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[You can see how medical commands get embedded into the psyche using repetition of  Vaccine Buzz phrases.  When they feel a breakdown of the mind control they wheel out Authority.  Hypnotism is the main tool of mind control.]

False memories
Electronic hypnotic programming
The more intelligent, the more chance of being hypnotised

"Almost all people of all eras are hypnotics. Their beliefs are induced beliefs. The proper authorities saw to it that the proper belief should be induced, and people believed properly."--Charles Fort

“I can hypnotize a man — without his knowledge or consent — into committing treason against the United States,” boasted Dr. George Estabrooks in the early 1940s. Book 1994: Operation Mind Control by Walter H. Bowart

"When your mind is focused on only one thing, without other distractions,  that one thing makes a strong imprint. The deeper you go, the more you have isolated a particular center of the brain from competing inputs. Hypnotic obedience results from sidelining the brain's conscious monitors and isolating the active network of neurons from competing networks. The hypnotic subject obeys the hypnotist's suggestion because a competing explanation or directive is not accessible.-----Secret, Don't Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism by Carla Emery p.207

False memories  [See: False memories]
A microwave beam of this nature will paralyse the victim, so they can be bundled into a black helicopter and airlifted away for experimentation.  Once the procedure is complete, hypnosis can be used to plant false memories of alien abduction. In this way, real alien abductions can be used by the authorities to enable them to obtain a limitless supply of guinea pigs for their mind control experiments.
    Real memories of government involvement are erased electronically. This technique clears all short-term memories from the victim's consciousness by broadcasting microwave beams at the target which carry the signals used for memory retention. When you remember something, it is first stored in your short-term memory. After approximately twelve hours, this short-term memory is converted in the brain to long-term memory, after which you remember this information for the rest of your life. If this conversion from short-term memory to long-term memory does not occur, the data is lost. We all see details around us, but try to recall the decor in a restaurant you ate at some weeks ago and you will see how tenuous memory is. Microwave radiation of a specific frequency can interfere with the transfer of memories from short to long-term memory. Microwave radiation of a specific frequency can interfere with the synapses of the brain. By interfering with the connections between brain cells, memory of people can be disrupted. In this way, Seal special forces assassins can be brain wiped after a mission, so they have no idea of the target they killed. Using hypnosis, false memories can then be planted in the brain, so the gap left by the real memory is papered over. MICROWAVE MIND CONTROL by Tim Rifat

First, these countless articles prove that the controlled psychiatric research community is working hard at developing techniques to implant false memories. This is indeed a big part of the mind-control, producing cover memories and false identities and false histories for alters. Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula 9:  THE SCIENCE OF MIND MANIPULATION BY PSYCHOLOGICAL PROGRAMMING METHODS: BEHAVIOR  MODIFICATION, PSYCHOLOGICAL MOTIVATION & NLP

The Rand report itself suggested that this trick of hypnotic suggestion might be used on a defendant awaiting trial. The defendant could be “prepared” in a series of hypnotic sessions to accept guilt about a criminal act he did not commit, and then, if placed in a hypnotic trance while in the courtroom, the prosecutor’s interrogation would elicit a false confession. Fearing the Communists’ use of hypnosis, the Rand report warned that hypnosis, once accomplished, is hard to detect. Contrary to reports in the nineteenth century, “a hypnotized subject is not blindly obedient, nor does he act like an automaton when in trance. Hypnotic suggestions are acted out and elaborated in a way that is consonant with the individual’s habitual social behavior and his basic personality traits.” The report stated that while often “the hypnotized subject seems literal and humorless ... he appears entirely unselfconscious, and very often he acts abstracted, inattentive, almost as if he were insulated against his surroundings,” this is not always the case. A number of experienced hypnotists had been able to train their subjects to perform “in such a way that observers could not tell that the subject was in a trance or that he was acting under hypnotic suggestions.” Book 1994: CHAPTER 4. Operation Mind Control by Walter H. Bowart

Rapport/transference  [See: Rapport/Transference]
Freud c
alled rapport transference. He believed it was a revival of the original parent-child relationship. Psychoanalytically-trained hypnosis researchers believed trance obedience was rooted in an unconscious longing for, or regression to, a childhood behavior (or instinctual early programming) of total dependence on, and uncritical love of, the parent figures. Little children can believe anything. ---Secret, Don't Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism by Carla Emery p.208

Rationalization [See: Rationalization]
Rationalization (making up a fake reason) is a major defense mechanism. When we do things for reasons of which we are not consciously aware, we rationalize. The obedient enactment of posthypnotic suggestion likewise gets excused by fake explanations provided by the unconscious to the conscious. A subject who does not remember being given a posthypnotic suggestion will always invent an imaginary reason for obeying.  His rationalization will be as plausible as possible. He will consciously believe it even though it is a lie he has told himself. Posthypnotic suggestions can be beneficial or harmful. If asked later why he did this particular thing, he will ..."rationalize his conduct by some kind of semi-reasonable explanation...To anyone acquainted with the real motive, namely, the post­hypnotic suggestion, these pseudo-motives are very interesting because they are so similar to the pseudo-motives often given by people to justify actions, the real reasons for which are unconscious to themselves or, if conscious, dishonorable." (Estabrooks, Scientific American, p. 216). If a hypnotic subject is not consciously aware of an implanted posthypnotic suggestion because of suggested amnesia, then he does not know the real reason he did the posthypnotic act. In that situation, he will make up some excuse for what he did, as plausible as possible. He will honestly believe the rationalization. He has lied to himself, and perhaps also to others, and believed his lie. After obeying an amnestic posthypnotic suggestion, people do not say, "I don't know why I did that" (which is their conscious mind's truth). They do not say, "The hypnotist made me do it" (which is their uncon­sciously known truth). In­stead, if you ask, "Why did you do that? " they will make up an excuse which is as believable as possible--and they will honestly believe whatever they said!   A prominent experimental hypnotist gave a young woman a posthypnotic suggestion to take off one shoe after she awakened from his hypnosis demonstration. She was to set it on the table before her. He then suggested amnesia and awakened her: ...she fidgeted for a few moments, then slipped off one of her shoes with the other foot, reached down, lifted it, and placed it on the table in front of her. Then she reached over and took the flowers from a vase on the table and placed them in her shoe. (LeCron, The Complete Guide to Hypnosis, p. 18) When the hypnotist asked why she had put flowers in her shoe, the subject rationalized: "I have a vase at home that looks something like a shoe. I wondered what kind of flower arrangement I could use with it." ---Secret, Don't Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism by Carla Emery p.221

The rationalization and denial ploy can be blatant or veiled. Blatant rationalization is easier to spot. For example, in a recently published pediatric legal paper, a Canadian neurologist candidly writes, "In this article [on vaccine-induced brain injury], I will...offer some suggestions for pediatricians to rationalize this emotional controversy." He also plainly states, "A vigorous effort is required to dispel the myth of DTP-induced brain damage." He makes his recommendation in spite of the horrendous amount of literature in the medical journals indicating a causal relationship between this vaccine and severe mental impairment. The veiled Rationalization and Denial ploy is harder to detect. At first it appears logical and sound. But it merely represents a more intricate attempt at suppressing and confounding the truth. For example, according to some researchers, the DPT vaccine does not cause seizures; instead, "fever from the DTP vaccine may trigger one of these seizures."(132) Or, according to an experienced vaccine policymaker, Ed Mortimer, M.D., "These kids already had underlying problems and DTP was the first fever-producing insult that occurred to the child."(133) Again, it wasn't the vaccine that caused the brain damage; it was the fever from the vaccine. Immunization Ploys-Are Parents Being Manipulated?by Neil Z. Miller

EMR techniques
In the mid-1970s, American interest in combining EMR techniques with hypnosis was very prominent. Plans were on file to develop these techniques through experiments on human volunteers. The spoken word of the hypnotist could be conveyed by modulated electromagnetic energy directly into the subconscious parts of the human brain without employing any technical devices for receiving or transacting the messages and without the person exposed to such influence having a chance to control the information input consciously. Mind Control By Harry V. Martin and David Caul

The more intelligent, the more chance of being hypnotised
A highly important piece of the puzzle was answered for me when I read a brilliant new book “Secret, Don’t Tell: The Encyclopaedia of Hypnotism” by Carla Emery. The author maintains that for 10% of the population, the ONLY method needed for total mind control is hypnotism. No physical abuse is necessary.....Carla Emery gives many examples, including some from court proceedings, which show that hypnotism CAN make people do incredibly immoral and unethical things, including prostituting themselves, robbing banks, giving away all their money to the hypnotist, and even murder!!! This is done by secretly putting a person into a trance, and then making them forget that they were ever hypnotized. After that, it is easier for the hypnotist to put them into a trance a second time, and each time they are put under they become more and more susceptible to the commands from the hypnotist.  Perhaps the most amazing fact I learned from this book is that the more intelligent you are, the HIGHER is the likelihood that you can be hypnotized!!!! THE MARS RECORDS BOOK 2

Television   [See: Television]
The all pervasive television, which has been so common place in the lives of Americans, is used a great deal to manipulate trauma-based mind-controlled slaves. Tests by researcher Herbert Krugman have shown that TV watchers used their right brain twice as much as their left brain and released Beta-endorphin into their brains. In other words, TV watching trains the mind to go into an altered state. If a blank black frame is interjected every 32 frames on a show, a 45 beat/minute pulsation is created that puts a person into a hypnotic trance. In Vol. 2, it was brought out how the Lawnmower Man movie, displayed the symbols used to program many of the slaves. The movie was advertised with the slogan "God made him simple...Science made him a god." This is a slogan fitting for an Illuminati member who has been programmed to think he is a god, and yet he must serve his superiors.12: SCIENCE No. 12-EXTERNAL CONTROLS Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula

Every hour that you spend watching the TV set you become more conditioned. The Battle for Your Mind: Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public By Dick Sutphen

"It's done differently in El Salvador. There they send in the death squads. Here what they do is try to hook you on sitcoms. It's true that both are techniques of control, but they are rather different techniques." Prof Noam Chomsky



Are we exaggerating? Fritz went into one fast food restaurant and the cups and placemats had a wizard throwing occult energy balls with occult symbols, the next fast food place had place mats showing the King Arthur story which is an extremely important myth for the Illuminati (the quest for the Grail!), the next fast food place had place mats giving children instructions on how to hypnotize your parents, the next one had a Wizard of Oz theme, and the next one was selling occult movies. Fritz kept these place mats to use in his talks!  The Illuminati Formula 12. External Controls

Handlers of slaves use both natural and contrived cues to convey to the slave that they want obedience.  A natural non-verbal threat cue would be brusque movements, and an innuendo in their voice. A contrived cue would be placing both hands behind the head, which is a code for "I AM YOUR MASTER, OBEY ME." Another cue for slaves to obey is when the master makes a fist with his right hand and touches his forehead. This means, "OBEY." Even children, who were multiples, who were being taught to control their mother who wanted to leave the cult, have been observed using the fist to the forehead to try to get obedience from their mother. Staring is one method that the Programmers use. Charles Manson, who was both a slave and a handler, is an example of how a penetrating hypnotic stare is used by the Programmers. The Illuminati Formula 12. External Controls

One of the people who was a drummer with the Tommy Dorsey Band for a while was William Joseph Bryan, Jr. (aka William Joseph Bryon, and William Jenning Bryan III, etc.) William Joseph Bryan, Jr. was a CIA Mind-control programmer. He programmed people when he was with the Air Force as Chief of Medical Survival Training, which was a covert brainwashing section (If the Air Force. Bryan opened up his own hypnotherapy Institute on Sunset Strip in Hollywood where he programmed some people in acting for the Illuminati. Bryan was the person who programmed Sirhan Sirhan to kill Robert Kennedy. Bloodlines of the Illuminati Van Duyn

The repeating sound pattern induces the hypnotic state of mind that is similar to day dreaming, thus clearing the mind of all thought so that the message can be implanted in the unconscious without resistance. " It is important to note that the lyrics of many rock songs are not clearly distinguishable consciously. When you do not hear the message clearly, you cannot make the conscious choice to accept or reject it. When you cannot make that choice or when that choice is taken away from you, the message is programmed directly to the subconscious, thus circumventing analysis and choice in accepting the content of the message. The Illuminati Formula: Chapter 8 The Science of Body Manipulation and Programming

Sixties rock superstar Jimi Hendrix said: ‘You can hypnotize people with music, and when you get them at their weakest point, you can preach into their subconscious whatever you want to say.’"The Illuminati Formula: Chapter 8 The Science of Body Manipulation and Programming

In other words, the mind can rewrite genetics. This was the secret that helped get the Monarch program off to its scientific foundation. Now the actual mechanics of this have been observed by researchers.  One of the leaders in understanding the mind-body relationship was Franz Alexander. Black was one of the researchers into how hypnosis can be used to regulate the body and the body’s functions such as the immune system. Ken Bowers also worked in this area. Dr. S.M. Lambert of the Rockefeller Foundation studied how voodoo could cause death by creating certain thoughts in the mind. Most of the research in this area was monitored, if not sponsored by the Intelligence agencies under the auspices of the Illuminati.  The Illuminati Formula: Chapter 8 The Science of Body Manipulation and Programming

The slave handler will also carry a black or grey spiral book with all their own slave’s access codes, triggers, cryptic keys and programs. All this will fit into a brief case.  A working knowledge of hypnosis is helpful to understand how to deal with the slave in certain instances. Because the slave is under the most powerful combinations of mind control and is so divided against his or her own self, it is almost impossible to have many problems with the slave if the handler does what he is supposed to do. However, some handlers get drunk or loan the slave to inexperienced people, etc. and problems do develop.  Of course the slaves always end up taking the blame for everything that goes wrong. The Illuminati Formula 6. The Use of Electricity & Electronics

When a slave is taken to an impromptu programming site--a hypnotic drug is injected into them for a quick induction while a metal band is put around their head and a current of 100,000 volts will be run through for say 5 seconds into their heads. This will cause the body to shake, the eyes to close, sweat to pour out of the body etc. The hands are tied down with restraints. Sometimes the mouth is gagged so that the tongue doesn’t protrude. After imbedding the hypnotic commands deep into the mind..... Programming sites like this can be the back of a van, a back room in a restaurant, or any other place that the equipment can be set up at.     The Illuminati Formula 6. The Use of Electricity & Electronics

Bill Clinton at his inauguration made a satanic signal during the inauguration ceremony. This sign of Satan is a standard hypnotic induction hand signal for slaves. Clinton waves the sign of Satan with his left hand at his inauguration. This is a hypnotic induction signal for slaves. Although some might interpret this as "I love you" which is handed by the right hand of a deaf person, this left handed signal will induct slaves no matter what some people think the meaning is. The Illuminati Formula 5. The Skill of Lying, The Art of Deceit 

The Illuminati programmers are counting on the therapists ignoring demonology. In Bowart's in-most-respects excellent book Operation Mind Control, (Researcher Edition, Ft. Bragg, CA: Flatland, 1994, p. 249.) asks the reader to self-hypnotize himself by several times "looking into your mind's eye". To Bowart, he sees the trance state as merely looking into your mind's eye. He does not attribute any demonic activity to be involved with such things. No wonder, Bowart writes very disparagingly and critically about Christians who are trying to do demonic deliverances to slaves. But then as far as I know Bowart hasn't freed anyone of their mind-control either, he is just a reporter.  The Illuminati Formula 5. The Skill of Lying, The Art of Deceit 

Monarch slaves are threatened with fire, like the Scarecrow. They also see people dismembered like the Scarecrow was dismembered. For them it is not an idle threat. The front alters also have hearts full of pain like Scarecrow.  Certain alters are not given courage and most have their hearts taken from them. The alters who are programmed not to have hearts are hypnotically told the same thing the Tin Man says, "I could be human if I only had a heart." .....Some alters are taught they are stupid and have no brain. The Illuminati Formula 5. The Skill of Lying, The Art of Deceit 

Hypnosis is used to steer a person’s mind in the direction that they have been labeled. For instance, if they have been selected to become a doctor, they will be programmed for success as a doctor. The Illuminati Formula 4. The Use of Hypnosis 

Also the Network has some high-tech equipment which stimulates the orgiastic state ..... Then sophisticated brain wave machines program thoughts into the person. A computer disk is put into the electric shock machine and it runs a program that sends electric jolts down six nodes. The brain’s reticular formation serves as the brain’s mechanism involved in regulating alertness and awareness.  Various kinds of stimuli will enter the brain through its various methods of sensing and learning. With total sensory deprivation (done by placing the victim in a salt water tank with electrodes that shock the body until it stops all movement) the reticular formation will place the mind into a primitive state of consciousness where the programmers can place in post-hypnotic commands to do something on a certain date. The end time programming, that has Monarch slaves doing something at a specific date to create anarchy or to help the Anti-Christ come to power has been put in at this level The Illuminati Formula 4. The Use of Hypnosis 

But they were attempting to do medical research ... and that's one of those hypnotic phrases, "medical research". I could probably put everybody to sleep just by saying "medical research, medical research ..." (laughter) And people would reach into their pockets and come out with money, man ... well hey, cancer and infantile paralysis and m.s. ... whatever you want ... I'll give you money ... medical research, medical research. Politicians know that's the key they turn all the time ... when they can't figure out what to say, they say we need more money for research ... and that means tax money and it means things you don't want to be subjected to most of the time ... The CIA, Mind Control & Children: A Talk by John Rappoport

Where a member of a secret society or order is concerned, that member was already hypnotized during initiation and it is not his will that guards the secret," it is the will of another, the will of the Lodge.
    How many people know that hypnotism is about all there is to initiation ? Hypnotism and fear. The rest is camouflage.
In the event of this statement being doubted, we quote herewith from Freemasonry Universal an article which needs no further comment: 14
" The Stewards prepare the candidate ; the Tyler first, and afterwards in turn the I. G., Deacons and Junior Wardens should inspect the candidate to see that everything is strictly correct.
" The preparation symbolises poverty, blindness (or ignorance) and poverty of spirit, — but it may also signify a purification, i.e., that the riches and pleasures which bind one to the material side of life are discarded and the spirit blinded to their attractions. The baring of the right arm, left breast, left knee and right heel being slipshod, are apparently a reference to the awakening of occult centres in one's being which may only become active when purification of the whole nature has begun.
" The very specific character of the preparation points to real knowledge of the occult physiology of the process of initiation on the part of those who originated the method which has been so faithfully preserved. Certain Forces are sent through the candidate's body during the ceremony, especially at the moment when he is created, received and constituted an Entered Apprentice Freemason. Certain parts of the Lodge have been very heavily charged with magnetic force especially in order that the Candidate may absorb as much as possible of this force.
The first object of this curious method of preparation is to expose to this influence those various parts of the body which are especially used in the ceremony. In ancient Egypt, there was another reason for these preparations, for a weak current of physical electricity was sent through the candidate by means of a rod or sword with which he was touched at certain points. It is partly on this account that at this first initiation the candidate is deprived of all metals since they may very easily interfere with the flow of the currents. "
All kinds of nice inspiring symbolical interpretations of the ritual are generally given for the benefit of people who seem to want them, but it is here evident that the candidate, unknown to himself or herself, has acted throughout the ceremony of initiation under the stress of hypnotism. No longer a free agent, the initiate takes the oath under hypnotic force which, has also been used to instil into him the feeling of fear. Fear guards the secret of initiation, fear born under the power of hypnotism to serve henceforth as the controlling agent of the initiators over the initiated. The Right Worshipful Master must be a genuine occultist, as it is up to him to charge (hypnotise) the candidate, for to give this in the words of Freemasonry Universal : " The R. W. M. gives the light, the pure white light of truth and illumination. "  Occult Theocracy by Lady Queenborough (aka Edith Starr Miller.)