Mind control in music quotes

“I just always want to do 'me', but 'me' changes every day…I would crumple up and die if I had to wake up and be the same person every day. I don't silence those voices anymore. I just let them speak.”---Minaj, Nicki

Rock 'n roll is basically a reproduction of the orgasmic cycle put to music. In this "orgasmic cycle," you have these groups and ensembles of music that just bounce back and forth. The heart rate speeds up and then synchronizes to the rate of the frequencies of the music. The spinal channel is also excited. All of this occurs through the art of music. If rock 'n roll was just the reproduction of an orgasm, it would be a simple and perhaps innocuous matter. The problem is that when the orgasmic channels open, the person is totally opened up psychically and is prone to suggestion on the deepest most archetypal levels. As mind control meets rock 'n roll, there is a "raw gut thought form" taking hold of the audience. The process begins with a thought form which is reproduced with audio tones or music.
....If you take your stereo and turn it up loud, you can begin to entrain another person. The neural-net is using only so many differentiated pulses with its floating "synch- pulse." When loud music begins to generate many more multiple pulse positions than the neural-net is accustomed to, it creates an overload. The idea in mind control is to jam the neural-net and stop it from its normal functioning. Loud music in itself can do that, but it can also be used, quite deviously, to lay in coded messages. Wacky or fringe people often spout out that they are receiving coded messages through the television or radio. The further study of this phenomena might reveal that some of these wacky claims might have some basis in fact.
    Entrainment by music can also be witnessed in indigenous tribal rituals or even New Age drumming circles. If drumming is loud enough, you will feel it and your body will become entrained. For example, it is a scientific fact that a normal heart beats at about seventy beats a minute. If a drummer beats at eighty beats a minute, what is going to happen? The heart rate is going to rise to eighty beats a minute, too. If you do not believe me, you can try it yourself. If you drop to a nice and slow beat, after a while, it will have a hypnotizing effect and slow your heart rate down. This is the whole idea of using music as a method of mood control. It also shows how sensitive the neural-network is to music.
    In this chapter, I have given an overall view of how sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll combine to make excellent tools for mind control. In the next chapter, I will discuss my involvement with one of the key performers from this period who to this day is still considered a "god" to his legion of fans. [2000] Music of Time by Preston Nichols  

 There are two types of subliminals that were used in this time period. One was the psychic overlay just described. There were also true sonic subliminals. Many people will remember the Beatles' record where "Paul is Dead" was recorded 30 db below the chorus. There are other ways to do this as well. "Paul is dead" could also be recorded backwards in the chorus. Whatever method is used in the sonic route, it can be just as effective as the psychic overlay.
    The music was basically formulated to be hypnotic and grab your attention and entrain the person listening. But, in the psychic overlay technique, I realized we could put in whole messages. Basically, I discovered that what I concentrated on as I ran the mix board and watched the tape going through the machine was just as important as what the sound actually sounded like at the other end. I finally got to a point where I had an interim step between the mix down and the final master. This consisted of me making a dub or a copy and concentrating on the recorder head as the copy was being made. That is where the psychic overlay was particularly successful.
When I explained this psychic overlay technique to Phil Spector, he said he did not believe me and wanted to see proof of it. Consequently, we set up an experiment. As we did the dub, I concentrated on a phone number. When the record was finally released, we got thousands of calls to that number. The message got through to people. The psychic overlay was impressed into the master tape and from there to the vinyl. When the record was played on the radio station or in the home, people got the idea to pick up the phone and dial this particular number. It should be pointed out that there was no phone number mentioned in the music. We were very careful to have a piece of music where there was no phone number in the lyrics or any-where else. A special phone was set aside for the experiment, but he did not keep track of the individual calls......In 1970, I built a studio out at Montauk. There, we were far more concerned about subliminals than audio function........However, the agenda at Montauk was much more bizarre and far-reaching than just adding in subliminals. There were a number of record producers in cahoots with this operation. They would sign up a group they felt might be popular and could sell a lot of records. Upon reporting to their local studio to record, the group was abducted and taken out to Montauk where a broadcast recording was made. After being programmed, they returned home thinking they had made the record at their local studio.    [2000] Music of Time by Preston Nichols  

"HollyWeird Stars are often implanted with complex triggers that set off personality switches. They can be an upstanding member of a community and then murder someone on command with an alter, and then switch back to the primary personality who has no recollection of committing a crime. Most mind control slaves also have numerous alters to keep them in line. For example, if a primary alter starts to discover what is happening and attempt to rebel or breakdown, a suicide alter is triggered which will work to keep the primary alter in line and protect exposure.  Brandy’s implanted MK ULTRA/MONARCH self destruct alter is incredibly drawn out and exposed in darkened black & white in an extremely rare situation in the public domain in one of those “don’t believe your lying eyes” moments. The pictures show the self destruct alter programming, self destruct layer from the primary to the alter, and then alter to the primary personality.  These pictures are worth a thousand words which gives a greater insight of what Whitney Houston was playing out with implanted self destruct alters beginning to engulf her just days before her Grammy Night Ritual Death. I suspect that the self destruct programming began Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at the Beverly Hilton bungalow of Clive Davis when Whitney was alone –no security –bodyguards. [2012 Feb] Whitney Houston, the Devil in the Details & The Satanic Sacrifice of the Symbolic Black Diva

  This article details events in musical history that are central to understanding and treating modern psychopathology, social aggression, political corruption, genetic dysfunction, and cross-cultural degeneration of traditional values risking life on earth.  This history concerns A=440Hz “standard tuning,” and the Rockefeller Foundation’s military commercialization of music. The monopolization of the music industry features this imposed frequency that is “herding” populations into greater aggression, psychosocial agitation, and emotional distress predisposing people to physical illnesses and financial impositions profiting the agents, agencies,  and companies engaged in the monopoly.  Alternatively, the most natural, instinctively attractive, A=444Hz (C5=528Hz) frequency that is most vividly displayed botanically has been suppressed. That is, the “good vibrations” that the plant kingdom obviously broadcasts in its greenish-yellow display, remedial to emotional distress, social aggression, and more, has been musically censored. Thus, a musical revolution is needed to advance world health and peace, and has already begun with musicians retuning their instruments to perform optimally, impact audiences beneficially, and restore integrity to the performing arts and sciences. Music makers are thus urged to communicate and debate these facts, condemn the militarization of music that has been secretly administered, and retune instruments and voices to frequencies most sustaining and healing............http://web.mac.com/len15/MUSICAL_CULT_CONTROL/Leonard_G._Horowitz.html

[Minaj, Nicki ]While growing up, Minaj's home life was often chaotic, with her parents constantly fighting.[50] As a means of escape, she would create characters and live her life through them.[50] In an interview with New York she stated, "To get away from all their fighting, I would imagine being a new person. 'Cookie' was my first identity – that stayed with me for a while. I went on to 'Harajuku Barbie,' then 'Nicki Minaj'. Fantasy was my reality."[50]
    For her debut album, Minaj created another alter-ego named "Roman Zolanski".[51] She stated that in songs like "Bottoms Up" with Trey Songz it is not Minaj rapping, but instead Roman Zolanski, and claims that Roman is her "twin sister". She claims that he was born inside her, out of rage, and becomes him when she is angry. She has also said 'He is a demon inside her'. Roman has been compared to Eminem's alter ego Slim Shady, and on the song "Roman's Revenge" from Pink Friday, Minaj and Eminem collaborate, using these alter egos.[52] On the collaboration, she said "The new album is going to have a lot of Roman on it ... And if you're not familiar with Roman, then you will be familiar with him very soon. He’s the boy that lives inside of me. He's a lunatic and he's gay and he'll be on there a lot." Roman also has a "mother" called "Martha Zolanski",[53] who also appeared on the song Roman's Revenge, with a British accent.[54] Martha appears in the video for "Moment 4 Life" where she appears to be Minaj's magical Godmother. In songs such as "All I Do Is Win (Remix)" it is Minaj rapping.[51] Minaj stated that on her debut album, fans will get to "meet" Nicki, Roman and Onika.[51]
    On November 18, 2010, Minaj assumed a different alter-ego named "Nicki Teresa".[55] Wearing a colorful scarf around her head, she went around as the "healer to her fans" as she visited them at The Garden of Dreams Foundation at Fuse studios in New York City.[55] Minaj made an appearance on Lopez Tonight on December 6, 2010 and presented a different alter-ego for the Spanish-inspired occasion, named "Rosa" (pronounced Rrrrrosa).[56]

Phil Ochs developed a multiple personality. He was a part of a group I called the "Baez Contras" who surrounded Joan Baez. It's known that Joan was used in C.I.A. mind control experimentation at a very early age. She was subjected to trauma-based programming, which is still in use today in the creation of multiple personalities. If you look at the latest record by Joan Baez, she thanks her multiple personalities on the back of the record. Then you have her friend Phil Ochs, who was equally adamant in his opposition to the U.S. government and covert operations — and he developed a multiple personality by the name of John Train. It wasn't until ten years later that the name "John Train" surfaced as a C.I.A. operative working on Wall Street. As a matter of fact, Lyndon LaRouche complained about an agent named John Train who supposedly led him to his present jail sentence. During the 1960s and Seventies, John Train of the C.I.A. had the job of disrupting the Left, which was the sole purpose of Operation Chaos. So how was it that Phil Ochs came to have a multiple personality with the name of an actual C.I.A. agent? We know Phil Ochs was found hung in 1976 and it was his alternate personality that did the hanging that actually assassinated the host personality.
The F.B.I. and C.I.A. came together in Operation Chaos; it was an inter-agency program that drew upon the entire intelligence apparatus of the U.S. government. As I say, it was the largest covert project in American history.  She's admitted in private letters to two organizations for mind control victims that she had been submitted to trauma-based programming as a child. Her father was the head of Operations Research at Cornell University, which is known today as being the home base for all MK-Ultra contracts during the 1950s. [1998] Secret & Suppressed: Alex Constantine by Adam Parfrey

“[Gene] had these multiple personalities.”---John York, another friend and bandmate of Gene Clark

“I mean, fuck, he auditioned for Neil [Young] for fuck’s sake.”---Graham Nash, explaining to author Michael Walker how close Charlie Manson was to the Laurel Canyon scene. Inside The LC:

"At one point, she looked at me and saw a demon, a totally demonic figure. For whatever reason, either because it's true about me or because of her own grasping at something, it was pretty bad." [From: Peter Thompson, Jack Nicholson: The Life and Times of an Actor on the Edge, Birch Lane Press/Carol Publishing Group: Secaucus, New Jersey (1997), pages 76-77]

I'll tell you why Heath Ledger died. Because he had a part in a movie that was used in my mind-control atrocity. He played Billy Bob Thornton's son in "Monster's Ball," co-starring Halle Berry. My ex-wife invited me to attend this movie with her, and if there's one thing I've learned from being a lifelong target of mind control, when someone invites me to see a movie, there is a message in it for me.
    The character played by Heath Ledger was treated badly by his father, played by Billy Bob Thornton. He was always running his son down, telling him he was worthless. So one day, the kid shoots himself to death in front of his father.
     That is what the controllers have been trying to get me to do for years. My father also inflicted a lot of emotional abuse on me as part of the mind-control operation. So the message was, "We want you to do what Heath Ledger did in that movie. His father never loved him, either. It's the only sensible thing to do."
    Another thing about Heath Ledger, he starred in "Brokeback Mountain," the story of the gay cowboys who were in love with each other but couldn't show it in public. It was a terrific movie, and I was honestly touched by Heath Ledger's performance. Since I admired him so much, killing him was another form of ritual abuse against me. [2008] strange deaths http://brussellsprout.blogspot.com/2008/02/strange-deaths.html

The Illuminati and the Mob have controlled Hollywood. Another aspect of this is that a lot of your slaves are actors, eg. Roseanne Barr, who I mentioned earlier; Madonna; Marilyn Monroe; each of these women was a programmed multiple. You have a lot of slaves who are acting for them. One of the benefits of having programmed multiples is the way their minds have been structured. Some of them are very good at memorizing scripts or getting into fictional roles. ---Fritz Springmeier

The figureheads of all the big LC bands--Frank Zappa,...John Phillips,...Jim Morrison,...David Crosby,...Steven Stills, on and on, every one of these guys is a product of the military intelligence establishment...I find it very hard to believe that the only people in the country who had musical talent happened to be sons and daughters of the Military community...Jackson Brown, Amy Lou Harris.. Interview with Dave McGowan about Laurel Canyon

Curt Cobain of the musical group "Nirvana" was another victim of NSA brainwashing and was terminated by NSA. Cobain had started writing clues to the NSA activities into his music to communicate it to his music followers. He referred in music to the NSA as the "Friends inside his head". Once the NSA puts on the highest level of brainwashing pain, the subject expires quickly. Cobain used heroin to numb and otherwise slow the effect of the brainwashing. NSA Mind Control and Psyops by Will Filer

I believe that Brittany Spears, Eminem, and others are being used by them to sing lyrics they like (ever notice that he wears a Neo-Nazi look and sings hate lyrics? This is NOT by chance).   In fact, many of the top pop singers come from an internship with the "Mickey Mouse club" (yep, good old Walt the Illuminist's Empire) and I believe they are offered stardom in exchange for allegiance or mind control. How many lyrics advocate suicide, violence, despair, or New Age spirituality in pop/rock today? Or just get a copy of the words and read (but be aware that many are possibly triggering to survivors of mind control). -----~Svali ~former member of the Illuminati

The next Young Turk up for review is the one who went on to become arguably the most acclaimed actor of his generation, Mr. Jack Nicholson. The following is a biographical sketch of Nicholson as presented by Wikipedia: “Bundy was born at the Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers in Burlington, Vermont. The identity of his father remains a mystery … To avoid social stigma, Bundy’s grandparents Samuel and Eleanor Cowell claimed him as their son; in taking their last name, he became Theodore Robert Cowell. He grew up believing his mother Eleanor Louise Cowell to be his older sister. Bundy biographers Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth state that he learned Louise was actually his mother while he was in high school. True crime writer Ann Rule states that it was around 1969, shortly following a traumatic breakup with his college girlfriend.”
    Uhhm … hang on a minute … I think I might have screwed up. Something doesn’t seem quite right, but I’m not exactly sure what …. Oh, shit! I see what I did wrong! I accidentally cut and pasted ‘serial killer’ Ted Bundy’s bio instead of Jack Nicholson’s. Sorry about that. This is how Jack’s bio is supposed to read: Nicholson was born at some indeterminate location to an underage, unwed showgirl. The identity of his father remains a mystery … To avoid social stigma, Nicholson’s grandparents John Joseph and Ethel Nicholson claimed him as their son; in taking their last name, he became John Joseph Nicholson, Jr. He grew up believing his mother June Francis Nicholson to be his older sister. Reporters state that he learned June was actually his mother in 1974, when he was 37 years old. By then, June had been dead for just over a decade, having only lived to the age of 44.
Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation

The repeating sound pattern induces the hypnotic state of mind that is similar to day dreaming, thus clearing the mind of all thought so that the message can be implanted in the unconscious without resistance. " It is important to note that the lyrics of many rock songs are not clearly distinguishable consciously. When you do not hear the message clearly, you cannot make the conscious choice to accept or reject it. When you cannot make that choice or when that choice is taken away from you, the message is programmed directly to the subconscious, thus circumventing analysis and choice in accepting the content of the message. The Illuminati Formula: Chapter 8 The Science of Body Manipulation and Programming

Sixties rock superstar Jimi Hendrix said: ‘You can hypnotize people with music, and when you get them at their weakest point, you can preach into their subconscious whatever you want to say.’" The Illuminati Formula: Chapter 8 The Science of Body Manipulation and Programming

I can explain everything better through music. YOU HYPNOTIZE PEOPLE... And when you get people at their weakest point you can preach into the subconscious what we want to say. That's why the name "electric church' flashes in and out. - Jimi Hendrix

In a recent telephone conversation with the author (34), Janet Morris confirmed John Alexander's involvement in mind control and psychotronic projects in the Los Alamos National Laboratories. Alexander and his team have recently been working with Dr Igor Smirnov, a psychologist from the Moscow Insitute of Psychocorrelations. They were invited to the U.S. after Janet Morris' visit to Russia in 1991. There she was shown the technique which was pioneered by the Russian Department of Psycho-Correction at Moscow Medical Academy. The Russians employ a technique to electronically analyse the human mind in order to influence it. They input subliminal command messages, using key words transmitted in "white noise" or music (35). Using an infrasound very low frequency-type transmission, the acoustic psycho-correction message is transmitted via bone conduction - ear plugs would not restrict the message. To do that would require an entire body protection system. According to the Russians the subliminal messages by-pass the conscious level and are effective almost immediately. Non-Lethality: John B. Alexander, the Pentagon's Penguin by Armen Victorian

Timing is a curious thing. When I first started this series in May of 2008, the fact that Jim Morrison’s father had served as the commander of the ships involved in the Gulf of Tonkin ‘incident’ had gone virtually unreported for some four-and-a-half decades. Readers were shocked – shocked, I tell you! – when I began this series by trotting out that revelation. Some even accused me of making it up, or of somehow twisting the facts.
But as fate would have it, as December of 2008 rolled around, the mainstream media was suddenly awash with reports of the unusual Morrison family connection. On December 8, for example, the Los Angeles Times carried a report on Admiral George Stephen Morrison, described therein as “a retired Navy rear admiral and the father of the late rock icon Jim Morrison.” According to the Times report, “Morrison had a long career that included serving as operations officer aboard the aircraft carrier Midway and commanding the fleet during the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident, which led to an escalation of American involvement in Vietnam.” (emphasis added)
The very next day, on December 9, the New York Times followed suit with a report by William Grimes: “George S. Morrison, who commanded the fleet during the Gulf of Tonkin incident that led to an escalation of the Vietnam War and whose son Jim was the lead singer of the Doors … Aboard the flagship carrier Bon Homme Richard, Mr. Morrison commanded American naval forces in the gulf when the destroyer Maddox engaged three North Vietnamese torpedo boats on Aug. 2, 1964. A skirmish and confused reports of a second engagement two days later led President Lyndon B. Johnson to order airstrikes against North Vietnam and to request from Congress what became known as the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, allowing him to carry out further military operations without declaring war.” (emphasis again added) Part XIII Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation