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[2017 Jan] Former child sex slave sold into Belgian aristocratic paedophile ring where boys and girls were tortured and KILLED reveals the horrors of her five years of abuse

[2010] Sex offenders including paedophiles should be allowed to adopt, Theresa May told

[2015 May] Paedophile Mason ran lodge set up for GCHQ

[2014] High Court judge and the child sex ring: Adviser to Queen was founder of paedophile support group to keep offenders out of jail

[2015 Jan] Former children's home boss, 77, accused of historic sex abuse of boys as young as nine is found dead at home weeks before he was due to stand trial 

[2014 Dec] McRae was killed because he was closing in on paedophiles says friend

[2014 Dec] EXCLUSIVE: ‘I was warned off’ says detective involved in historic paedophile probe

[2014 Nov] Father claims Scotland Yard covered up son's murder by Westminster paedophiles

[2014 July] Jill Dando raised alarm about ‘paedophile ring at BBC’

[2014 May] Was Bulic Forsythe killed to protect paedophile ring 'linked to future minister in Tony Blair’s government?'

Tony Blair's minister accused of helping convicted paedophile to foster young boys

[2014 July] Simon Danczuk: I was warned not to challenge Leon Brittan over paedophile dossier

Belgium to lower age of consent to 13

[2014 April] Monstrous cover-up: How the Liberal party, police and MI5 concealed MP Cyril Smith's industrial-scale child abuse

Former Church of England Bishop charged with sex offences

 Retired Bishop friend of Prince Charles to be charged with child sex abuse.

[2013 Jan] Pervert MP Cyril Smith was pals with satanic child sex monster

[2012 Oct] Former Minister says Thatcher aide was paedophile who preyed on boys' home - and Hague should have known

[2012 Oct] TORY PAEDO COVER-UP POLICE probing an underage sex ring at the heart of Maggie Thatcher’s government were warned: “Stop investigating if you want to keep your jobs.”....As well as the Cabinet minister – who is still alive – he pointed the finger at judges, European bigwigs and senior civil servants....Some of the VIPs were said to have flown in via RAF Northolt on the outskirts of London.


[2012 Nov] Award-winning journalist who helped expose the North Wales child abuse scandal calls for a proper police investigation   On Friday night a victim of the North Wales children's homes abuse scandal told BBC Newsnight he was prostituted in care by a senior Tory politician. Steven Messham, now 51, had first publicly named this man 15 years ago at Sir Ronald Waterhouse's 1997 judicial inquiry into the care scandal. But the Press was barred from reporting his shocking allegation....Only seven staff were ever prosecuted and allegations against the powerful outsiders who allegedly picked up children outside the homes were never investigated by police or the inquiry, whose terms of reference were limited....At least 16 lads from these homes died in tragic or unexplained circumstances, several after revealing abuse. I vividly remember ringing the tribunal and asking if it would be investigating these deaths.  A very self-satisfied functionary told me it would not be and, when I angrily asked why not, he replied with an almost visible smirk: 'Well, if they're dead they can't give evidence, can they?'....
He claims police failed to put most of what he said about the politician and other man into his witness statement......Like other residents, Steven described being abused by a senior police officer who often visited Bryn Estyn. He sometimes gave him money afterwards...... "In the home it was the standard abuse which was violent and sexual. Outside it was like you were sold, we were taken to the Crest Hotel in Wrexham, mainly on Sunday nights, where they would rent rooms.  "One particular night I always recall is when I was basically raped, tied down, and abused by nine different men."
....Victims say that a key figure in North Wales police was an abuser too and led a cover-up, while social services ignored complaints, victimised concerned staff, and aggressively suppressed 12 increasingly critical inquiry reports.  The outstandingly brave chairman of the council's social services committee, Labour councillor Malcolm King, was threatened by police, the council and their insurers with prison, bankruptcy, libel suits and forfeiting his home if he leaked the final devastating report by John Jillings to the Press.

[2012 Oct] MP raises claim of past paedophile ring linked to No 10

[2012 Oct] Jimmy Savile: Steptoe and Son actor Wilfrid Brambell 'abused boys in Jersey' claims whistleblower

[2012 Oct] Jimmy Savile: 'He was the tip of the iceberg’

[2012 Sept] Jimmy Savile accused of being a sexual predator by five women who claim he abused them when they were underage schoolgirls

[2012 June] Dutch Child Sex Ring -- Where's the Justice? One of the perpetrators identified in that investigation by a young male victim was Joris Demmink, the current Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice -- the same government body that opposes banning "Martijn," the child sex promotion group.....How much credibility can joint anti-child sex trafficking activities have if a key enforcement official may be implicated in such activities and, at the same time, is in a position to block inquiries of the allegations against him?  Why has he not brought to court to face justice both as to his own behavior and his apparent ability to protect groups such as "Martijn"?

[2011] JERSEY:  Children were loaned to rich paedophile yachtsmen


[2009] Pedophile granted child custody  A FAMILY Court judge has granted custody of four children to their father - a convicted pedophile and rapist.

[2009 Aug] Blackwater used 'child prostitutes in Iraq'

[2009 feb] Over 200,000 Nepali girls being trafficked to Indian red light areas

[2009 march] 60,000 children in S-E Asian sex trade  over 60,000 children in South-east Asia are being exploited in the multi-million-dollar world of sexual businesses and sex tourism

[2009 March South Africa] Child sex ring uncovered in Durban  Top Durban businessmen have been linked to a child prostitution syndicate..... Month-long investigations by the task team, which is made up of organised crime unit members, National Prosecuting Authority officials and child prostitution experts, has revealed that some of the city's top businessmen have been involved in the syndicate, which prostitutes children, some as young as 10, to wealthy men.

[2009 April] Scots police 'failing to tackle sex slave trade'

[2009 March] Thousands of kids trapped in sex industry

[2009 May] Hundreds of Irish Catholic priests ‘to be implicated in child abuse report’  The Comptroller and Auditor General said the estimated bill was based on just 10,000 of the 150,000 victims coming forward.  If all survivors claimed, the Republic could face a bill about £10.8 billion......In some instances the church simply moved abusive priests from parish to parish to avoid scandal.

[2009 May] Irish Daily Mail: Pedophilia and the dark heart of the EU’s parliament  Part of the great mystery and scandal that accompanied the case was the relentless incompetence of the authorities, at that time led by the Justice Minister, Melchior Wathelet. For years, as victims were kidnapped and murdered, police files were full of reports and tip-offs that Dutroux was selling young girls. Yet Dutroux stayed free. In the end Mr Wathelet was forced to resign in disgrace. And his reward for incompetence in the administration of Justice was - to be appointed a judge at the European Court of Justice.

[2008] 'I have known about Jersey paedophiles for 15 years,' says award-winning journalist

[2007] UN staff accused of raping children in Sudan Members of the United Nations peacekeeping forces in southern Sudan are facing allegations of raping and abusing children as young as 12.....more than 20 victims’ accounts claiming that some peacekeeping and civilian staff based in the town are regularly picking up young children in their UN vehicles and forcing them to have sex. It is thought that hundreds of children may have been abused.

[2007] Judge accused of child abuse ‘let off by police’

[2007] Germany and EU to Legalise Paedophilia

[2007] Embattled AG now accused in teen sex scandal 'cover-up'  Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, both already under siege for other matters, are now being accused of failing to prosecute officers of the Texas Youth Commission after a Texas Ranger investigation documented that guards and administrators were sexually abusing the institution's teenage boy inmates. "This case demonstrates that a partisan political agenda, with Karl Rove in an orchestrating role, has penetrated the Justice Department and subverted fair-minded administration of the law,"

[2006 USA] 'Satanic' art in Catholic Church exposed  Could the Roman Catholic Church's sex abuse crisis be tied to embedded Satanic and occultic imagery in its artwork – some of it hundreds of years old? ....The film, which is being released by Silver Sword International, contends a major cause of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church could be due to prolonged exposure to sexual and satanic images being incorporated into the religious art.

[2005] Police, killer in child sex ring

[2005 USA] New book promotes sex with children  Ph.D. 'expert' claims pederasty good for 'nurturing,' 'mentoring' young boys...In the chapter titled "Pederasty: An Integration of Cross-Cultural, Cross-Species, and Empirical Data," Bruce Rind Ph.D. lauds the rampant child molestation that reportedly occurred in those societies, at one point citing evolution as supporting a pro-pedophilia worldview

[2005] Former Nazi Pedophile Nabbed in Argentina   A former corporal and medic in Hitler's Nazi army, Schäfer fled Germany to Chile in 1961 to avoid child sexual abuse charges. He established the self-sufficient Colonia Dignidad, also called "Villa Baviera," in the mountains near the city of Parral, some 350 kilometers (218 miles) south of Santiago along with other German immigrants. ....In 1996 a number of former residents testified that Schäfer systematically abused the colony's young children, many of whom were taken from the parents at birth. Accusations of forced labor and other forms of maltreatment also surfaced at the time.

[2004] Nato force 'feeds Kosovo sex trade'  Amnesty said Nato soldiers, UN police, and western aid workers operated with near impunity in exploiting the victims of the sex traffickers.

[2004 UK] Slavery fears for 'lost' children The vast majority of the children were from Nigeria, which is well known among law enforcement officials as being the main source for trafficked children into Britain. ....The police operation found that up to 190 unaccompanied children pass through Heathrow Airport every week. ...Campaigners say child slavery is rife in Britain.

[2004] Chilean elites caught in child porn ring

[2004 UK] Paedophile warned he would attack again:  Outrage after trial hears how man begged to be locked away for life but was given his freedom within three years

[2004 Belgium] Dutroux 'worked on orders of child-sex ring'  Marc Dutroux said yesterday he built and wired a secret cell in his cellar for the victims on orders of a child-sex network operating in Belgium. ..."It was urgent to work quickly because we had to get the girls,"..."A big crime ring," he called it.

[2004 AUS] Australian Diplomat - William Stuart Brown  a court sentenced a former Australian diplomat to 13 years' jail for having sex with two boys.

[2004] PEDOPHILE CASE JUDGE BREAKS DOWN IN COURT By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard  The Belgian judge who saved two young girls from Marc Dutroux's pedophile dungeon has broken down in the witness box, alleging high-level murder plots to stop his investigation into a child-sex mafia.

[2003 AUS] Anatomy of a political smear Accusations have surfaced again of a pedophile scandal involving a senior figure in the political establishment.....He wanted to know why the Government's original bill contained a clause that offered retrospective immunity to men who'd had consensual sex with under-age males...."I cannot understand why we are providing an amnesty for pedophiles. ....Without naming names, he alleged that a senior member of the Carr cabinet had had illegal sex with a 15-year-old boy and had robbed him.

[2003] Child porn arrests 'too slow'

[2003 France] Mayor's 'affair' with serial killer

[2003 Nigeria] Tales of woe from Nigeria's child 'slaves'  Recently Nigerian police rescued about 200 "child slaves" from forests in the south-west, where they were forced to work in granite mines or digging sand. The children, mainly aged between five and 15, are either snatched from their families or lured away with promises that they are being taken to Nigeria to further their education.

[2003 Africa] African trafficking ring linked to UK  The ring was uncovered when a teenage girl from Cameroon arrived in Nottingham after escaping from a London brothel where she had been forced to work as a prostitute. ....One father in Bafoussam said he cries every day for his missing 14-year-old daughter. ..."I don't even know where Marie Claire is today. I have heard hints that she may be in Europe.

[2003 UK] Trafficking victim tells of torment  a 15-year-old Albanian girl who was forced into prostitution in the UK after being tricked into a bigamous marriage...."I hated myself, I wanted to be dead. I thought I was at the lowest level of society.

[2003 Portugal] Party chief called to testify in Lisbon child sex scandal  Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues is the latest and most senior in a stream of politicians, diplomats and television talk show hosts to be implicated in a paedophile ring said to have preyed for decades on boys in a state-run orphanage.....Investigating journalists, helped by two former inmates now in their thirties, reported that "Bibi" had abused children for 30 years while working for Casa Pia. Former inmates said he was protected by public figures who used him as an intermediary to obtain boys for them.......The best-known detainee is Carlos Cruz, Portugal's most famous television presenter, and a friend of Mr Jose. Also in jail are: Hugo Marcal, Mr Silvino's former lawyer; Joao Ferreira Diniz, a doctor at the institution; Manuel Abrantes, the former director; and Jorge Ritto, a former ambassador to Unesco. All are accused of child abuse.

[2003 AUS] Death threat against protected witness  The man who gathered evidence used to accuse a cabinet minister in the Carr Government of having sex with a teenage boy claims he has received an anonymous death threat.....In 1996, W26 told the royal commission he was the victim of a Wollongong pedophile network. By the time he gave evidence, he was in jail on pedophilia charges.

[2003] UN ship 'carried child prostitutes'  The Expresso report said UN personnel were involved in bringing girls from Thailand to East Timor as prostitutes.

[2003] Woman judge 'ran sex ring that killed boy aged five'  A woman former lay judge in a youth court in Germany is thought to have headed a child abuse ring that murdered a five-year-old boy.

[2003 UK] Britons held over 'Royal sex ring'  TWO British men have been arrested in Paris on suspicion of running a multi-million-dollar call girl ring that allegedly supplied prostitutes to princes, film stars and captains of industry

[2003] Ex-Minister held in child sex ring case  Socialist politicians have claimed they are part of a witch-hunt after the arrest of their official spokesman, Paulo Pedroso, on 15 charges of sexual abuse of minors following a phone-tapping operation by police. The trial of a top TV presenter, a former ambassador and a leading children's health expert on similar charges is expected to start soon.

[2003] Portugal reeling over child sex abuse scandal  The opposition socialists, until now ahead of Portugal's ruling conservative Popular Social Democrats in opinion polls, are in shock after learning some of their senior MPs may be involved in scandal over sex abuse of boys in a state orphanage. The senior socialist MP Paulo Pedroso, number two in the party and a former labour minister, was taken from parliament by police and held for investigation three weeks ago on 15 counts of suspected child-sex abuse.

[Media March 2003] Robertson considers action over web allegation  George Robertson, the NATO secretary general, is considering legal action against the owners of the Sunday Herald, over internet allegations about his connection to Thomas Hamilton, the Dunblane killer.

[Media March 2003] Dunblane secret documents contain letters by Tory and Labour ministers  Another document relates to correspondence between the clerk of the Dunblane inquiry, which was presided over by Lord Cullen, and a member of the public regarding 'possible affiliations of Thomas Hamilton with Freemasonry ... and copy letters from Thomas Hamilton'.

[Media Feb 2003] Call to lift veil of secrecy over Dunblane  There have been allegations that the lengthy closure order was placed on the report after it linked Hamilton to figures in the Scottish establishment, including two senior politicians and a lawyer.

[2002] Portugal's elite linked to paedophile ring  Photographs of unnamed senior government officials with young boys from Lisbon's Casa Pia orphanage were among the evidence reportedly available to police after they arrested a former orphanage employee called Carlos Silvino. ...What has most shocked the Portuguese have been the revelations that systematic sexual abuse of children at the home had allegedly been going on for more than 20 years and had been known to police and other authorities for most of that time. ....The identity of the mysterious group of powerful paedophiles remained a secret yesterday, with only one person prepared to admit she knew at least some of the names.

[2002] MP aide facing porn charge

[2002 UK] Secret database protects paedophiles  Bill Bowen, who has spent his lifetime as a Jehovah's Witness and nearly twenty years as an elder, says the organisation covers up abuse by keeping this database secret.  His sources indicate there are 23,720 abusers on the list - who are protected by the system. .....Despite having known for three years that Alison's father was a paedophile, the same elders sent Alison back home, where she continued to be abused.

[2002] 6,000 children smuggled to the west each year for sex   A growing number of adolescent girls from eastern Europe are being sold into sex slavery in the west....Every year more than 6,000 children aged between 12 and 16 are smuggled into western Europe to work as prostitutes and drug traffickers or to beg....Some 10-30% of all eastern European sex workers are minors.....Italy is the people-smugglers' gateway to western Europe, Ms Limanowska said, while Turkey is now the staging post for women on their way to the Middle East.

[2002] Government officials in sex trafficking ring arrested Zoran Piperovic, the republic's deputy prosecutor, was arrested this week, and six other officials have been detained. They are accused of forcing women, mostly from Moldavia, Ukraine and Romania, into prostitution.

[2002 Belgium] Regina Louf's testimony She told investigators how, from her earliest childhood, she'd been used in a paedophile ring. This had included her grandmother, her parents and a pimp - Tony. ...She now says "It was big business - blackmail - there was a lot of money involved." She knew, she said, that sessions were secretly filmed without the clients' knowledge. Regina recalled judges and politicians in this horrific house 'Influential people were involved'

[2002] U.N. Finally Forced to Probe Its Pedophilia Scandal  "Agency workers from the international and local NGOs as well as U.N. agencies were ranked as among the worst sex exploiters of children, often using the very humanitarian aid and services intended to benefit the refugee population as a tool of exploitation." ...So let's see: Senior U.N. officials knew of the widespread pedophilia. Not only did they not take action against the perpetrators, they covered up the atrocities. And even after the scandal comes to light, most media give this major news event little or no coverage. Imagine the screaming headlines and worldwide outrage if the Catholic Church or any other church allowed sexual abuse of children on such a massive scale. Could the media establishment's pro-U.N., anti-religious bias have anything to do with the stunning discrepancy?

[2002] U.N. Slammed for Refugee Sex Scandal  sex scandal surrounding the alleged mass abuse of West African refugee children by aid workers and "peacekeepers," according to senior diplomats. ...alarming allegations of widespread sexual abuse by many of its aid workers locally employed by more than 40 agencies, including U.N. "peacekeeping" forces, U.N. relief agencies, and national and international humanitarian non-governmental organizations.

[2002 France] Toulouse officials ordered murder, says serial killer  Algre, a policeman's son, organised the city's prostitution business, providing under-age girls for sadomasochistic orgies at a courthouse in the city and at a chateau owned by the town council. ..."I can imagine that the affair will be stifled because all the people implicated in the case are people with power," he wrote in the letter after naming Mr Baudis.

[2002] Woman sacked for revealing UN links with sex trade She was sacked after disclosing that UN peacekeepers went to nightclubs where girls as young as 15 were forced to dance naked and have sex with customers, and that UN personnel and international aid workers were linked to prostitution rings in the Balkans.

[2002 Bosnia] American firm in Bosnia sex trade row poised to win MoD contract  Mr Johnston's case included allegations of men having sex with girls as young as 12. His claims also concerned a nightclub in Bosnia frequented by DynCorp employees, where young women were sold "hourly, daily or permanently".

[2000] British link to 'snuff' videos  Last week Italian police seized 3,000 of Kuznetsov's videos on their way to clients in Italy, sparking an international hunt for paedophiles who have bought his products. The Italian investigators say the material includes footage of children dying during abuse. Prosecutors in Naples are considering charging those who have bought the videos with complicity in murder. They say some may have specifically requested films of killings. .....Covert film of young children naked or undressing was known as a 'SNIPE' video. The most appalling category was code-named 'Necros Pedo' in which children were raped and tortured until they died.

[1997 AUS] Australian Judge David Yeldham - The suicide of Justice David Yeldham after his secret life had been revealed

[1997] Corrupt Police Protected Pedophile Judge