Olivier's Strange Confirmation

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New post Olivier's Strange Confirmation 
  Nov 2009
This young fellow in Tres-Rivieres, Quebec (not far from Quebec City) got an interesting confirmation for his fledgling orgonite-manufacturing effort:


The airplane with the 'distended butt' (reminds you of a real; sewer rat?) was probably feeling around his new orgone dome for the limit.  When one makes the first orgonite in a sea of corporate-created decay energy it makes a distinct bubble of life force. The sewer rats can't seem to identify the good energy; they just get alarmed when a hole shows up in their death matrix, evidently Cool .  Carol and I used to see such craft a lot when we first started doing this work, ten years ago. Others have also seen and photographed similar craft but I told Oli that the way to prevent these $!+birds from finding the center of a life force field is to start gifting their death towers; then the shape of the healing-energy field becomes amorphous.  Some of us enjoy causing the corporate/occult/government/military parasites and predators a lot of consternation, too Wink

I had a hunch that Oli is energy sensitive, so has a talent for using gems and other extra stuff for orgonite and Carol said my hunch was right.

Energy sensitive people can't seem to resist adding a lot of nice stuff to their field orgonite.  I think it's because it feels so good to just make the stuff.  I get that feeling making my own funky orgonite and it's 'out standing in the field.' Wink but I think that if I were particularly energy sensitive, like Carol and Olivier, I'd feel compelled to add a lot of expensive ingredients to it.   Whatever you do or don't add to orgonite, it's still going to clean up the world and change the corporate world order's stink/death weapons into life force generators.

Anyone who gifts in an area where the death towers are still operating is going to get loads of solid confirmations. When Oli starts disabling the towers around his city he's probably going to share films of radiant, fully formed Sylph clouds for YouTube.

On our  300 mile drive up 'Underground Base Alley' (it's one huge base) on the east side of the Sierra Nevada, yesterday, we saw a bunch of Sylphs turning a massive chemtrail assault into hearbreakingly beautiful cloud sculptures over Mono and Mammoth Lakes, thanks to our and others' previous gifting/earthpiping efforts over the years. I bet the corporate/occult/military dung beetles hate to see that glorious sky dance Cool