John McCain: Is He Still a Manchurian Candidate?  


 (Sep 2, 2008) I am writing this part as an introduction to an article I wrote in February of 2000.

My husband, Gunther had been a POW in the secret war in Laos. The tortures he underwent were so inhumane that I can't even think about them, let alone write about them. When he came back he was sent to a "debriefing" center at the VA hospital in Denver. This "debriefing" involved going through all the SAME inhumane tortures that the North Korean mind control specialist had put him through. That was the way it was done back then. There are now more humane methods to de-program a Manchurian Candidate... BUT... it takes two full years!!

Gunther did not like John McCain. I go into the reasons for this in the article below which was written in February of 2000. Gunther believed that McCain had NOT gone through the "debriefing" process and he was still a Manchurian Candidate.

One of Gunther's bosses, the 4-star Admiral who had pinned Gunther's 3-star admiral stars on his shoulders at his promotion ceremony in December of 1993, told me McCain HAD been debriefed.

Further... he told me that the personality who cooperated with the North Vietnamese was NOT John McCain, and that this personality had been completely removed.

If you believe McCain is a Manchurian Candidate and won't vote for him because of this, then you should know that many of us suspect that over 25 years ago, Barack Obama was chosen and programmed by the Elite, specifically Zbigniew Brzezinski, the deranged revanchist and Russia-hater who dominated the catastrophic Carter presidency 30 years ago.

The programming techniques have advanced by light years since John McCain and Gunther were programmed. Now all it takes is a few drops of one of their mind control drugs in a glass of wine and voila!!! You have a mind that is wide open to be programmed. Please remember this the next time you are around people you don't know very well!!

Here is a snip from the article below which was written in February of 2000:

One of the Admirals who used to sit around my kitchen table once remarked that John McCain had been reprogrammed by his group in Faction 2. He said he got to know him pretty well during these sessions, and talked about McCain as if they were old friends.

The Admiral knew I didn't like McCain. I couldn't understand why he believed McCain was a good guy. I told him the stories I had heard about McCain being in Laos and supervising the torture of Americans. I also mentioned the Navy woman he raped and how his father, a Navy Admiral, had covered it up.

The Admiral nodded as if saying, "So? What's your point?"

The Admiral later explained that the man who cooperated with the Vietnamese was not John McCain, it was another personality. It was a personality that was totally created by the enemy.

The personality was totally removed during the deprogramming sessions. Not only were the personality and the programming removed, but all memories that were associated with that personality no longer exist.

It was obvious that the Admiral believed John McCain was a valued asset to his team. I could tell that the Admiral was trying to make me understand that if a man is programmed by the enemy, the man should not be held responsible for it and should not be blamed. I could see the Admiral was trying to make me view McCann as a multiple personality who had been cured, a kind of male version of the Three Faces of Eve. No matter what he said, it did not change my opinion. If Gunther didn't like McCain, I didn't like McCain..

For years now, I have been struggling with two conflicting stories about John McCain.

From former POW's, the wives and families of MIA's, and from POW groups around the country, I have heard stories about McCain's brainwashing at the hands of the Vietnamese. I was told he not only gave secrets to the enemy, but supervised the torture and interrogation of American POW's in Laos.

On the other hand, I have also been told that McCain was fully deprogrammed when he returned from Viet Nam. The people who deprogrammed him were members of an intelligence unit that is aligned with Faction 2, the faction that opposes the New World Order. I was told that John McCain has been part of this group since he returned from Viet Nam.

Most of you know that I was married to Navy Captain Gunther Russbacher, a Naval Officer attached to the CIA. What most people don't know is he was a POW in Nixon's undeclared war in Laos.

Gunther was held for 18 months. The types of tortures that were used on him are so unbelievably brutal and inhuman that words can't even come close to describing them.

Anyone who met him knew immediately that something terrible had happened to him. He had no fingernails. They had been pulled out so many times that the nail beds were damaged and they never grew back.

When Gunther was a "POW" in George Bush's political prisoner gulags, he was forced to clean the kitchen using boiling water and lye soap. The soft skin on his fingers, where fingernails should have been, became infected. They swelled with pus, broke open and bled all over the dining room tables he was cleaning.

He had been infected with hepatitis C while he was in SE Asia, but the prison staff did not consider him a threat to the other inmates, even though his infected blood was on the dining room tables. A fellow inmate took color photos of his swollen and bloody fingers. The photos graphically showed his lack of nails, and what the lye soap and boiling water had done to him. These photos were sent to the head of the prison system. Gunther was immediately removed from this assignment.

Pulling his fingernails out with plyers and sticking bamboo in the nail beds was the most humane of the tortures his Vietnamese, North Korean and Chinese torturers used on him.

After studying the methods of mind control, i.e., "brainwashing" that was used on the POW'S of the Viet Nam war, I realize that the HORROR of what these men went through was done to split their mind into many different personalities. These personalities could be programmed and then buried deep within childhood memories. A small part of this is explained by Gunther in the article he wrote called, "Operation Open Eyes".

After Gunther escaped and was rescued by a team of operatives which had been put together by his family, he was taken to the VA hospital in Denver. This would have been 1972. He said that the United States government refused to put a POW back into circulation until he had been deprogrammed.

When he first told me this, I assumed that deprogramming meant the same as "debriefing". After he had been released, and we were in Austria, he told me what it really meant.

The American programmers who deprogrammed Gunther, repeated the same tortures that his Vietnamese captors used on him. He said they did this to find the various personalities that were hidden in his early childhood years. He said that once they felt they had discovered all of these programs, he was reprogrammed as a covert operative.

Gunther never liked John McCain. I never fully understood the reasons he didn't like McCain. I know that McCain had been involved in the Saving and Loan mess through his involvement with Lincoln Savings and Loan., But I also know that the Savings and Loan scandal was created by former OSS operative William Casey, (later CIA director), as a plan to bankrupt the Federal Reserve by the year 2000, and put the control of the Treasury back in the hands of the United States Congress rather than foreign bankers.

I also know that Charles Keating, the head of Lincoln Savings and Loan, was part of a group of covert operatives that worked with Rudolph Guiliani in tracking and eliminating pedophiles.

One mission that was carried out by this group was called Operation Clydesdale. Gunther wrote about a mission in one of the East Bloc countries, to rescue a young boy who had been kidnapped, raped and tortured by pedophiles.

According to Gunther, Charles Keating was targeted by pedophiles within the United States government. The Democratic Senators who were caught up in the scandal could have been protected. Most political crooks are protected. The only time one gets publicly exposed and sent to prison or thrown out of congress is when they cross the "ruling junta". The Lincoln Savings and Loan scandal broke under a Republican administration.

John McCain was the only Republican caught in the snare. Everyone on Capitol Hill knows that McCain could have been protected from exposure. The question that should be asked is, "Why did Republicans allow one of their own to be exposed and tarnished?" I don't have the answer to this question.

Gunther told me that all of the POW's who came back had been subjected to some level of mind control. John McCain was no exception. Our government knew that these men had been programmed by our enemies to act as enemy agents. Our government deprogrammed the ones who could be useful to them in the future. I don't know what was done to the ones who were not deprogrammed.

Gunther was deprogrammed, and then reprogrammed by our government. When he was in prison in Austria during 1995 and 1996, he was deprogrammed by the Austrian government. The deprogramming process takes two full years. He made reference to this in his article, "Operation Open Eyes." After he was released from prison in December 1996, he was kidnapped by a group he called, "the bad guys." The next time I heard from him, he had no memory of ever being married to me.

When a person is of high enough intelligence or has the right lineage, government officials will take the time to deprogram and reprogram.

John McCain was deprogrammed by the United States government and sent back into the world. A man who has been tortured and programmed by the enemy, and then tortured and deprogrammed is bound to have some problems readjusting to normal life.

Gunther told me about the time he killed his sister's dog. He didn't remember killing it, he just remembered that it was yapping at him and he picked it up to get rid of it. He was later told he had put it in the washing machine and washed it. He said he had no memory of doing it, therefore had no idea why he did it.

John McCain has all sorts of stories that swirl around him. There are many stories of sudden and violent bursts of temper and anger. Some of these stories have to be true. There can't be as many of them as I have heard, without there being a hint of truth in them.

If McCain is like Gunther, these violent outbursts could have been triggered by something he didn't remember or understand... like a yapping dog.