THE OIL RACKET (Big Oil, Peak Oil Scam)
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[There are vast deposits of oil (1), and it self-replenishes.  Peak Oil (it is going to run out) is a lie.  And then they have had absolutely free energy (eg Joe Cell), Tesla type technology for decades, probably over a 100 years, after all, they have plenty of silent invisible flying craft they got from various Aliens and the Nazis (see: William Lyne), which sure as hell don't run on oil!  Then numerous inventors have run cars on Air, Electricity, water, while the Pogue carburettor in 1935 got 130 miles per gallon! (see: Free Energy conspiracy).  And numerous inventors Assassinationated, one Steven J. Smith, just recently (Oct 2010).]

[2013] Big Oil, Big Profits, Big Tax Breaks  Stripping the tax code of these special Big Oil tax breaks for these five companies that earned $72 billion so far in 2013 would provide $24 billion of revenue. This is revenue that might otherwise be cut from cancer research, Head Start, food stamps or other vital middle- and lower-income programs. Eliminating special tax breaks for the big five oil companies would protect vital investments for our health, safety and prosperity.

[2013 April] Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq

[2012 Oct] Oil Executive and Renewable Fuel Researcher Assassinated

[2012 Book] Big Oil & Their Bankers In The Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network by Dean Henderson

Subversion of Alternitive Energy. Maintaining America's oil addiction by Steven J. Smith

[2012 March] The New Mediterranean Oil and Gas Bonanza. Part II: Rising energy tensions in the Aegean—Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria By F. William Engdahl

[2007] War and "Peak Oil" Confessions of an ‘ex’ Peak Oil believer by F. William Engdahl

The 'Peak Oil' Put on--Ken Adachi

Lindsey Williams

[vid] Hitler Was a British Agent (Greg Hallett) part 4of 6
[vid] Hitler Was a British Agent  (Greg Hallett) part 5 of 6

See: Al Gore  Free Energy conspiracy Global Warming Lie  Suppressed/secret technology
Mafias: Medical  Green  Food  Global Warming  Drugs  War  Sex  Education  Terror  Political Financial

70 (October 12, 2004) Beware the 'Peak Oil' Agenda [See: McGowan, Dave ]
NEWSLETTER 71   November 24, 2004 Belated Election Commentary ... and More Stuff to Piss Off the Peak Oil Crowd  
NEWSLETTER 73  October 23, 2005 Katrina, Eugenics and 'Peak Oil'
74 (October 23, 2005) Katrina, Eugenics and 'Peak Oil,' Pt. 2

Russia Proves "Peak Oil" is a Scam, by Joe Vialls. Scientists like Thomas Gold discovered oil is being created in unlimited quantities twelve miles beneath the earth. Russia is now making billions off that knowledge.

The Peak Oil Scam  "By now you must have heard the term “peak oil.” It’s a current and excellent example of how we are conditioned by mainstream news outlets. It’s not that the electronic and print media outlets have their own agenda, rather, these outlets are merely the pipeline (excuse the pun) through which the global elites pump their propaganda."

Conflicts of Interest (government)  Conflicts of Interest 18 Venn Diagrams Depicting Conflicts of Interest That Exist Between Many Major Industries and the US Government.   These were made in 2012 I believe, so I'm sure some of the positions have changed, but it's easy to see that a great deal of overlap and collusion is taking place.


Lindsey Williams - The Energy Non-Crisis - Part 1 of 8