[I AM is the name or mantra for the crown chakra/spiritual higher self (ref).  One of the basic techniques for getting what you want through the Law of Attraction  is to repeat affirmations using I AM.  Simple, which is the best thing about it, and to the point, which avoids all of the longer worded affirmations.  It is also used to change your state of consciousness, where you move yourself into higher levels, using, for example: " I am not my body." (ref: Lilly).  As Ponder says, if you think it doesn't work, try doing negative affirmations (see her book the Dynamic Laws of Healing).
    When Jesus said 'I am the Way', he was channelling I AM, his higher self.  The one true Path, the Way, is to seek to contact your higher self.  Gurus tend to make you believe the Way is through them (sometime in the future), as opposed to teachers who just show you the Way, e.g. through meditation, like Buddhism.
     Satanists always take over sacred symbols (see below), as the Church did by putting their Churches on Sacred Pagan sites.  The only 'way' Eminem knows is the way to hell!  Similar to Crucifixion.]

"This is the indwelling or overshadowing divinity in each of us, the basic spiritual self which we can all draw upon, Eheiehn. means literally I AM, and this centre represents the I AM consciousness within."--Israel Regardie

"I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy."  [Source: Charles Haanel.]

"I am highly pleasing to myself in the presence of other people."    ["When I was working as a consciousness consultant counselling individuals, I sold this affirmation for $50 per person and when the people who bought it wrote the affirmation on paper 20 times a day for one month, they got their money's worth."---Leonard Orr, Rebirthing in the New Age p.186.)]

Artists Calling Themselves 'I AM' (An Alias for Jesus) http://letsrollforums.com/satanic-music-industry-t17769p11.html


Black Eyed Peas