Nelly Furtado

[Her first two albums are works of genius.]

Before and after


Powerless say what you want Junos Awards 2004
The Grass Is Green (Live in Netherlands 2004)
Picture Perfect Live 2004

Look alikes  Courteney Cox   

Before and after [Before and after (audio visual)  Before and after (visual)]

'Turn Off The Light'.
Turn Off The Light (Live in London)

Viña 2008 - Nelly Furtado - "Turn off the light"

I'm Like A Bird


Interview Altas Horas (Brazil 2002)
Interview Jovem Pam (Brazil 2002)
Interview Planeta Xuxa 2002
2000] Interview
Interview Making of 'Whoa, Nelly'


Salt Lake en 2002. 

[2000] Whoa, Nelly!,_Nelly!
1. Say It Right
2. Promiscuous
3. Maneater
4. I'm Like A Bird 
5. All Good Things (Come To An End)
6. Night Is Young
7. Night Is Young
8. 'Turn Off The Light'. 
9. Manos Al Aire
10. Say It Right
I Feel You [2002]

My Love Grows Deeper

Baby Girl

[2003]  Folklore
One-Trick Pony 
Powerless (Say What You Want)
Fresh Off The Boat
The Grass Is Green (2004 live)
Picture Perfect
Build You Up
Island Of Wonder
Childhood Dreams

In 2005, DreamWorks Records was shut down, and many of its artists, including Furtado, were absorbed into Geffen Records.

1. Afraid
2. Maneater
3. Promiscuous
4. Glow
5. Showtime
6. No Hay Igual
7. Te Busque
8. Say It Right
9. Do It
10. In God's Hands
11. Wait for You
12. All Good Things (Come to an End)
13. Te Busque

[2007] Give It To Me

[2009] Mi Plan
1. Manos Al Aire
2. Más
3. Mi Plan
4. Sueños 
5. Bajo Otra Luz
6. Vacación 
7. Suficiente Tiempo 
8. Fuerte
9. Silencio 
10. Como Lluvia
11. Feliz Cumpleaños

[2010] Best of Nelly Furtado
Disc: 1
1. I'm Like A Bird
2. Turn Off the Light
3. .... On the radio (Remember The Days)
4. Fotografia (duet with Juanes)
5. Powerless (Say What You Want)
6. Try
7. Força
8. Promiscuous Ft. Timbaland
9. Maneater
10. Say It Right
11. All Good Things (Come To An End)
12. In God's Hands
13. Broken Strings Ft. James Morrison
14. Girlfriend In The City
15. Night Is Young
16. Stars
17. Manos Al Aire Disc:
1. Quando, Quando, Quando (Duet With Michael Buble)
2. Te Busque Ft. Juanes
3. Island of Wonder Ft. Caetano Veloso
4. I'm Like a Bird (Nelly vs Asha Remix)
 5. Who Wants to Be Alone (Tiesto ft. Nelly Furtado)
6. Sacrifice (The Roots FT. Nelly Furtado)
7. In God's Hands Ft. Keith Urban

no hay igual
Crazy-Gnarls Barkley cover



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Eye (single)


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Eye (single)



[2003]  Folklore







Triangle  All seeing eye (people)  Nelly Furtado started singing under the Dreamworks label that is owned by B’nai B’rith Jews like Spielberg, Katzenberg and Geffen. She must of wondered why they insisted on the logo. You can see it has a hidden 666. Today she sings for the Bronfmans who own Vivendi Universal. The Bronfman family are the Jewish Illuminati family that runs Canada. I think she’s found out, like many other musicians, that signing with a label is literally a deal with the devil.





This review is from: Loose (Audio CD)
Once upon a time in the not-so-distant past, there lived a young woman named Nelly Furtado who was earnest and tried to make honest music. She had success with one album, but the public soon lost interest. The young woman had a choice. She could maintain her integrity, continue to make honest music and make only a small amount of money. She could sell out, act like the other pop tarts and sing about sex to inane beats. She decided to sing like a tart. She had a big hit singing about sex. She lost her soul, but sold a lot of records that made a lot of money. The moral of this story is that it pays to be immoral. The moral of this story is that pop music is painfully boring and uses sex to make up for an absence of talent. Whoops. I thought that this was going to have a fairy tale kind of ending, something you might want to read to your kids at night. Sorry about that. Really sorry.

This review is from: Loose (Audio CD)
I fell in love with her two first albums, and when I saw she was coming out with her new album LOOSE... I just could not wait to purchase it. Now that I have it... I wish I would have never got it. Nelly darling you need to go back to your roots. I give this album a two thumbs down!

This review is from: Loose (Audio CD)
What once was a promising young singer downplaying her beauty while focusing on a unique music style has now turned into the latest artist to sell out for bigger sales. Whether it was Nelly's choice or her record label disappointed with sales of her second CD "Folklore", "Loose" is an obvious attempt to restart her career by signing on with producers and stars that can get her music on the radio. The songs on "Loose" could just as easily be sung by J-Lo, Janet Jackson or any other generic voice lost in the beat. And Nelly makes sure her beauty is in obvious view for all to see. Lots of fans raving about this CD admit they never bought her prior CDs. For those of us that did, "Loose" is a major disappointment and sell-out.

This review is from: Loose (Audio CD)
This CD is a great example of what happens when good musicians meet record companies with tanking sales: they want mass appeal rather than quality. Nelly's first 2 CD's had a smooth sound to them - Folklore was definitely above average for a modern-day artist. Her first album sounded exceptional as well - it was music that had some thought behind it. When I read that Folklore was a disappointment as far as sales went, I knew we were in trouble - boy was I right! This CD has terrible lyrics, too much synthesizer, and too many pop beats - it sounds like all the other garbage floating around since 2000. I'm very disappointed and saddened to see a modern-day artist that had so much potential sell out. I can only hope that perhaps she will make an independent album with what she wants to produce, and not what some skill-less producer thinks will sound good on a dance floor.

his review is from: Loose (Audio CD)
I noticed that neither here nor at CD universe could I listen to samples of this CD. I'm pretty sure it's because it's SOOOOOO different. I managed to hear good samples at Barnes and Knobles and I could tell immediately I hated this CD. Too bad for me. Her first CDs were so unique, wonderfully melodic catchy songs, so refreshing. All I can imagine is her record company wanted to see something much different, thinking maybe sales would climb. I have no idea. But the artist on those first two CD's is nowhere to be found here. Not that this is bad. I have no idea. It's certainly nothing I care for though. Be cautious, that's all I'm saying. This is probably not what you think it is if you are a fan from her previous work.

Artist: Nelly Furtado
Style Change: After experiencing success on her 2000 debut, Whoa, Nelly!, Furtado’s career hit a snag with the mellowed-out sophomore effort Folklore. By the time she reappeared in 2006 with Loose, the mildly-hippie folk singer was replaced with a hyper-sexual vixen bowing down to Timbaland. When you couple the album title with the lead single, “Promiscuous,” it was apparent Nelly wanted to spice up her sales.
Did It Work?: Totally. Loose went on to become Mrs. Furtado’s best-selling album, moving 10 million units worldwide.


Oh no, what is wrong with Nelly Furtado’s face? Her birthdate is supposedly December 2, 1978. Then, why does it look like she had a brow lift? Could she be older? She looks different in the eye area and its not an improvement. Her expressive eyes were my favorite thing about her.