serpents and clay of the animal only  becomes Royal when it has been hosted and attached by parasitical reptilian interdimensional entities. Human in his book therefore means `hosted one'.

However he says that Reptilian shapeshifts cannot happen and manifest  in our earthly world because its against the laws of physics - in the process talking BS - because Free Energy and free energy PK manipulation and mind over matter manipulations using controlled surges of free energy have to be entirely possible by the Real laws of physics - not the Human Ones that are part of the historic charade on Earth that he speaks of.

He too like Bob Dean compares humans relatively speaking to chimpanzees or `dogs' even though we are sentient beings.

 This also disguises the truth the humans are transdimensional creative birds that are deliberately being made to forget how to fly so that they can be harvested and farmed and hosted. That was sneaky of Dr Bill.

 At 43:52 our patient hosts at project Camelot again try to get the evasive dr bill to spill the beans on why he was told to call ... though it seemed obvious to me why he had been told to call - even if he never actually truthfully answered.

Dr Bill had explained earlier that the NWO was run on a vast social simulation and that everything was running to a schedule and timeline.

He was told to call by his employers therefore to spin semantic distortion and overload - to apply the brakes and cause semantic dissonance, to slow down the evolution of intellectual alternatives to the establishment spin.

He was in that interview probably releasing a semantic chaos cluster bomb.

Dr Bill imo has been used by his employers to semantically subvert the  new intellectual movement that recognises the charade of human social engineering and the enormous capacities of the reptilian and grey farmers. Probably because the evolving consciousness and state of awareness of humanity is progressing faster than the model can keep up with.

 His Kray5 SuperComputer can clock this post the way it allegedly does for every body on this planet at all times with his 2003 AI superbrain - presumably aided by the matrix droids we can all see from outside some backyards.

 The problem for his alien project operators is though that because of chaos theory Dr Bill [although concealing some reality] is also actually driving the emergence of recognition of the anti-NWO process for his input is neutral self-cancelling chaos and imo he has neither increased or diminished social blindness at a conscious level as a result.

The new confusion he adds is actually a good thing as it makes sensible people discount better forms of counter intelligence from other anti-rational Doctor types.

No-one has ever recognised the stuff that's going on anyway [ontology] such that there has been a movement against the alien manufactured social charade yet despite that more people than ever can see the truths emerging because imo they see not with their confused and confusable mind – but with their spiritual heart.

The increase in heart centered recognition is driving the new renaissance of mankind on Earth no matter how many clever people try to muddy the waters of our minds.

 I did not listen to the other parts of that interview .. as he did not supply the general systems theory in the first part but supplied instead establishment rhetoric on human scientific laws.

The other parts imo have to be the payload of a disinfo project supplied at the urging of and briefing from his social modelling and super computation project - who require precise timing in their social process models.



 For Boylan to argue that victims of a psychological trauma created by an alienating and dehumanising, non-human ideology do not have any case against real aliens because in his opinion all aliens in the universe are good is a non-sequitur, a nonsense.

 Aliens exist and there is evidence to prove that.

 It is not rationally, or academically or logically true that it can be asserted that all aliens are good in terms of the peer review process that would have assessed their knowledge of Logic 1 before awarding their Doctorates.

It is a logical and rational certainty that Boylan and Greer have never met all the aliens in the universe, nor indeed have all of the aliens he could claim to have met.

It is therefore an obvious untruth that all aliens in the universe are good because Boylan and Greer cannot themselves realise or verify that allegation which goes contrary to our human and historic experience.

Also it is scientifically evident to mankind that the universe is chaotic and as such will suffer in places from deficiencies so on employing the as above so below analogy, our dualistic universe has to have some bits of badness.

We know on Earth that wars have been conducted over the acquisition of vital resources. 

He has presented an obvious lie in plain view.

Boylan infers that victims reporting alien trauma are demonising a universe of absolutely good aliens. How does he know that ?

How can he specifically have the legal facts and data to contradict the testimony of a and every trauma victim ?

If Boylan says that all alien trauma issues are issues of the mind, equally how can he know that all his own issues of all aliens being good are not merely projections in his own mind that emerge from his own experience or aspects of alien control.

In truth it is ultimately rational to assert that all alien or day to day issues whether good or bad are issues of the mind, therefore Boylan defaults the validity of his own claims to universal alien goodness by this same argument. I.e. he cannot legally prove it.

 There is evidence in physical human damage of alien assault though.

The real claim that can be asserted is that some parts of the human population have been, illegally and traumatically abducted and in many cases there is physical evidence for those acts of abuse.

Some of the abductees though are happy with their lot.

Some are not.

Those people who are being abducted, especially corroborated abductions, who do not want to be, have a legal right to object in any legitimate way that they see fit.

If they have been objecting and abductions have continued then there is a case that not all aliens are good, and to some abductees the truth of bad aliens is a corroborated certainty.

 Boylan uses his academic credentials as a political lever against people claiming alien abuse and he labels these experiencers with pseudo-psychiatric labels such as syndromes etc

His own claims to omnipotence of thought in his mind wars and global sovereignty and rulership ideologies though enable us to see and forgive the frail human being who is really a traumatised abductee himself.

Individuals terrorised and traumatised by aliens can forgive and understand him in this light.

He is alas a victim of ideological abduction from his professional world and calling by the alienating chaos of the internet.

look up also dr david jacobs and bud Hopkins, look up paul Schroeder - their lives are full of documented reports of hostile aliens.

I know of many others like streibers log cabin encounters, alex colliers aliens making off with souls in jars in their ships, garry woods and colin campbell a70 abduction Scotland.

I also am in correspondence with three different ladies all with the same complaint about being molested by hostile aliens.

 As far as his qualified credentials to reason are concerned - the trust me I'm a doctor stuff - It is precisely because a person who was a professor emeritus and phD is deliberately committing the Logical, scientific and academic fallacy like saying black is white that he deserves to be greatly criticised. You Cannot Say academically, that ALL of ANYTHING is GOOD -  how dare this man deny the experience and testimony of the people I have cited above.

He's obviously being paid or mind controlled to LIE and go totally against his ACADEMIC TRAINING.

No Professional academic would or could say that ALL of anything is Good especially in the context of personally verifying everything in the known and unknown universe.

Neither he nor the sum total of knowledge of all the aliens he claims to meet can possibly say that they have met all the aliens in the universe.


If we can catch someone out telling us a no no ... then maybe if he or she is not truth referential or is extremely confused about that they are maybe lying about other things.

 Therefore I present you with Dan Burisch's GANESH PARTICLE ... a tiny rock solid small absolutely static sub-atomic billiard ball.

Alleged truth handed down to us by our loving ET brothers etc etc.

 What do we know about the universe though ... is it prone to fundamental unchanging regularity and linearity or is it in truth ABSOLUTE CHAOS.

A Fluid of infinitesmally varied and small bits of turbulence emerging as standing waves as unique as our own fingerprints in an endlessly downscaling fractal chaos ...

Just check out chaos theory research at  or the fractal research of dr Sprott at MIT

 Without chaos theory there can be no law of emergence and no free energy – and a fixed locked atomic particle locks us into our combustion and fission cul de sac without free energy fusion.

 In a chaos universe every thing is as unique as a fingerprint, everything different - like the individuality of every apple in the barrel.

 Dan Burisch's material sub-atomic ganesh particle though is in my opinion a semantic trick - a psychological wish first described by Plato as a platonic form.

 The impossible ganesh particle is a platonic form ...

A Form is aspatial (outside the world) and atemporal (outside time).

Atemporal means that it does not exist within any time period.

 These Forms are the essences of various objects: they are that without which a thing would not be the kind of thing it is. For example, there are countless tables in the world but the Form of tableness is at the core; it is the essence of all of them.[10] Plato held that the world of Forms is separate from our own world (the world of substances) and also is the true basis of reality. Removed from matter, Forms are the most pure of all things. Furthermore, Plato believed that true knowledge/intelligence is the ability to grasp the world of Forms with one's mind.[11]

 A Form is aspatial (outside the world) and atemporal (outside time).

Atemporal means that it does not exist within any time period. It did not start, there is no duration in time, and it will not end. It is neither eternal in the sense of existing forever or mortal, of limited duration. It exists outside time altogether.[12] Forms are aspatial in that they have no spatial dimensions, and thus no orientation in space, nor do they even (like the point) have a location.[13] They are non-physical, but they are not in the mind. Forms are extra-mental.[14]

 so then .... if ETs have been lying to Dan ... what else might they have been misleading us on ... for make no mistake to fix and freeze and make absolute a subatomic particle totally EXCLUDES chaos theory and the law of emergence that gives us free energy ... the red spot on Jupiter is an example of something emerging out of chaos .. out of the ether against the run of entropy emerges energy for nothing ...

Dan by freezing the emergent properties of ether denies us FREE ENERGY ...

 So if he's totally wrong about the ganesh particle - then what else is he wrong about ??

 The soul, however, has no dependence on matter.


Project Camelot interview after his last ever interview.

Firstly I was very appreciative of the small candy bars about Noahs ark, and the moon and the Apollo program and the stuff on mars and the great bit of info on lake Vostok in Antartica with the big alien base/ship.. and I also appreciated the goodness and greatness of Bob in admitting that the social order and our history is a totally engineered charade.

 But He Never Said WHY ....

 Why would advanced interstellar beings capable of massive metallic and hitek works that operate this world create a despair filled and diseased ridden pig sty out of mud and straw that has been artificially retarded and stunted for thousands of years to hold human beings that are endlessly frustrated and distressed and diseased ?

 He just said that we were being nurtured and that we couldn't grow as a race until we proved we could self determine .. I mean that's totally not right - this place is mindscape central for humans with overflying droids and repto starships and has been here for a long time.

We have zero chance of self-determining given that our Annunaki governors of this charade totally suppress things like real particle physics and free energy technology.

Bob didn't mention the matrix farming strategies of despair and life force vampirism and soul recycling and enslavement and hosting reptolarvae - NONE of the major stuff that planet Earth really is about got a mention. [e.g. James Bartley]

 It IS a step forward though when he officially concedes to the nature of the social charade with the Annunaki pulling all the strings.

 There was no real explanation forthcoming for how bigtime conquerors like the  Annunaki could not move onto martian real estate. 'they drop off on mars on their way here' doesn't do it for me ...

Bob remembers being many lives and peoples and places in his remote viewing mode - and he talks as though he has been the multicosmic and multidimensional being that all human 'chimpanzees' could suddenly be outwith the hitek slave pens and retardant soul farming technology.

 Planet X Nibiru so many dates and guesses - and nothing real - but he talks like what is being allowed to go down by the Annunaki would be necessary suffering and growing pains - I TOTALLY DISAGREE