Allopathic (vaccine) beliefs

[Buzz phrases are meant to illicit an automatic response (Name Calling) in the reader, and reinforce the vaccine/medical belief system.  These phrases are vaccine beliefs and are embedded into the subconscious using hypnosis techniques like repetition, rapport, and mind control tools like fear.  Repeat as many times as possible using repetition, so the reader (and speaker) starts to believe they are true--he will after a few thousand repetitions, control history/school books, use Authority from an Experts when needed, eg MMR, with the covertly-controlled Media spotlight and approval.  You will notice that any article critical of a vaccine will have one of these phrases in it.]

See: Rationalization

Main Allopathic hypnotic commands:  'Benefits Outweigh the Risks' (ref)|  'Vaccination is safe and effective' | 'Vaccination has saved millions of lives' |  'Vaccination eliminated smallpox' |  'Vaccine-preventable' | 'Alternative medicine is quackery' |  'Anti-vaccinists are cranks' | 'Alternative doctors are quacks' | Vaccines are adequately tested  | One plane ride away'  |

Vaccine  article full of buzz phrases:

' vaccines have eliminated smallpox'
Not true, but always mention SMALLPOX! & POLIO!.  Two great myths repeated as often as possible

"inaccurate information now spreading through the Internet"
Message:  Don't look on the internet!

"benefits of vaccination"
Classic.  Repeat often. Great unproven assumption.

Classic, used as much as possible.  What does VPD stand for?

'children with such an infection can become mentally retarded or die.'

"Rare side effects"
Oh really?  It helps if you deny all of the vaccine autism.

'This complication, however, occurs more often in people who experienced chicken pox than in those who were immunized.'
Belief enforcement message--it is better if you are vaccinated.

'Despite their concerns, 87 percent of the parents agreed that vaccinations are important to keeping their children healthy
The propaganda works then.  Must be all those vaccine leaflets and papers they read.