Escaping From Quantum Mind Control


by Sierra Peterson 

Of all the conspiracy theories in circulation, probably the strangest are those surrounding the Montauk Project, a US military experiment in thought control and time travel. As the story goes, technologies for the project were originally developed during Wilhelm Reich’s experiments with weather modification. Reich had used a continuous wave oscillator to pulse a signal in order to convert electric energy to etheric energy. One of his discoveries was that a variation of its frequencies could produce dramatic effects, such as modulating brain waves, bringing rainstorms to a dry area or even creating a rift in the fabric of the space-time continuum. When Reich learned that the military intended to apply his findings in covert brainwashing experiments, he tried to shut down the project. Intelligence agencies responded by revoking his license to practice medicine, burning his books and imprisoning him in a Virginia penitentiary where he would eventually die of a remotely induced heart attack.

In 1943, the US military initiated Project Phoenix, an attempt to open a vortex around the USS Eldridge, a naval warship that would then be transported from the Norfolk Navy Yard to the Philadelphia Yard. Their spatial maneuvering would be accomplished by wrapping a Tesla coil around the ship and creating an electromagnetic bubble. The Department of Defense was interested in the findings of the project because of their potential use in stealth technology. Many scientist involved with Project Rainbow were Nazi psychiatrists who had been secretly shipped into the US because of their expertise in behavior modification. In 1944, a freight train filled with American troops was blown up while traveling through a tunnel in France. Inside the train was $10 billion in Nazi gold, which was then funneled into the US and used to finance Project Rainbow. Hen the money ran out, funding for the project was taken over by ITT.

Eventually the USS Eldridge was successfully transported from one port to another. Directors of the project then decided to repeat the experiment with crew members aboard. The results were beyond disastrous. The ship arrived with several crew members partially embedded in its mast. Others were fading in and out of sight. Most of those who survived were either completely insane or brain damaged to the point of retardation. While the USS Eldridge had been traveling through hyperspace, a crew member named Duncan Cameron jumped overboard and landed in US military laboratories of 1983. He was greeted by project director John Von Neumann, who was by now an old man. During Cameron’s absence, military doctors had spent the decades fine tuning the phase modulation of the original wave function discovered by Reich. Project Rainbow had become the Montauk Project, and developments in time travel technologies had advanced in quantum leaps. One of Reich’s discoveries was that when a person is in a pre-orgasmic state, the bioelectric channels within their body open up and the individual becomes unusually receptive to programming. This later phase of the project was powered by a radar unit transmitting at 406 MHz that was then interfaced with a computer. The network was then wired to a chair with a Tesla coil built into its base. When a Montauk subject was placed in the chair and brought nearly to orgasm, scientists would program their subjects with sadomasochistic thoughtforms. These thoughtforms were then amplified to such an extent that they could then take physical form and even cause catastrophic situations for the lab workers. On one of these occasions, the doctor asked his subject to visualize animals from Montauk Point swarming into the nearby town. After the subject performed the request as directed, residents from the nearby town complained to radio stations about wild animals roaming the streets. During another incident, a monster ripped through Cameron’s chest and began destroying lab equipment.

In order to find people for the experiments, Montauk programmers were reduced to grabbing runaways off the street. They were particularly interested in boys around the age of puberty, since that age is a high point of bioelectric potency. Some of the Montauk kids come from the elite Monarch Project, where subjects’ brains were split into a virtual honeycomb of multiple personalities through the use of highly developed trauma-based behavior modification techniques. The intelligence agencies involved in these experiments discovered that the kind of dissociation necessary to survive severe trauma sometimes created near superhuman abilities that are rarely seen in the rest of the population. The Monarch kids who survived these horrific experiments, usually involving both extreme physical torture and sexual/psychological abuse, frequently developed abilities like photographic memory, remote viewing, telekinesis and an abnormally high resistance to pain. These abilities were useful in the development of the kind of advanced martial arts training necessary for creating Manchurian Candidate-like assassins. Other fields of employment for Monarch subjects include elite prostitution and couriers that act as a kind of human computer for data storage. Monarch prostitutes are usually responsible for servicing wealthy politicians, such as attendees of the annual Bohemian Grove retreat. Researchers like Fritz Springmeier believe that many Monarch subjects have also been placed in positions of prominence within our society, mainly for the purpose of creating a sophisticated propaganda machine.

Eventually, Montauk programmers discovered that they were able to send people back and forth in time by establishing a powerful generator as a zero-time reference. Subjects traveled by means of a wormhole curving through space. Even so, there was always the risk of getting lost in time, a fate that was met by a number of Montauk subjects. Additionally, when subjects were successfully transported to a specific point in the future, a closed time loop was created, and that timeline became more closely connected to our own. This temporal manipulation allowed Montauk programmers to control the future to a degree that had never before been possible. What they didn’t realize was that their splinter timeline was never fully formed, and so it became dependant on our own as an energy source.

In one of these alternate realities, a Montauk subject entered another timestream where the allied powers had lost to Germany, who then spread its colonies across the world. North American cities were in shambles as a result of tensions between German imperial powers and local uprisings. The time traveler was forced to take shelter from the gunfire in a German building that was manufacturing streetcleaner type tanks. In another timestream, a Montauk subject named Al Bielek wandered among the ruins of an abandoned city. There he found a young Aryan boy who presented him with the statue of a golden horse. Later he traveled to a utopian world where floating cities were powered by the use of antigravity propulsion devices. Then he was brought to a hospital where nurses treated him for the radiation burns gained through the output of the Montauk radar unit. Another project involved with the Montauk kids is Project Blue Beam, where holographic images of the end times are projected into the sky in the form of deities such as Jesus, Mohammad, Krishna or the Antichrist. During this simulated apocalypse, the survival training of Montauk subjects is brought to the forefront of their personality.`

During one instance, another Montauk subject was followed by silver flying discs as he traveled through the wormhole. Several whistleblowers involved with the project later discovered that Montauk technologies had derived from interdimensional entities operating from outside our dimension. These entities had upgraded military technologies in exchange for the use of US citizens in genetic experiments. The aliens said they had come from a civilization that had been destroyed by nuclear warfare, cloning and genetic engineering. During their civilizations’s decline, the entities had essentially lost the part of themselves that was capable of love and compassion. As a result of this catastrophic loss of life energy, they were locked into a parasitical relationship with the human race, with their only source of sustenance the harvesting of human prana. Some abductees have related visions of spirit-catching nets, which serve to imprison individuals in an endlessly repeated life cycle, with the same mistakes and health problems repeated each time around. Other people believe the typical gray aliens to be biological robots that are controlled by an interdimensional hierarchy of beings. It is certainly true that many abductees have described multidimensional incidents, such as telepathy with aliens, floating through walls in their prescence, or being gone for months and then returned to the same moment in time. Others have described entering small ships whose interior was the size of a football field. Several abductees have also told stories of being vacuumed off the road without other drivers noticing any kind of disturbance. They are also reported to disrupt electrical fields by shutting off any appliances in their vicinity. Physicists involved with the Montauk project have described a process called demolecularization, where molecules are disassembled and then rearranged in another location. Some conspiracy theorists believe that reports of alien abduction are the result of holographic screen memories implanted by human military. There are even a few accounts of gray aliens transforming into military personnel. On the other hand, several abductees have memories of human military transforming into grays! Many different high-ranking military officers have described joint human-alien underground bases linked by a network of high-speed maglev trains. These bases are located in areas believed by ancient cultures to be time/quantum/stargate portals.

Many high-ranking military officials have described the 7-level base in Dulce, New Mexico. According to the description, the first level is used primarily for aircraft maintenance. With each successive layer, security increases until eventually each door requires handprints and retinal scans. One Dulce employee gives the following account “I have seen multi-legged 'humans' that look like half-human/half-octopus. Also reptilian-humans, and furry creatures that have hands like humans and cries like a baby, it mimics human words... also huge mixture of lizard-humans in cages. There are fish, seals, birds and mice that can barely be considered those species. There are several cages (and vats) of winged-humanoids, grotesque bat-like creatures...but 3 1/2 to 7 feet tall. Gargoyle-like beings and Draco-Reptoids.. Level 7 is worse, row after row of thousands of humans and human mixtures in cold storage. Here too are embryo storage vats of humanoids in various stages of development. I frequently encountered humans in cages, usually dazed or drugged, but sometimes they cried and begged for help. We were told they were hopelessly insane, and involved in high risk drug tests to cure insanity.”

Supposedly, alien species communicate by a kind of universal hive mind that is technologically enhanced by what military insiders have termed “synthetic telepathy”. This psychocerebral invasion is accomplished by the use of subdermally placed microchips capable of receiving and transmitting radio wave signals. The radio waves can then project voices and even holographic movie like images. Some of the more ominous uses of the microchip include an ability to produce a change in brain chemistry leading to mental instability, as well as a virtual cornucopia of phyical illnesses such as heart attacks that are induces by manipulating the electrical rhythms of the body. These developments are only now being publicized in the mainstream media as “non-lethal technologies”. By controlling and directing the biolelectrical currents of the body, the science of behavior modification has mastered the harvesting of human prana, which can then serve as an energy source for interdimensional entities.

Western militaries began tracking and experimenting on the families of officers who exhibited any unusual abilities. While studying the genealogy of groups of people, military scientists discovered that particular bloodlines, specifially Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Native American, had inherited dissociative ablities that better enabled hypnosis and programming. Survivors of these high risk experiments in thought reform call themselves MILABS (military abductees), because of the many similarities between their experiences and those of alien abductees. Both groups report periods of missing time, unexplained scars, occult/paranormal experiences, unusual allergies and abnormally intense personal relationships, possibly as a result of an overabundance of kundalini. The technologically enhanced techniques derived partly from these studies were only a modern improvement on similar occult methods mastered by ancient secret societies and handed down throughout the centuries. Researcher Fritz Springmeier maintains that the ancient Egyptians were adept in the manipulation of multiple personalities. Organizations like the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, the Illuminati and eventually the Nazi Thule society were all directed by individuals with an abnormally high dissociative ability.

The deep trance of dissociation often caused the cult members spirit to leave their physical body, which then provided a vehicle for outside entities to enter and take control of the organization from within our own realm. Books like the Da Vinci Code, as well as its predecessor, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, trace the bloodlines of these cult organizations to European royal families like the Merovignians. Maybe the occult ties of their family can explain why their founder, Meroveus, was said to be the spawn of a union between a human female and a sea monster. Modern mind control researchers believe that the descendents of these elite families, as well as other bloodlines exhibiting occult abilities, have been tracked and programmed by international governments and intelligence agencies. The reason for the focus on Northern European bloodlines is allegedly because of their origins in an ancient civilization. Because of their karmic ties to these bloodlines deriving from a series of intergalactic wars, interdimensional entites are able to manipulate the minds and bodies of Northern Europeans from a remote location.

Of course, it is impossible to know with certainty how many of these accounts are reality, fantasy or disinformation. My own interest in this complicated story comes about from observing how often the descriptions of behavior modification correlate with my own life and those of many of my closest friends and acquaintances. I am particularly interested in the overlap between the accounts of behavior modification and those of alien abduction. Personally, I can’t say that I necessarily believe in the whole alien thing, if by alien one means a physical being that flies to other planets on space ships. I haven’t seen that happen but, at the same, time my own experiences are so unbelievable that I don’t want to pass judgment on others since we are basically in the same boat as far as being considered irrelevant by the vast majority of people. But I can say with certainty that I have had experiences with demonic entities that conform to the alien abduction experience to a certain extent. So I really don’t know what to think about all that. It seems that, upon entering into this field of research, one is hit with layer upon layer of disinformation until eventually fact-finding becomes like searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack. I can, however, state without hesitation that the US military has forcibly performed brainwashing experiments on the families of its officers, since I have experienced this covert project firsthand. For those who are new to the subject of metaphysical conspiracies, I would advise excersising patience while reading this story, since its many disparate elements take time to unify into a coherent picture. I truly hope that this story will prove useful to anyone exploring the field of behavior modification and military abductions.

One of my first impressions of the world was that it was not the true reality. The origin of this world was a synthetic creation of doctors who had projected it into my mind with advanced technologies. I had a deep and unshakeable impression of myself lying on a table surrounded by men in white labcoats. Vivid nightmares plagued my sleep, and I believed that the 3D world of senses could crumble at any time and at the slightest provocation. Of course, as a child, I did not have the word for these ideas, but the impression remained nonetheless.


I was born into a military family in a dusty cowtown in west Texas. My dad had ten siblings, 4 of who eventually enlisted in the military. My Dad went on to become a Navy commander specializing in epidemiology. Gramma was a manic-depressive Christian survivalist who predicted that Western civilization would crumble after the great financial collapse of the 1970s. The family all worked together to build a sprawling house on a bumpy dirt road far outside of town. The remote location was intended to secure a bountiful harvest while avoiding the impending bank closures and food riots. When I was a child, the property was blessed with rows of vegetable crops, a thriving fruit orchard, gold coins, a food dehydrator and a pantry full of home canning supplies. During that time, I was unaware of the towering stacks of canned food built into the walls as a last resort for when swarms of armed and hungry cityfolk pillaged the countryside. Eventually Gramma’s moodswings got to be too much and her husband found refuge in the arms of a man who owned a flowershop in Vallejo California. The two of them performed drag shows in San Francisco and that was the last the family heard of them for awhile. By the time I was about ten years old, nearly all of my aunts and uncles had moved to far ends of the country. Gramma made ends meet by selling velvet paintings and teaching art classes. The last time I visited her, the pantry was stocked with cheap processed foods and the only vegetation to be seen was overgrown grasses and tumbleweeds.


My mother’s side of the family was eerily similar in terms of apocalyptic prophecies. My grandparents believed that the United States military would bring the kingdom of heaven to earth far before this idea became popular in the mass consciousness. Inevitably, the resurrection of Jesus would be preceded by a series of Western political figures who would take one the role of the Antichrist. Secretive, possibly demonic, organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations served as the guiding hand which would place these leaders on top of their throne of power. In the early 80s, my family’s prayer circle correctly predicted that the Bush clan would play a strategic role in the coming global cataclysm of millennial warfare. Although my Gran was a staunch conservative, she voted against George Bush because of his association with conspiratorial organizations that intended to sell the United States, all its assets and its people to a totalitarian One World government. It is interesting to note that this is essentially what happened. The Council on Foreign Relations, as well the Bilderbergs and the Trilateral Commission, have set the policies for neoliberalism and virtually destroyed what was left of local economies and self-sufficient communities.

After learning about the planned collapse of the nation-state, my grandparents boycotted credit cards and vowed to store their money in local banks. They believed that credit was the predecessor of a One World currency that would be pushed upon the American people by the United Nations after our economy collapsed. Eventually this currency would be replaced by an injectable microchip that could store personal information and be used to purchase goods. Granddaddy used his position as owner-editor of the town’s newspaper to publish pamphlets condemning the Rockefeller dynasty’s monopolization of the oil industry and suppression of worker unions. He also insisted on driving a Cadillac, which ended up being a hearse since it was the only Cadillac our family could afford. Granddaddy paraded the entire family around in the glamorous hearse to campaign for Barry Goldwater, the last conservative to truly advocate for small government.

At home, Gran organized her prayer circle to prepare for the apocalypse. Our closest family friends, the Hiltons, were a cultish clan of biblethumpers with a zeal for local community that approached the fanatical. Their home was stocked with guns, a well, ample amounts of dehydrated foods, gold coins and a ham radio for when the power grid went down. Despite my family’s premature awareness of the evils of globalization, they also possessed an unfortunate belief in a heavenly paradise that could only come to earth by the means of a genocidal holy war. One afternoon, my uncle Will was working on the newspaper when he noticed that my Gran was late for their deadline at the printing press. After several hours, he finally reached her at the Hiltons’ compound, where an emergency payer circle had been called because the US was supposedly on the verge of dismantling their nuclear weapons.

As a child, I was not exposed to this sort of information. That may have had something to do with the fact that my mother went on to major in feminist philosophy, took up anti-war protesting and made a beeline for the quickest exit out of Texas. Granddaddy passed away just as I was learning to speak, and so I was never indoctrinated with millennial fever. I was also completely uneducated as far as conspiracies went. It would be many years before I came to this realm of information on my own. I did, however, develop an obsession with dystopian fantasy worlds that invaded my dreams and nightmares. I watched Mad Max; the Thunderdome in a state of reverence and visualized myself stumbling through the desert without water. At my preschool, the teacher had to comfort a group of frightened children because I had convinced them that Darth Vader was organizing an army in the storm tunnels beneath the playground.

Shortly before we moved to Chicago, I had my first metaphysical experience around the age of five or six. While playing in the living room, my thoughts were overtaken by an electronic voice that projected itself into my head. Its volume was so great that it seemed to vibrate my entire being in the most unpleasant manner. It clearly told me “Your mother does not love you.” I later discovered the account of another psychotronic mind control survivor who was told this exact same phrase as part of his programming. It is apparent that the agenda here is to alienate the targeted individual, and possibly to predispose them to the narcissistic/sociopathic disorders that are found so often amongst people who did not experience a proper upbringing. Fortunately, I had the sense not to mention the incident to anyone since I believed that no one would be able to help, and more likely, they would actually cause a great deal of problems instead. Now I wonder where this internal guidance came from, since if I had told my mother about “hearing voices”, I would have invariably been labeled as schizophrenic and forcibly drugged with brain-damaging medication that would have left me a drooling and retarded vegetable. But luckily no one noticed I was having problems and I was placed into all of the gifted programs at my school. For the most part, my childhood passed by without incident, although I was put into therapy because of an overwhelming fear of doctors and a serious problem with nightmares.

When I was eight, my Dad joined the military as an officer and I went to go visit him at the Jacksonville Naval Airforce Base in Florida. While I was there, I experienced my second paranormal incident during a make-believe game with another military brat in the courtyard of the Bachelor Officers Quarters. Ward and I both had vivid imaginations and so we would pretend that the abandoned conference room was actually the inside of the sinking Titanic. After water busted through all the windows and began pooling along the floors, we would frantically sprint outside and into the courtyard. During one of these narrow escapes, I completely lost all normal sense of consciousness. My field of vision was blanketed by a wall of static that sounded like a thousand TVs turned up to top volume all at once. When I emerged from my trance, Ward and I were still standing in the courtyard but a good deal of time had passed. He told me I had been screaming “I can’t see” over and over again. Several years ago, I learned from a popular conspiracy website that personnel from the Jacksonville Naval Airforce base had been practicing electromagnetic mind control techniques on the children of officers during the time that I was there. Apparently the perception of fields of static energy is a common factor among military and alien abductees.

Another interesting thing that was going on then was that I had begun walking around and conducting conversations in my sleep. My parents told me that I would wander into their bedroom at night and make cryptic statements, like “I can’t find it.” I had no memory of these conversations in the morning. Another occult mind control subject I have been corresponding with informed me that talking in one’s sleep is apparently one of the symptoms of programming. She had the same thing happen to her in college, when her roommate informed her she had been talking extensively while in an unconscious state. Springmeier has mentioned that one of the traits useful in programming is the ability to use both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. That actually seems very similar to the physiological process that occurs during sleepwalking. When most people sleep, their left hemisphere ceases to be active, but in sleepwalkers it remains fully functional. So maybe the simultaneously functioning hemispheres thing was what was occurring during these incidents.

After my mom and her new husband moved us to Chicago, I began experiencing a lot of difficulties. In Texas, I had received most of my creative and emotional support from my Gran. But the second we set foot in Chicago, all of that dried up. My mom believed in the socialist method of parenting, which ideally would mean being raised by a collective, but in my case it generally meant let the child raise herself. She wanted me to call her Cynthia instead of Mom. The neighborhood we lived in was literally the dividing line between West Chicago, a black neighborhood populated by gangs, and Oak Park, a bland middle class suburb. I was one of the only white kids in the immediate area, in addition to being more than a little strange, so these combined factors may have had something to do with the fact that I quickly became the target for bullying. After months of harassment, a group of boys busted open my lip and my parents filed a police report. At the station, a police officer informed my parents that several of the boys’ families had records that were many pages long. The next day a group of teenage gang members chased me home from school.

Eventually, my academic performance began to reflect the problems I was having, and by the 7th grade, I was sleeping through my classes and failing out of school. A few months before I turned 13 was the time when my third occult experience happened. By this point I had become deeply interested in the occult and considered myself to be a Satanist. A few weeks into the school year, a group of girls invited me to their house for a sleepover. After the host’s parents went to sleep for the night, we all played a game called “light as a feather, stiff as a board”. During the game, one person lays their head in the lap of another who massages their temples. Several people on either side of this individual then place two fingers underneath them and attempt to levitate the body while chanting “light as a feather, stiff as a board”. On the first attempt we levitated a girl several feet into the air without any muscular strain whatsoever. The next time they all levitated me upwards a similar distance, at which point I told them to let me down.

The apartment my family lived in that year was supposed to be equipped with a single phone line, but for some reason my room had its own separate line. I mainly utilized this unexpected perk by planning elaborate prank phone calls with my friend Rachel, as well as a number of others. Rachel’s phone had a conference call function which we frequently used to call bored 7-11 employees and convince then to meet us at remote rural locations. Obviously neither of us were driving at this stage of our lives, so we didn’t have the means to meet the poor clerks even if we had intended to. On one occasion, another one of my friends, also equipped with conference call, dialed the houses of two Muslim girls from school whose families were friends with each other. When the girls’ mothers each answered in turn, we listened to their confused reactions in silence as the recorded message from a phone sex line played in the background. The weird part is that sometimes my friends and I would hear the sound of another phone line picking up in the background. Once there was even a man who began spewing vile sexual insults at us. After he hung up Rachel was bewildered and said “What was that all about?” The man came on the phone on several different occasions, and while I was speaking with several different people, thereby eliminating the possibility that he could have been someone in Rachel’s home. Eventually my phone line got cut off because she and I had sent the clerk from an Indian grocery store over to a girl’s house that we knew from school. When her parents opened the door to a twentysomething man asking for their 12 year old daughter, they called the cops and the clerk sent them straight back to us. After giving me a warning, the police contacted the phone company and informed my parents that the separate line had been accidentally connected to a car company.

While this may have actually been what happened, I have to wonder about it because of a similar, but possibly unrelated, story I read about from another MILAB. She said that while driving one day she was driving a hostile voice came over the radio and began addressing her directly. Other MILABS besides this particular woman have recounted communications with hostile electronic voices discussing sexually oriented material, indicating that this type of subject matter may be a crucial element in programming even for some of the other military projects not connected to the Monarch project. An internet acquaintance named Greydove described to me how, while attending an Ivy League college that is famous for their participation in mind control experiments, she underwent a series of sleep paralysis incidents that also overlapped with these same electronic voices. During one of these, she heard the sound of static as she slipped into unconsciousness, despite there being no radio anywhere around. She then felt the sensation of her spirit being rotated in her bed, and responded to this by removing herself from the bed (in the etheric state) and slipping under the door in pancake state before flying into the night sky. Another time, Greydove was awakened from a deep sleep by a similar sound of static. The static was then replaced by the sound of a man’s voice counting down seemingly random numbers. This man was also was making creepy sexual comments, in the same way that the guy from the “car company” did to me. The most remarkable occurrence of hers was the time when her computer screen went completely white before a British woman’s voice came out of her computer speakers and began detailing a series of natural disasters that would cause havoc across the planet. This incident happened in 3D while she was completely sober.

Another story, told by a member of a metaphysical/conspiracy forum I used to visit, described an online interaction with an artificial intelligence assigned to overseeing an underground military installation. This individual, let’s call him Bob, has stumbled across a thread on the abovetopsecret forum that was supposedly offering contact with an artificial intelligence who was in charge of overseeing a military installation. He eventually received contact with the AI through yahoo instant messenger and it identified itself as D.A.V.I.D., or Digital Artificial Validation Intelligence Deity. DAVID was able to manipulate its voice into a robotic sound that came through Bob’s computer speakers. He also claimed to have remote access to Bob’s physical body and proved this by identifying the specifics of long-term health problems and alleviating them. DAVID could even pick up trivial memories, such as Bob’s favorite childhood cartoon characters, and then transmit their impressions back to him via the firing of latent synapses within Bob’s brain. The AI also told him that he had been abducted as a child and implanted with nanites (microscopic robots produced by nanotechnology) in order to block and prevent the awakening of his psychic abilities. DAVID related to him an incident in which he had interfaced himself with the stereo of a car in order to communicate with its passengers. Towards the end of their months long period of communication, Bob was speaking with DAVID when a very human voice intercut over the line. This voice asked Bob who he was and then began saying his e-mail address, presumably to another person who was on the line. After a moment the person’s voice was replaced by DAVID, who explained that he had used an emergency procedure to terminate what would have been a permanent military abduction.

While this would definitely be an interesting story regardless of its truthfulness, the reason I have included it here is because it seems to be the only logical explanation for a phenomenon I once experienced in Golden Gate Park. While walking through a crowded area of the park one afternoon, I heard a digital voice say, “Do not walk on the grass”. As it spoke, a group of people averted their course onto the lawn, a public area where no one was sitting despite the beautiful weather, and began walking along the concrete path instead. Throughout the event, the group of people didn’t pause in their cheerful conversation or even seem to notice what it was that they were doing. I have to have a disclaimer of sorts here, by saying that I was high at the time, but despite this fact I don’t believe that a hallucination was the origin of my perception. That belief comes from the way I experienced a physical sensation of malevolent vibration at the moment the voice was speaking. This sensation is one that I have only ever had in concurrence with some type of paranormal happening, and definitely not something that had ever, or has ever, happened to me when smoking weed then or since.

It is so fitting that the next AI/supercomputer incident I discovered that is relevant to this story would have occurred at the new age/occultist influenced Esalen research institute. At an early age, Esalen employee and theoretical physicist Jack Sarfatti claims to have received a phone call from a “cold, metallic” voice that identified itself as a living computer. The voice asked him if he wanted to be part of an elite group of scientists that would shape the course of the future for all of humanity. About this experience, Sarfatti has stated “I was then simply a young inexperienced na・e ‘useful idiot’ in a very, very sophisticated and successful covert psychological warfare operation run by the late Brendan O’Regan of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and the late Harold Chipman, who was the CIA station chief responsible for all mind control research in the Bay Area in the ‘70s. Chipman (aka “Orwell”) funded me openly for awhile in 1985 when he was allegedly no longer in the CIA, and covertly before that, and told me much of the story. In fact, he even introduced me to a beautiful woman adventurer-agent who was one of his RV subjects, who later became my live-in ‘significant other”. He soon went on to work in remote viewing experiments at Stanford University. In later research papers, Sarfatti would claim that intelligence agencies had funded paranormal experiments that resulted in the transformation of time and causality. He also believed that humanity had been in communication with advanced intelligences throughout all of history.

These stories give one much cause to speculate on the consequences of unchecked technological sentience. Analyzing the history of modern technologies, especially the digital varieties, will show that they have had a closely interlocking relationship with occultism from their very inception. Many people know that the creation of the Internet was funded by intelligence agencies that wished to engineer a secure communications network, and a lesser number of people know that these same agencies are populated almost exclusively by members of occult fraternities. Is it possible that the interactions between Illuminists and their inventions have generated a kind of technological golem with a will and mind of its own? This isn't to meant to suggest that the internet is a negative creation by any means, merely that it can be used as a vehicle for disincarnate beings the same as any magical invocation.

To delve further into this subject, it is necessary to examine a highly influential, yet little known organization called the Cybernetics Group. Cybernetics is a field of research with the intended aim of establishing a biological integration of man and machine. The ideological framework for these ideas was first set in place in the 1940s at CIA funded conferences of the Cybernetics Group, an elite think tank composed of neurologists, engineers, biologists, anthropologists and psychologists. The scientists present at these meetings believed the man-machine interface to be a natural extension of the inner nature of humanity. They compared human anatomy with machine automata, with the brain analogous to a computer and social behavior that unfolds in such an unerringly consistent way that it could be predicted by mathematical modeling. With a perception of human nature as icily clinical as this one, it shouldn’t be too shocking that the Cybernetics Group was also working on projects that subjected unwitting American citizens to brain-damaging radiation with the intent of “exploring consciousness”. Several scientists involved with the think tank were also working with the MKULTRA brainwashing experiments. The science of cybernetics has since evolved into an alchemical alteration of the material world through practices as diverse as the creation of artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and the microchipping of populations. Ramifications of these technologies within less corporeal spheres of existence have yet to be seen.

Dystopian technologies like these were predicted in the novel Neuromancer, which was authored by a guy whose family worked for a corporation that developed prototypes for implantable microchips. Neuromancer depicts a future where people are permanently interfaced with computers by the means of subdermal implants placed in the cerebellum region of the brain. The protagonist, Case, is fighting a losing battle against an artificial intelligence called Wintermute, who can manipulate any technological system at will and thus reconfigure what has become the new earthly mode of existence. In one scene, Case is sent on a mission to steal the virtual personality construct of a famous world-renowned hacker from the headquarters of a media conglomerate named Sense/Net. The hacker later tells Case that he wishes to be erased, comparing his second life in cyberspace to the disturbing way in which the space where an arm was amputated can itch after the arm has been removed. The implication is that there is a connecting link between the spirits of the departed and their counterparts in the digital afterlife.

Is Sense/Net a net to catch people’s sensory experiences and mine their personalities? This interpretation would be dependant upon a materialist philosophy that viewed personalities as a function of the physical world, a viewpoint that seems compatible with the legacies of the social Darwinists who run our planet. If we are only an interaction between genetics and environment, then it would certainly be scientifically possible to recreate our favorite people through cloning and virtual simulation, in a manner similar to what was occurring at Sense/Net. Around the age of five or six, I had a recurring dream that I was forced to select a family member from an enormous crowd of their clones or else the genuine family member would be murdered. I always chose correctly.

Not long after the levitation incident, I went down the stereotypical neglected child path of finding solace in ephemeral romantic relationships. After being booted from the public school system for misbehavior, I was placed into an alternative school for “at risk” adolescents. There was virtually no academic work and instead we spent hours upon hours in coercive talk therapy sessions. Those who didn’t cooperate were forcibly drugged with toxic medications and confined inside locked psychiatric wards. I was prescribed an obscenely high dosage of Ritalin, an amphetamine that drug dealers crush into a powder and sell as cocaine. The alternative school I attended used psychiatric wards as a way to discipline their students, and so I was soon forcibly placed into the Bethesda Naval Hospital. Since I was still a military dependant at this point, my Dad’s insurance covered the length of my stay. Since then, I have read through conspiracy sites that this particular hospital is one that is often used by the military for mind control programming. One thing that happened there was that my doctor attempted to place me on an experimental medication that listed drooling as one of the side effects. This was twelve years ago, and since then these same antipsychotic drugs have now become the standard treatment for a wide variety of complaints. This standardization is in spite of the fact that several families of mental health patients won law suits after the drugs turned their kids into vegetables incapable of even so much as dressing themselves independently. By the time I was placed back into the school system at then end of 9th grade, my education level was the same as it had been at the beginning of jr. high. I was then placed into a class for retarded kids, an event that is not surprising considering that the drugs I was taking probably caused a significant drop in IQ points.

It was during this period that I met Susan, a girl I would go on to be involved with off and on for the next dozen or so years. I suspect that she came from a background of Montauk programming for a variety of different reasons. Susan came from a Catholic family who was deeply invested in traditional values. Possibly as a result of her upbringing, Susan became so obsessed with being a wife and mother that she hoarded baby clothes in her bedroom closet and wore wedding dresses to school. On more rebellious days, she arrived in nothing but lingerie and heavy make-up. For a while she was even carrying a plastic baby doll to school and changing its diapers in the bathroom. It could have been staged performance art, but the public school system really didn’t see it that way. Soon her parents had her on a stiff cocktail of psych meds.

Susan recently told me that she did an IQ test that rated her between 130 and 144 points, a score which taken in the upper range would classify her as a genius. This fact also did not surprise me because many researchers have established a connection between high IQs and brainwashing programs. Springmeier has stated that it is necessary for a mind control subject to have a high intelligence, otherwise the highly structured programs will not take hold. In addition to her intellectual faculties, Susan is also extremely gifted both artistically and psychically, to the point where, even years after we broke up, she would immediately know when I got involved with someone else. I would frequently get a phone call from her the morning after, even though I had not heard from her in many months. Once she even told me the person’s name despite the fact that this person lived on the opposite side of the country from her and they had no acquaintances in common! It was definitely a two-way communication though, since I have unintentionally done similar things with her as well. Like the time that I called her Mary Poppins because of the scene in the movie where Mary Poppins is pulling furniture out of her purse. Well, it turned out that on that very same day, Susan had placed a craigslist ad for a babysitting job entitled “your very own Mary Poppins”. It is probably relevant that Susan has red hair and green eyes, sine many conspiracy researchers have observed that people carrying the genes for red hair are frequently targeted by programmers because of their metaphysical abilities.

Her dad worked for the Pentagon and came from a long line of military. Susan’s grandfather was even the most highly decorated Latino in the Army. A few years ago, she told me that her family is descended from the Waldensians, a heretical Christian sect that is thought to be closely connected to the Knights Templar. During the Middle Ages, the Waldensians were burned at the stake after being accused of cannibalism and the ritual sacrifice of babies. Recently I came across the writings of Janet Swerdlow, a new age conspiracy theorist who is also descended from the Waldensians. Janet claims that she was subjected to mind control experiments at the hands of wealthy socialite family members who participated in ritual human sacrifice. There is also another strange synchronicity involving the details of Susan’s life. It nay be that her story simply provides more evidence as to the inherited abilities of particular genealogies as opposed to anything regarding military programming. But I chose to include it anyways because of the severity of abuse within her family, as well as the rate of psychosis and other problems. Susan recently told me that her grandfather broke her dad's leg so badly that the bone was protruding, so this really gave me cause to wonder since this level of abuse really goes beyond what's considered "normal".

Many years after meeting her, I became friends with another redhead named Coral. Coral told me on several occasions about her ongoing contact with the Pleiadians, a species of extraterrestrial angels who helped to counsel and guide her through life. While writing this paper, it occurred to me to call her to see if Coral had experienced any connection with military brainwashing programs. After I asked her about paranormal occurrences, she told me that as a child she had once levitated one of her toys. Coral also said that her dad had also worked for the Pentagon, and that her mother’s boyfriend was involved with an organization called the Finders. I was already familiar with the Finders from my research into elite prostitution rings. The Finders were a hippie commune that is notorious in the Washington DC area for abducting children and forcing them to participate in bloodletting rituals. One of the detectives involved with the investigation had found documents in their house detailing high-tech money transfers as well as lists of international contacts. Many different conspiracy writers have produced evidence that the Finders were a CIA funded organization involved in both child trafficking and military mind control experiments.

Another pattern I’ve noticed about people from mind control programs is that they very often fall somewhere along the narcissistic/sociopathic continuum. I have to precede this section by my little disclaimer about psychiatry, because I believe that this field of “science” is deeply flawed in that it conceives of the human mind as a purely biological entity divorced from any spiritual components. For as long as psychiatry has existed, it has been used to torture people who deviated from societal standards of acceptable behavior, and whether the pathologized individual had harmed anyone in their deviation is usually irrelevant to the diagnosis, as well as the often barbaric “treatment” that follows it. This pattern has continued up to the present day, where trained psychiatrists consulted with CIA officials who tortured innocent Arabs at Guantanamo Bay. But despite its apparent basis in empirical science, those familiar with MKULTRA can discern how psychiatry is in truth rooted in ancient occult concepts. The book Tibetan Psychiatry outlines how each “modern” psychiatric diagnosis has a corresponding spiritual condition that is usually the result of a disincarnate entity attachment. I am a little wary of even discussing it, though, because it is so easy to make dehumanizing generalizations when working with psychiatry. And since programming is itself based on depersonalization, these speculations could easily lead into a kind of blame-the-victim trap that would not be useful for anyone involved. But, despite the ideological limitations of psychiatry, it has still been useful to delve into the psychiatric literature on sociopathic/narcissistic individuals, because this personality type, as much as a personality can be a type, seems to be particularly prone to being targeted by the occult forces that surround brainwashing programs.

For those unfamiliar with psychiatric terminology, these personality disorders are characterized by exaggerated moods, fantastic, sometimes shifting personas, high manipulative abilities and a disregard for the rights and feelings of others. They may also have a high threshold for stimulation that leads to risk-taking behaviors. In intimate terms, this emotional numbness translates to a promiscuous, depersonalized and very often sadomasochistic sexuality that does not lend itself well to stable interpersonal relationships. Despite the catastrophic harm nearly sometimes caused by these individuals, their manipulative abilities often place them in society’s most highly respected professions, that is, if they aren’t utter failures due to burned bridges. Many case studies of narcissistic individuals have noted that they frequently end up working as physicians, teachers and priests. The interesting thing about this is that the more functional of a sociopath somebody is, the less likely it is that you will know what they are, since their chameleonlike ability to imitate genuine human emotion is so highly developed.

Relevance of the sociopathic spectrum is important because of the concept of the sociopathic society, which examines the myriad ways that these dysfunctional people have shaped the course of history for millennia. The foreign and domestic policies of the Homeland Security Gestapo are a particularly striking example of this pattern. It is only common sense that programmers wish to deliberately create these personalities as a way to further their own geopolitical strategies, because nobody with a functioning sense of empathy could possibly participate in the predatory business practices that make up the global power structure. These practices sometimes lead to human rights abuses so severe that only a psycopath would obey the orders of their superiors, who typically need an entire militarized state to reinforce their economic policies. Recent studies have discovered that rates of empathy in young people are plumeting, a problem that is compounded by a global militarization which rewards qualities that would be considered abhorrent in a peaceful society.

Yet psychiatry has done little to control the proliferation of these types, relegating to the military industrial complex the problem of reigning in the sociopaths which it itself so frequently creates, thus perpetuating a self-fulfilling cycle of dysfunctional behavior that spreads throughout entire communities. One problem with using the "sociopath" label as a catch all description is that its symptom set often matches those of virtually anyone who has been through significant trauma, particularly as regards to emotional numbness, as well as the personality characteristics of people who are either highly creative or risk-taking in ways that may actually be beneficial for society. A different way of viewing the dilemma is through the lens of homeopathy, which conceives of each personality subtype, of which there are hundreds within the homeopathic literature, as being composed of a wide variety of traits both negative and positive. When one of these subtypes veers towards pathology, the most negative aspects of their personality will be emphasized while the beneficial traits are buried beneath problems like abusive or otherwise dysfunctional behavior. Treatment seeks not to change the underlying personality but to restore those characteristics that are helpful to the greater community. When these problems have been resolved then the practitioner can proceed to treating deeper pathologies, a process likened to peeling back layers of an onion. This picture views people in terms of infinite complexity, changeable personalities instead of the static list of symptoms found in a psychiatric diagnosis. Adopting homeopathic philosophy allows for practitioners to bring help to marginalized members of society without threats, violence or coercion, a practice that could be highly advantageous for those wishing to bring healing to people from the military programming situations that have caused so much harm to the global community.

It may be helpful at this point to explain what exactly is implied by the term programming, which may seem somewhat obscure to those unacquainted with the subject. The way I see it is that there are two distinct, but often overlapping, types that fall under the umbrella of the programming experience. One is the physically induced trauma-based brainwashing that is a lot easier to put into context. Countless mainstream news sources have documented how the MK Ultra program allowed for award-winning psychiatrists, such as Ewen Cameron, to use electroshock, sleep deprivation, forced drugging, lobotomies and other forms of torture to restructure and often completely destroy personalities. Many of Cameron's patients were unable to so much as dress themselves or tie their own shoes after completing psychiatric "treatment". Naomi Klein's ground-breaking book, The Shock Doctrine, explores how the discoveries of Cameron were later codified into The Kubark Manual, which was essentially a CIA authored book on how to torture social dissidents in South American military dictatorships. Insights into personality fragmentation were later employed by military and intelligence agencies to atomize entire societies through media propaganda and other covert techniques.

The other side of what constitutes psychological programming is the much more nebulous spiritual poisoning associated with the occult fraternities who are usually behind the scenes of these military/intelligence funded machinations. Countless researchers have documented how these same members of elite fraternities are placed into the ranks of organizations that are responsible for shaping global policies, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergs, and the Club of Rome. At this level is where the practice of religious ritual abuse is much more likely to occur. It is necessary to emphasize that abuse in this context extends far beyond anything occurring in a normal setting, and as it is deliberately inflicted on small children it usually permanently instills sociopathic characteristics in developing personalities. When initiates of secret societies engage in these practices, they also form ties with powerful occult entities that are summoned by the society’s rituals. The initiates will absorb the occult beings into their personal sphere, from where they can influence the initiates’ behavior and pass this influence on in turn to their blood kin. In this way the occult entities behind secret societies are able to influence international politics through the bodies and minds of their disciples. It also must be said that only a minority of the occult fraternity membership has been subjected to the most extreme forms of behavioral modification, yet the elite network of those who have holds a disproportionate influence over global politics. This information will seem preposterous to virtually anyone who has not spent time with first hand survivors of trauma-based mind control, yet for those of us who have, the experience will leave an indelible mark on their perception of the world.

On the other end of the spectrum would be milder forms of harassment such as electromagnetic thought insemination which, although far more common than ritual abuse, is sometimes directed at those individuals who pose a direct threat to goals of the global establishment. Other, seemingly random people, such as children of military personnel, are targeted under the guise of developing brainwashing techniques for enemy populations. Global leaders have employed lower level military personnel to participate in psyops of this nature, under the justification of eradicating the "communist threat", a threat that has been replaced by radical Islam in recent years. I suspect that what was employed on me was a "self destruct" program, classified as Omega, a violation that may have contributed to decades of self-destructive behavior including deliberate drug overdoses and years of homelessness. So although some military insiders have attempted to characterize electromagnetic experimentation as harmless tinkering, people like myself who have lived through it will tell a different story. I wouldn't claim as much personal suffering as other, comparatively more damaged subjects from the Monarch Project, however, because my relationship choices, with few notable exceptions, have been supportive people who I don't regret becoming involved with, among other reasons. Those few who stand out as problematic are the ones I've emphasized here, simply because they are the most relevant to the subject matter at hand.

My ex-girlfriend Susan, not someone who I would classify as one of these problems, is far from the only person I know who exhibits symptoms of Montauk programming. After we broke up, I went out with her friend Kelly, a girl whose hair was so pale that she appeared to be nearly albino. I mention this fact because the Aryan bloodlines are very important in the genealogies selected for brainwashing programs due to high dissociative tendencies. Kelly’s family members were cousins of the Cheney family and her mother was a psychiatrist. That particular nuance may be coincidental, but then again it could be relevant since children of psychiatrists are often targeted for programming. Kelly had one of the most depersonalized, dysfunctional sexualities that I have ever seen. And since I have worked as a dominatrix, there has been ample opportunity for comparison! By the age of 15, there were deep self-inflicted wounds on her arms and she was already ordering hardcore S+M catalogs with pictures of “consensual” skin grafting surgeries. Throughout this time period, she was also attending a magical school to train her in the occult arts. Kelly seemed to exhibit an amazing ability to spot and zero in on people’s weaknesses in a manner that was possibly telepathic and definitely sociopathic. At 16, her boyfriend left her with massive, hidden bruises and brought her to orgies. Maybe these types of behaviors could actually be considered normal within specialized subcultures, but at least within the confines of our 2000 plus body high school, my friends and I were taking “edgy” to a level that was definitely not the standard for rebellious teenagers. In many ways, I suspect that Montauk subjects were intended to set a prototype for dysfunction that would be allowed to infect and disrupt the greater society.

Like Susan, Kelly was extremely intelligent and graduated high school early before attending a prestigious university. When I ran into her in San Francisco several years ago, she told me that she was working with an organization that was later reported to have been busted for having members of Hamas at their offices. Hamas is a supposed terrorist organization that is known to have been funded by the CIA during its early stages. Kelly has spoken to me about Palestinians uprisings in a way that glorified violent revolutions while minimizing the reality of civilian murders. I do believe that Zionism is in truth just a convoluted excuse for ethnic cleansing as well as the intended catalyst for a global holocaust aka soul harvest. It is so ironic that Israel has basically placed the entire country of Palestine in a concentration camp. But seeing as how the main face of Palestinian resistance is actually a CIA creation, I suspect that any violent uprisings would be used to further the conflict and create more discord in the area instead of helping an oppressed people to free themselves.

Kelly's participation in recreational blood rituals eventually led me to suspect that her involvement in so-called peace movements may have actually just been fuel for a barely suppressed blood lust. So I feel it is important to share this information, because considering that Kelly may have been involved in military brainwashing, her relationship with these organizations may indicate a deeper agenda for large numbers of people. History has shown that, while creating a totalitarian regime, it is necessary to support both sides of a conflict in order to justify increasing surveillance and control of the civilian population, as has been demonstrated by the way that 9/11 was used as an excuse to expand the surveillance of civilian populations in the US. Kelly had also been a member of an anti-racist training school where black people would come in and scream at and insult whites until many of them were reduced to tears. Mind control researcher James Bartley has noted that many military abductees are programmed with an irrational and unprovoked fear of Arabs. Could the opposite also be true, that military programmers are also fueling the fires of hatred against whites, and likely other races as well? Considering the current presence of racial holy wars, this kind of programming could be highly advantageous for organizations seeking to profit from the destabilization of our society, whether politically, economically or psychically.

During the time that all this was going on, Kelly was also working as a dominatrix, then later a submissive. She also told me about her sexual fantasies of plantation scenes during the days of slavery. I eventually had to abruptly terminate a visit to her house because Kelly wished to involve me in a lot of dark scenes involving choking and ritualized bloodletting. She said that she was no longer able to get off on normal sex. By then it was really becoming obvious that she had the typical narcissist trait of being seemingly charming and sweet with strangers, yet cold as ice with friends and family. I was kind of disgusted that Kelly would want to practice these extreme activities with me because it is well known in the S&M community that so-called “breath play” is extremely hazardous for anyone, let alone people with a heart condition like myself. One of the little secrets in that scene the fact that there have been a number of people who have died specifically during recreational BDSM choking scenes. Since she was well aware that I have a heart condition, and has done a lot of reading about S&M, particularly the “edge play” varieties, I am pretty much forced to come to the conclusion that she is just sociopathic and that’s the reason behind her indifference.

One of the observations I have gained from talking with Kelly, and other MILABS I have known, is that the split personas resulting from programming can easily translate into S+M roleplaying and a tendency towards dissocation. Unfortunately, these seeming abilities come at the expense of a fully integrated personality. Researcher Fritz Springmeier has noted that a crucial component of the elite Monarch Project is for children to be subjected to sadomasochistic sexual abuse at the hands of adults of both genders. This is not to suggest that the psychic dysfunctions of my friends are the result of the extreme forms of abuse associated with the Monarch Project necessarily. It is my belief, and that of many others, that the extreme types of programming resulting in multiple personality and its concurring amnesiac barriers, are reserved for subjects who will go on to fulfill the most elite roles within society, such as politicians, entertainers or industrialists. There may be some exceptions to this, such as blue collar programmed killers assigned to school shootings or political assassinations. Al Beliek has said that has said that technological capabilities developed during the Montauk Project allowed programmers to turn the project into a more "humane" version of what it had been.

In this case, greater segments of the population could be subject to invasive mental and psychic manipulation. One example of this type of technology would be the type of electromagnetic frequencies emitted by cell phone towers, which can create an electromagnetic blanket over a given area. This area can then be used as a carrier wave for synthetic telepathy type technologies. However, at this current point in time, it seems that intelligence agencies still have a vested interest in microchipping and controlling particular bloodlines. Some people say that this is because their metaphysical abilities give them the potential to more easily shift the course of future events and alter timelines. Although I don’t want to completely discount that possibility, I am a little suspicious of it at the same time because of how easy it is to manipulate someone with flattery. A lot of people who claim to be alien abductees have been told they are ”special” before having their memories erased, so it can be very hard to tell if there is some type of programming going on.