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[Modern art is designed to make advertising artwork seem good, e.g. Saatchi, king of junk art, is an ad man. Damien Hirst, doing the Eye hand sign, showing who is behind his success and junk art.]

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Abramović, Marina
Djurdjevic, Biljana
Louise Bourgeois
Fernando Botero
Patricia Piccinini
Damien Hirst
Giger, H R

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Wally Olins

Norman Forster

More on Propaganda in Art

“Pizzagate”: How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington’s Occult Elite  This article only contains some of the findings uncovered by ‘private investigators’ online. What has been exposed is, most likely, only the tip of the iceberg of a huge, complex network that has many ramifications. Each thread could probably be investigated further and lead to even more disturbing facts connecting even more high-powered individuals.  Going through the material of this article is a difficult and painful process, but it exposes the true mind-state and philosophy of the occult elite. They publicly celebrate a specific culture of death, abuse and dehumanization through their art and events, leaving us to only speculate about what they do behind closed doors. The symbolism in the above images is in perfect accordance with the occult elite’s culture that I have been describing on Vigilant Citizen for years.  The “Pizzagate” investigation reveals, at best, the disturbing culture of the elite and, at worst, an all-out child trafficking ring. And don’t believe that only Democrats are into this. This is the true culture of the occult elite, a circle of powerful people who operate far above political parties, and far above the law.

Clinton’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta Invited to an Occult ‘Spirit Cooking’ Dinner by Marina Abramović,

I Would Like to File a Suspicious Transactions Report on the entire 20th century by Miles Mathis

From Theosophy to the Beat Generation or How even the Occult was Disguised by Miles Mathis

[1995] Modern art was CIA 'weapon'   Revealed: how the spy agency used unwitting artists such as Pollock and de Kooning in a cultural Cold War

How Lucian Freud revealed his dark side

[2012 April] It stinks! Art critic Julian Spalding was banned from Damien Hirst's Tate exhibition after calling him a talentless conman... but we smuggled him in - and here's his verdict

[2012 march] Con art: No, it's not your fault you can't see the genius in Damien Hirst's work - there is none

[Book] Con Art –  Why You Ought To Sell Your Damien Hirsts While You Can by Julian Spalding

[vid] Modern Art Spaces are State Sanctioned Attacks on Beauty, Creativity and Individuality

Interview 442 – Thomas Sheridan (modern art: 28)  Thomas Sheridan

A Study of Art by Israel Shamir

MI6 Mind Control Experiments and Salvador Dali

11/23/09: Spitting Mad Jews and Angry Artists: Part 2

11/20/09: Spitting Mad Jews and Angry Artists: Part 1

09/20/09: The Plot Against Art, Part 2  I hate to tell you this, but if you like modern art there has to be something radically wrong with you. To feel hostile towards it is as natural as being repelled by incest.  Modern art is out to corrupt you.  If it doesn’t do this, it will have failed to achieve the primary purpose of its elitist promoters. It will have failed to undermine traditional values. It will have failed to produce a “culture of pessimism.” It will have failed to destroy the sacral core of life. It will have failed to poison your mind and give you the sickness unto death.  It will have failed to make you what Big Brother finally managed to make Winston Smith in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four:  a mindless zombie.

09/19/09: The Plot Against Art, Part 1

Tristan Tzara and the Jewish Roots of Dada, Part 1

Tristan Tzara and the Jewish Roots of Dada, Part 2

Djurdjevic, Biljana   ''Rationalize it all you want, but this is a painting of a child being tortured''. “Pizzagate”: How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington’s Occult Elite

Cannibalism Lady Gaga and Marina at the 20th Annual Watermill Center benefit in a place called ‘Devil’s Heaven’ (can’t make this up). They are partaking in pretend cannibalism.  “Pizzagate”: How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington’s Occult Elite

Yayoi Kusama  Sanpaku eye

Damien Hirst  Tongues  Demonic/Satanic look   All seeing eye (people)  Death's Head (Skull & Bones)

Marcel Duchamp's
Fountain, photographed in 1917 by Alfred Steiglitz, an early 20th-century Jewish photographer and promoter of modern art. “It does not take much stretching of the imagination,” gushes Calvin Tomkins, art critic of the New Yorker, “to see in the urinal’s gently flowing curves the veiled head of a classic Renaissance Madonna or a seated Buddha.” In 2004, this inspired pissoire was voted Most Influential Work of the 20th century by 500 “art experts” — sorry, “piss-artists.”  ---09/20/09: The Plot Against Art, Part 2

Damien Hirst, A Thousand Years (1990). Richard Lacayo of Time Magazine: A Thousand Years is a large glass box in which real maggots hatch into flies that appear to feed on blood from a severed cow’s head.” Charles Saatchi and Hirst had a "symbiotic relationship" as collector and artist from about 1992–2003.---09/20/09: The Plot Against Art, Part 2

All seeing eye (people)


Tomek Sętowski

Gyuri Lohmuller

Vladimir Kush

Andrius Kovelinas

Sarah Joncas