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The Hollywood Kabbalah Cult Unmasked

Duplessis, Nicolas  [2011] Satanic Demonic Roots of Hollywood Kabbalah, Modern Religion & King Solomon’s Jews.  Mainstream “Rabbi Berg” Kabbala, basically amounts to nothing other than an arm for the U.N., which indoctrinate people into the New World Order by trying to strip away one’s culture and identity, which is why everyone is forced to wear white, during the Jewish Sabbath Services held on Friday & Saturday at the Beverly Hills Kabbalah Center.  Why must everyone follow a dress code of all white?  Well, the Kabbala Center says that it is to take away, one’s status in life & outside the synagogue, to lift and bring down everyone to the same social level.  That concept could be true, being that I am from rural Louisiana but I would often be in the same religious attendance with the likes of a filthy rich, pop star like Madonna....The one thing that stood out for me about the Kabala Center, when I was a member, was that you never, ever learned anything about the Torah or Judaism but you did learn a lite form of Satanic and Demonic Worship.  What Rabbi Berg is doing with his Kabbala Cult, is indoctrinating his Hollywood A-List Idol Worshippers into a mix of UN luciferin and king Solomon demonic practices.  Most of the celebrities who follow Hollywood Kabbalah ie: Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore are also working with the United Nations, in one form or another.

Fall Out from Madonna’s Satanic NFL Ritual Begins! Rapper M.I.A. & Jennifer Lopez.  Even when I was caught up in the Jewish Kabbalah Cult, with Rabbi Berg, the Jewish Kabbalist would teach Hollywood A-List Actors like Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears and others of influence to tell the world that Satan doesn’t exist.  Well if Satan doesn’t exist then why is Satan even found in Kabbalah? Rabbi Berg taught the gentiles that it was simply a word for “bad energy” in public but behind close doors the Jewish Occult synagogues in Hollywood teach that Lucifer is really the lord of the Earth and instead of Satan meaning “bad energy” it is really “good energy”.  What they do in Hollywood is conceal Lucifer  but they bring Lucifer to the public (200 demons of Satan and the 72 Names of Demons aka God used in Kabbalah) through hidden rituals at NFL Shows, music, films, symbols, ritual dancing and hand signs.  It’s all a trick on humanity.  So, when Madonna talks about energy and is upset with rapper M.I.A. for using the middle finger, it is because Madonna is a sorceress who understands how to use the power of energy to manifest a reality on the Earthly Level and this is what we call Magick.

BP   Wally Olins  The twelve-pointed star associated with Kabbalah/Qabalah mysticism/occultism.



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