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The E-line

The St. Michael Line


The Great Isosceles Triangle and the Calais-Southend Orthoteny (Aimé Michel)

The Twin Circles of the Marlborough Downs and the links to the Great Pyramid of Egypt

History of St Andrew's Church, Clewer http://www.standrewsclewer.org.uk/history.htm

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THE BELINUS LINE - England and Scotland, UK

Glastonbury: LEY LINE MAP http://www.leyhunter.com/archives/tlh10.htm http://www.glastonburytor.org.uk/tor-leymap.html

The London Earthstars Ley

Hexagram http://ellisctaylor.homestead.com/hex.html

The Buckingham Palace Ley Line
Map http://www.ahsoc.fsnet.co.uk/royal-ley/intmap.htm
    St. Mary's Church, Walton-on-Thames

Hampton Court ley: Christ Church (Ottershaw) and coincident track, St. Paul's Church, (Addlestone), Duke's Head crossroads (Addlestone), coincident with Station Road, (Addlestone), St. Mary's (Walton), Hampton Court Palace, skirts Caesar's Camp (Wimbledon Common), Balham Church.

Lyne ley: Fox Hill (Chobham Common), Longcross Church, Holy Trinity Church, (Lyne), St.Mary's (Walton), main cross-roads Thames Ditton, Surbiton Church, New Malden Church, main cross-roads Morden

Egham and Esher ley: Large track multijunction Windsor Great Park, Egham United Church, St. Mary's (Walton), Esher Church, St. George's (Esher) (older church), large road multijunction Epsom, half a mile of coincident road.