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Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit a Scandinavian MILAB-abductee By Eve Lorgen

[2014 Jan] Twin Flames, Liberation and Enlightenment from a Vedic Perspective: Interview with Indian Pranic Healer and “Love Bite Experiencer” Kailasnath    (EL–this reaction is common with some of Dr. Corrado Malangas clients whose souls rejected the alien parasite aspects, and had powerful emotions in regards to the awareness of these parasitic invasions in their being/lives.)

[2014 April] Whistleblower Randy Cramer Tells About Secret Military Operations on Mars By Eve Lorgen

[2011] Interview with Maarit, a Scandinavian MILAB By Eve Lorgen

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Interview with a Female Milab “Abductee” (Lilu Tuatha) By Eve Lorgen, M.A.

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[2002] Unmasking The Disruptors in UFO/Conspiracy Research  (Part 2) By Eve Lorgen

The Mars Records: Interview with Michael and Stephanie Relfe by Eve Lorgen

Extracts & quotes
[Possession ] Basically, the ultimate plan with many people, is for the everyday front alter to be so traumatized and sleep deprived (remember what they did to poor old Ted Rice and what they're doing to PR (27) so continually harassed and tortured - that it eventually just gives up the ghost and checks out permanently. Leaving a spiritual void that can then be filled with whatever programmed alter, or demonic fiend or alien that the perpetrators have in mind. ..How many times have we heard old friends of politicians say, "Man! That guy used to believe in something...but now, it's like he's a different person!” Newsflash...he is! There's a politician in this country right now that is just like that. Interview with a Female Milab “Abductee” (Lilu Tuatha) By Eve Lorgen, M.A.

[School shootings] They do it all the time, sweetie. Something triggers you and you just abreact or hear these horrid voices telling you to kill everyone in sight. You just ignore it and go on with your day but it's very, very real and very intense. I can see how someone who'd perhaps been weakened by booze or drugs could loose it and start obeying the orders--then in the papers--there's another lone gunman or worse. Interview with a Female Milab “Abductee” (Lilu Tuatha) By Eve Lorgen, M.A.

[Reptilians] I recall that one of the more violent, remorseless ones was created when I was shut in a box, which was then filled with live insects. I was under five years of age, I think. I had to check out (split off), so I didn't go mad with terror, and when I 'went downstairs'. A new personality which had been previously prepared, was then programmed into me. I also remember that they can download complete personalities in one session. This is alien technology. Interview with a Female Milab “Abductee” (Lilu Tuatha) By Eve Lorgen, M.A.

[Shapeshifting] I remember the Greys as doctors or technicians. I believe the Reptilians stay camouflaged (cloaked) most of the time. They prefer to appear human because they are naturally fierce looking.  The Mars Records: Interview with Michael and Stephanie Relfe by Eve Lorgen

They place a psychic "hook" into the person and drain their energy. They do it slowly so as not to arouse suspicion. The Mars Records: Interview with Michael and Stephanie Relfe by Eve Lorgen

The dark magicians of the Illuminati use the Key of Solomon as one of their main magikal grimoires.....Focusing on material “gain” or control over others is a mistake; one that cannot be seen or understood by the sleeping unconscious mass, including the dark magicians; in fact, they are in the deepest sleep there is, unaware of the true power and the true connection to source. Instead, they use any means necessary to achieve their sick, twisted goals. These are evil beings who have plans to “reduce” the population; in fact, they are well underway with their plan. Check out their own AGENDA 21 to read all about it. They are telling us.
    Each magikal pentacle from the Key of Solomon represents a particular demon or evil spirit and it also represents a particular part of the human brain. Each pentacle “regulates” a part of the brain. Now…if there was a way, some way, to put a human being into a trance state and insert the coded information within the pentacle through the eye of the human and into the subconscious mind, that particular section of the brain would be triggered, unlocked, and open for programming. So, for all you TV watchers, I ask you…who is doing the deep, deep subconscious programming for your brain?
    The people “in charge” of the mass media and every single bit of the programming are entities that are using you as an energy source and a tool for their devices. The television was designed to put and keep people in a highly suggestible, hypnotic state. The development of the TV and the potential of psychological programming was tested extensively in Nazi Germany for many years before the television even became available in the United States in the early 1950’s. The television is a weapon.
    How can we overcome the programming on TV? Don’t watch it. http://evelorgen.com/wp/tag/tv-mind-control/

Magikal resources that should only be seen with care and spiritual protection cast upon the spiritually mature student. You have been warned.
The Lesser Key of Solomon
The Greater Key of Solomon

When I read Carlos Castenda’s, The Art of Dreaming, The Eagles Gift and The Fire Within, I saw descriptions of shamanic dreaming and entering into the “second attention” which was similar to a type of other reality abduction.  Or more accurately, a shifting into another reality by changing ones “assemblage point”. In some of these descriptions the Nagual sorcerer could change his apprentice’s assemblage point, after which the “reality/dimension” was changed and they both were in “another reality” instantaneously, body included. In other words, it was not just a mental experience or astral “abduction” but in fact a real shift into other realities. When I consider these practices in sorcery, I am beginning to think that the aliens or even humans in secret projects–are doing something like this, except with the aid of advanced technology. In these cases, it would actually  be a true physical abduction but it is not always remembered clearly. The Nagual sorcerer who is adept at changing his own assemblage point repeatedly can recall the entire experience however. It would behoove us to enhance our own awareness and lucidity in order to understand abductions and heightened degrees of perception. Shamanic and lucid dreaming is a good place to start.Interview of Eve Lorgen by Corvo in English

The aliens agenda  is much like what Dr. Corrado Malanga hypothesizes. To live through us, souled humans in order to live indefinitely through parasiting our “bodies/containers”. These types of aliens would be the ones Malanga describes as corporeal and incorporeal entities who lack a soul component to their being. They may have a mind component or a mind and spirit or maybe just a spirit component, but need to link into our soul essence energy field in our bodies to live through us as parasites. Understood in this way we could see that these forms of entities who lack a soul component are temporal beings. I also believe the aliens are aiming to manipulate our genetics which would enhance the parasitism vulnerability while maintaining enough human DNA to capture the soul essence, yet keep it imprisoned within a fully alien parasitized consciousness. This is what I believe transhumanism is really all about.Interview of Eve Lorgen by Corvo in English

[2014 April] Whistleblower Randy Cramer Tells About Secret Military Operations on Mars By Eve Lorgen  So many milabs and abductees seemed to remember experiences or “milab operations” in another body much younger than their normal one, which revealed they were being transferred into cloned or copied bodies. Which is what some abductees like Ted Rice and other milabs have remembered but were never believed. (For example in the Masquerade of Angels book by Dr. Karla Turner and recapitulated in the Love Bite). Or, they were taken out of their human body and inserted into an alien body and then carried out jobs in their alien identity such as the Simon Parkes case in the UK.

[2014 April] Whistleblower Randy Cramer Tells About Secret Military Operations on Mars By Eve Lorgen  My recollection from the EBE manual is a color coded system with four categories which all known species fall under. Green is for friendly species, White is for neutral/observer/non-interactive species. Yellow is for “potentially hazardous/unpredictable/may result in death” species, and Red for “Hostile”. The bulk of the manual is classified as White (neutral), with a handful in Green and dozen or more in the Yellow and 6 or 7 in the Red. The Red categories that I can recall are 1.Draconian reptoid, 2. Zeta I A’s and zeta I B’s (often referred to as Grey’s by civilians, as Whites by insiders) 3. Betelgeuse III’s (Harians) , and 2 others listed as “Non-Corporeal, Amorphous, Shadow Type A and Type B.  Several in the Green category that I can remember would include, but not be limited to (and may have changed) Centauri, Vegans, Tau Cetians, Procynions, and some secretive warrior race called the AK-KA, no idea where they are from, no idea what they look like.  But they were in the list, and it stood out because it was weird.