Mel Gibson

"The Fundamentalist view view would be that he (Mel Gibson) is demonic."---Joe Eszterhas

Oksana Grigorieva

[2012 Aug] Inside the British & Hollywood Nazi Illuminati-Helter Skelter.

Thomas Sheridan

Lightning bolt

I used to work as a movie extra. I worked in a scene from Mel's movie
Conspiracy Theory. At the time I thought he was on drugs because he was
so manic. He just seemed compulsively and constantly "up" and cracking
jokes and laughing non-stop but not in a fun way -- it was just creepy.
At one point I was returning to set after a break and I walked past where
Mel was sitting alone and he was laughing and cracking jokes but no one
was there. He was just talking to the air and laughing like he was having a
conversation but no one was there talking with him. I thought he must be
out of his mind and just kept walking past him.

In the case of Mel's on-set looniness that I mentioned above
I think what was happening was that Mel was simply in his
movie-comedy alter (since the movie was more or less a comedy
action type film). His joking around continued when he was
actually working in the shots. It's just that it didn't stop
when he was off by himself between scenes.

In other words, it was like his "funny Movie persona" was turned
on and it wasn't turned off between scenes so he just kept acting
like a joker even when no one was around. Like a robot that was
momentarily placed in the corner but not turned off.


Mel Gibson, age 52

Compare Mel in Lethal Weapon(1987) Fel in Lethal Weapon 2(1989)

Mel Gibson in his prime:

The Bounty, 1984

Tequila sunrise, 1988

What happened? ???