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Orchestrated Attack On The German Gifting Network

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Post Orchestrated Attack On The German Gifting Network 
  May 2009
Since the moment Georg and his companions started off to their current and difficult Zambezi expedition there is also an orchestrated attack on the German gifting network.
Trouble started in a very subtle way but then got more, step by step.

Here´s my personal part of the story:
After Georg and crew being arrested I put up a boosting request on the German Forum. A few days later another member of the forum put a warning into this thread not to boost into the situation because this could be dangerous.
Fortunately it was able to clear much of the turbulences with the boosting companion and with Honigblume, the forum moderator. Thanks once again for your patience, Honigblume!
In the meantime another member of the forum (now booted) with strong newage background started filling up the forum with bullshit.

Being shocked of all these happenings I left the German forum, because it was a so obvious  try to block any type of etheric help.
All in all I´m quite sure that these turbulences had been implemented and conducted by $#!+bird psi-operators.

Trouble were rising all around me, and even Laozu Kelly´s visit at my home seemed not to be possilble. At least we had the possibility to share one day together, last week.

I´m really really sure about it, that all these tries to weaken the german gifting network, together with Georg´s trouble was a well planned project by the $#!+bird agencies.

Well, yesterday after Georgs forum had been hacked, I received an email from another forum member who is also active in various "resistance forums" in which he accused me to be a cointelpro agent (had to look up the term, because I didn´t know what it meant).
He also made me responsible to have stopped any progress of Georg´s forum in the last years (go figure!)

He also thinks, that my call to boost Georg and his comrades was nothing less than ridiculous...
He even suggested, that i was politically involved into Georg´s arrest.
Following his words, I´m the one responsible agent to split up and destroy the orgonite movement in the german speaking countries.

Normally getting this type of email causes me to smile and to forget about it.
In this case things are a bit different.
This guy, as I get to know from another activist forum, now is contacting the German media, political institutions etc... to inform them about the "Zambesi affair". Well, if it helps to get orgonite into public awareness, why not.

This surely also happens to spread the myth of me being a "cointelpro agent" and to mess up friendships and credibility.
Maybe a research forum on orgone and orgonite is really such a threat that there is a need to undermine a person´s credibility and to try to make the front row gifters and boosters to fight each other, in order to keep people away from orgonite.
They alsmost succeeded, but only almost....so they didn´t succeed at all Wink

By the way, the hackers of the German Forum tried to suspect some alleged turkish muslim fundamentalist organisation for the hacking.... quite amusing.


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Post Re: Orchestrated Attack On The German Gifting Network 
COINTRELPRO http://www.whale.to/b/cointelpro_q.html

Interesting operation, they managed to get many of the Black Panther group to shoot each other. Between 1968-1971, FBI-initiated terror and disruption resulted in the murder of over 30 Black Panthers.

"Many counterintelligence techniques involve the use of paid informants. Informants become agents provocateurs by raising controversial issues at meetings to take advantage of ideological divisions, by promoting emnity with other groups, or by inciting the group to violent acts, even to the point of providing them with weapons.  Over the years, FBI provocateurs have repeatedly urged and initiated violent acts, including forceful disruptions of meetings and demonstrations, attacks on police, bombings, and so on....Church Committee hearings and internal FBI documents revealed that more than one quarter of all active Klan members during the period were FBI agents or informants.....What they have been very successful at is disrupting and destroying perfectly legitimate organizations involved in dissent: civil right organizations, women's organizations, generally organizations on the left. So while they would like to project the image of crime fighters, it is not really the principal role of the FBI."

also Operation Mockingbird http://www.whale.to/b/mockingbird.html  which is CIA/FBI control of the press--they found that:

"A major FBI division that was called the crime reporting division was theoretically supposed to keep track of how federal crimes were being reported. ......But that's what its theory was. But in fact what it was doing was a whole division set up to keep track of journalists and reporters and magazines and newspapers to decide who could be counted on to write stories that the FBI wanted written, who would slant stories the way they wanted it.

"About a third of the whole CIA budget went to media propaganda operations."

So I think we know who runs DeMeo.  I just had a rant about one of our Matrix journos http://www.whale.to/a/aaronovitch_h.html  Pretty obvious when you know about those operations.

One thing is for sure, they will shoot themselves in the foot, arresting him was idiotic from their point of view.
Re: Orchestrated Attack On The German Gifting Network 
Excellent background info, John, thanks!  Carol, DB and I used to make a game of identifying which agency certain moles on previous orgonite forums were working for in the years we were still participating on poisoned orgonite forums.   The FBI moles are generally the most heavy handed and brutish; the CIA moles are deranged and frantic, always hunting for our personal weaknesses and the NSA moles are slick as hell and usually have a lot of science, metaphysical and academic background.
The NSA ones even have a pretty good sense of humor, sometimes.  MI6 moles are somewhere between CIA and NSA--lots of sleepers in the case of MI6, good at blindsiding you after they get your trust.

When DeMento initially tried to harm Georg and crew with his media slander, last week,  I was alarmed but I'm not going to worry about him any more because I think he stuck his neck out far enough, this time, to ruin his credibility.  Drunvalo Melchizedek did that, years ago, when he said in front of witnesses that his merkaba meditations were designed to put 'higher' initiates under his direct control.  Sai Baba's publicized pedophilia knocked him off his perch.  The professional liars are falling like tenpins, now.  I didn't worry about DeMeo, before, because his constant direct attacks on our technology and persons were free advertising, increasing our numbers, as Jeff Rense unwittingly did when he attacked us on several of his radio programs, seven years ago.  If we never have to contend with another Horrible Herbie (harmful media slander) situation, though,  I'll be grateful.

Look at how fast this situation in Mozambique is turning in our favor!

I had asked Manfred, today, to start a thread about the serious slander trouble on the German forum but he'd already done so, yesterday.   Another proof that I'm not an agent:  all of the fakers on the higher profile orgonite forums (EW is still  relatively obscure, in spite of being the only viable one in English) read every single post on every single forum and jump in those threads to spew poison, immediately but I don't have time to read most of the posts on my own little forum Wink . They can't do that, here, because I won't invite them to post.  It's kind of like dealing with vampires--just don't invite them in and you won't get bitten!  If you invited them in and you get bitten, tough luck!  No medals are available for being nice, in that case

Manfred's doing exactly what I used to do when the moles dogpiled me in previous forums: stick to discussing their tactics but avoid mentioning them, personally.  By doing this, we help other people identify how the poisonmongers operate and, grid willing, we convince them to stop wasting time on poisoned internet forums.   If Georg and Honigblume determine to weed out the troublesome nad very troubled contributors to the German forum I think that effort will survive and eventually flourish. If not, somebody else (Manfred?) will take up some of the slack.

The reason there are only a handful of agent-free forums on the web is because only nice people initiate good-faith forum efforts and the arschwartze are really, really good at sending in clever, patient moles who can manipulate their fear of losing their niceness.  Those few of us nice folks who feel like we've got nothing to lose (and nobody to impress Wink ) aren't afraid of dealing decisively with these socipaths and that's what it takes to have a thriving, inspiring forum effort, unfortunately.   I think Manfred's got the sand to make that happen for ethericresearch.com

We spent over an hour dealing with the 'octopus' that had wrapped itself around that forum effort and Manfred.  It was one of the really fun sessions because the psychics were rapidly calling out some very intriguing intel.  I hope one of them will post in this thread beause my second hand accounts of what they were all seeing are less than second best Cool .  I can say that they saw a lot of agencies involved and that the Chinese Triads were at the top of that heap.

I'm pretty sure that the sciience forum will be able to move ahead, now.  Evidently, the registration URL is also being hacked, which is another good confirmation.

You don't need to have an academic pedigree to contribute to his forum, by the way.  Mark Bennett is the prime example of how one does science research with orgonite and you can  see that his presentation is plenty scientific, empowering and substantive but without any of the harumphing and techobabble of the corporate/academic white coats.  Manfred's a wonderfully kind and generous person, too, so don't worry about getting your wrists slapped if you stray a bit.  He's nicer than I am and you can see that I don't browbeat people, here, when they post material that seems inappropriate to me.

Since the backbiters in Europe are trying to paint Manfred as a cult follower of Don Croft I'm going to continue to support his forum effort from a distance for now and I'll continue to encourage people in email and in posts to contribute their good science  stuff to his forum.

Backbiting in email trashed the online orgonite networks in UK and Australia, six years ago. I started EW right after that but the backbiters were using their nominal afffiliation with me in order to have some credibility.  They were telling a lot of lies, like these fellows in Europe are now doing.  Manfred jumped out of the German forum after it became obvious that his affiliation with those folks on that forum was counterproductive in the moment.   I'm hoping that his decision, along with our moral, etheric and voiced support for him, will help us avoid another debacle like the one, six years ago, that damaged this unorganized network.  I don't envy Georg's challenge to either clean up that board or perhaps bury it, though. Georg is also a very nice person, concerned about fairness for everyone.

The Persians say, 'Kindness to the wolf is cruelty to the sheep.'  Okay, now we know that wolves are very wonderful and not scoundrels but they do eat sheep when there are enough wolves about Wink and the internet is jam packed with programmed and paid soiopaths at the moment, so ignoring that fact is not prudent for those of us who commit to creating and maintaining safe forum environments.

I haven't booted anyone in a very long time, by the way, and I invite new folks all the time.  Diligence really does pay off.