Nightsearch interviews James Bartley tomorrow

 18 april 2009
James Bartley here. Just wanted to let you know that I will be giving an interview for one hour on Night Search - The Home of Paranormal Radio.  The host is Eddie Middleton, an old colleague of mine from way back.
The interview begins at 3:30PM Central Standard Time tomorrow Sunday April 19th 2009 and listeners can go to the following link:
Click on the link for Blogtalk Radio on the front page.  This will take you directly to the interview rather than getting lost looking up old archived shows.  The interview will be immediately archived.
I will be discussing Reptilians, Milabs, hybrids and the current state of affairs for this troubled planet.
I hope you can listen in either live or when it is archived.  Please pass this email to others on your contact list.
Its going to be a great and informative show.
James Bartley