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[Egyptian, Pharaoh symbol, see [vid] The Pharaoh Show [ENGLISH] (1 of 2)]

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The pyramid and the "eye of Horus" on the back of the dollar bill are Illuminati symbology. The pyramid is an ancient form based on the holyness of the number 3 to the ancient mystery religions (it, not 6, is considered the most spiritual number), and a pyramid was a structure used specifically to call up the demonic, or occult, a point of psychic activity.
    The eye is the all seeing eye of Horus (remember the emphasis on Egyptian magical religious practices? The book of the undead, etc.?) and the fact that no one can escape his magical reach. This eye is considered a demonic eye in the group, or the eye of the deity, and in Illuminati mythology is either open or closed, depending upon the spiritual time of year and the state of the person psychically. Young children are given "psychic surgery" where the eye is placed inside, and they are told that Horus will snatch their soul if they ever try to leave, or if they tell, or that the eye will explode. The symbol on the dollar is reinforcement for every Illuminati child who sees one, and the reminder that they are being watched.
    The saying on the dollar, 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' also means "bringing in the new order", which is the Illuminati stated agenda. Just think, in the early 1800's, our forefathers already were looking forward to when the new order would be ushered in. Have I mentioned that this is a patient, forward looking group of intellectuals? That Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, FDR, and others were Illuminati leaders? Our country may have been founded on freedom from taxation, but it was also founded on the New World Order just as surely. Part 4: The Illuminati - Freemason Connection

Spiritually the pyramid can represent a number of things. They have been built by ancient spiritual cultures around the world where they were extremely sacred places. Whilst they were later taken over by degeneracy and sinister forces, pyramids originally signified the descent and ascent of consciousness on the path to enlightenment. A triangle itself represents the three forces of the cosmos that are central to spirituality: the Father, Mother and Son of the universe, represented in sacred trinities throughout the world such as the Christian Joseph, Mary and Jesus, and Egyptian Osiris, Isis and Horus, that are unified within in the spiritual work. Reclaiming the Spiritual Symbols that Have Been Hijacked and Used Against Us


Illuminati Pyramid in Blagnac, France

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