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[See his comments re Orgonite and the Croft's.  Basic ad hominem.  Stuck his neck out nicely, and he found that media article very quickly.]

[2009 June EW] Our Visit to Mount Shasta This Week

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When DeMento initially tried to harm Georg and crew with his media slander, last week,  I was alarmed but I'm not going to worry about him any more because I think he stuck his neck out far enough, this time, to ruin his credibility.  Drunvalo Melchizedek did that, years ago, when he said in front of witnesses that his merkaba meditations were designed to put 'higher' initiates under his direct control.  Sai Baba's publicized pedophilia knocked him off his perch.  The professional liars are falling like tenpins, now.  I didn't worry about DeMeo, before, because his constant direct attacks on our technology and persons were free advertising, increasing our numbers, as Jeff Rense unwittingly did when he attacked us on several of his radio programs, seven years ago."--Don Croft [EW 2009 May] Orchestrated Attack On The German Gifting Network

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Just a note of caution. The Croft people with their "orgonite" are indeed mystical nutters, and nobody can defend their throwing stuff into the lake. However, it is not correct to say that the work of the late Dr. Wilhlem Reich is accurately represented on the Croft "orgonite" web pages, or by their actions. Reich was a serious scientist, and the US FDA did a very poor job to investigate. They were dead wrong to burn his books (Yes, that is exactly what they did!) and allow him to die in prison for a small technicality. His orgone therapy is NOT illegal, nor is the orgone accumulator itself, so the journalist needs to do a bit more homework. There are many younger scientists who have gone on to duplicate his work, and orgone energy today, if one is to be scientifically precise, is much like the older "cosmic ether" of space, which is a similar concept to the "dark matter" of modern times. The orgone accumulator is a functioning apparatus which can stimulate the immune system, heal severe burns especially, and also stimulate seed-growth quite amazingly. It is used in medical clinics and private practices around the world, in Europe and the USA also. Double-blind and controlled university studies, including dissertations and theses, have been made confirming the effects of the orgone accumulator and it seems clear, this energy discovered by Dr. Reich is a reality. It would take too much time to give the details, but do not allow the nut-heads now in prison in Mozambique to define the work or reputation of Dr. Reich. Nobody in the USA who knows the facts about Dr. Reich considers Mr. Croft to be anything but a nut case. By comparison, you would not allow some nut who puts boards on his arms and climbs up on the roof, jumping off and claiming he can fly like a bird, to define the Wright Brothers or the airplane. Science is filled with a history of mistakes, including many examples of scientists like Reich who were suppressed for reasons of professional jealousy or for the "old dogs" defending their theories against new ideas. For clarity, I suggest to read Dr. M.Sharaf's book "Fury on Earth", or Dr. J.DeMeo's "Orgone Accumulator Handbook" or "Heretic's Notebook", or Dr. J. Kavouras' book "Die Orgontherapie", available on-line or in libraries. Also review the listings at the on-line Bibliography on Orgonomy, here http://www.orgonelab.org/bibliog.htm Kind regards and best wishes to my friends in Africa James DeMeo, Ph.D. Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab Ashland, Oregon, USA http://www.orgonelab.org [2009 may] Mozambique: Saboteurs Or New Age Fanatics?