Kobe Bryant

Vanessa Bryant Accuses Kobe Bryant Of Sleeping With Over 105 Women

Kobe Bryant sexual assault case

Nike’s Kobe System: Advertisement With an Illuminati Message   "Success" is represented by the apex of a pyramid - the same apex that has the Illuminati's all-seeing eye on the Great Seal of the United States. On each side we see a phallic symbol pointing downwards a "womb" represented by the "V" shape above the triangle, which represents the all-important concept of union of opposites in Illuminati symbolism.

Los Angeles Dodgers

[vid]  NIKE: Welcome to the #KobeSystem  Nike   Virgin/Branson  X sign


Reptile eyes (slits)   [vid]  NIKE: Welcome to the #KobeSystem

[vid]  NIKE: Welcome to the #KobeSystem

Triangle  [vid]  NIKE: Welcome to the #KobeSystem