Israel Shamir



[2011 Oct] A Poison Cake By Israel Shamir  Phillips is morbidly Judeocentric and narcissistic, both prominent Jewish qualities.....Phillips dedicates a few chapters to the Middle East. She adores the Jewish state, hates Palestinians and Muslims in general....The most striking thing in Melanie Phillips’ book is her obsession with the extended Jewish Nation: for her, the absolute centrality of the Jews in this world is a given. She exactly mirrors the atheist (though still Jew-obsessed) thinkers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries that wanted to reform the Jews. Neither seem to understand that for Christians, there is no Jewish Question that needs to be solved, nor should we put them on a pedestal. For us, Jews are not central. They are a powerful faction that generally supports society’s anti-Christian tendencies, without being its centre. Phillips proves beyond a doubt that when Jews start cooking with Christianity, the result is pure poison.

[2010] The Return of the Body Snatchers By Israel Shamir

[2009] Afghanistan : No War for Heroin By Israel Shamir

A Study of Art by Israel Shamir

Bloodcurdling Libel (a Summer Story) By Israel Shamir  Whatever Jews do not like is ‘antisemitism’. But if a truly unpleasant accusation is aired, the best defence is to roll your eyes to heaven and proclaim, ‘It is Blood Libel’, as Shimon Peres did when the world condemned the Jenin Massacre.

The Bloody Passovers of Dr Toaff  By Israel Shamir