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Groupthink example (God as the group)

[I found myself on a forum (seems OK site and good on Psychopathy and Israel/Palestine) and posted links to my Medical Hoax page.  They instantly deleted my account and ability to even read the forum.  Managed to get back on and found they were a Gurdjieffian group, spiritually wise.  Then I wasn't allowed to post any links to whale and was accused of being a spammer for doing so, and accused of trying to lure people to my website so they could become my followers!  They hadn't even heard of the Enneagram, and then just tried to rubbish it.  Ironic since Gurdjieff was credited with bringing it to the west.  They also had a go at me for stating I used to take psychedelics, and provided a story of how Leary damaged a piano as proof of the dangers of LSD and such like.  It is ironic that The Fourth way teaching that was attributed to Gurdjieff was in fact the use of psychedelics as Leary (double irony) found out.--John]

[Here I am just attracting followers like a guru into groupthink, and have no data to prove the existence of the Enneagram.]
Well, it does make perfect sense for john23 to insinuate a Gurdjieff connection since he's trying so hard to insinuate himself into this forum (which works from a platform of the teachings of Gurdjieff) and thus attract followers to his web site and, possibly, this whole Arica 'movement'.  Thanks for the input, Art. And, to Beau's point - clearly john23's explanation is personal opinion - that does not exclude the existence of 'data' to back up what he says, it simply indicates that he has none to present, or chooses to not present it. Perhaps he considers his words to be 'data' since he utters them?--Anart

[Then when I ask for any knowledge, (ie what is the difference between emotions and feelings, which is something I'd like to know). And said I had given them some.]

Where? Here's an exercise for you: go back over the thread and report back exactly where you 'have given [us] plenty of knowledge'...

Here is the 'knowledge' I gave them:

1. I gave then the Assemblage Point knowledge, the only thing that has so far come out of the Warrior Path teachings, that they have kept under lock and key for hundreds of years, and only came out because Jon Whale happened to attend a Swiftdeer workshop in the UK.  Perhaps the CORE TEACHING, and the most important bit of medical/health information to come out, arguably, for 100 years, or ever.  It can completely cure you of trauma depression in about 2 minutes, and would completely destroy Psychiatry if widely known.  Psychiatry that has addicted millions to useless drugs.

2. The Medical Hoaxes.  About 6 years work here over 12 years exposing the Allopathy, just one vaccination, can prevent you spending your life grieving for a vaccine death or spending it nursing your vaccine autism child 24/7.  Now 1 in 69 kids in some areas. 

The MAIN TYRANT in western world is the medical tyrant, so here was the knowledge to dodge him.  He kills 780,00 people every year in the USA, gives 1 in 5 kids a disease, and so on, and on.

3. The EnneagramJust your persona which is most of peoples reality, kept secret by the esoteric schools, and managed to leak out not that long ago.

4. Tone scale.  .  The most important bit of psychological knowledge you would ever want to know.  The Minshull book was the best book I have ever read on psychology, and then some.  Kept well secret by Scientology--how do you think they got so powerful?  And why do you think they never published her book again, or sell any tone scale info to the public?  Only a tiny handful of people in the UK outside scientology that does tone scale type therapy along with TIR, arguably the most important therapy yet invented.

5. Tactical Orgonite invented by Don and Carol Croft which gave us:
    Hope that we can defeat the master Tyrant that is hell bent on killing us all
    Kills the
HAARP weather control that creates hurricanes, depressing weather etc.
    Destroyed the chemtrail programme
    Destroyed the cell phone mind control programme, and destroyed the DOR around them.
    and so on

[This is the level of dumb ignorance.] Wow, Don Croft actually exists? I've never seen any photos of him, just a bunch of fairytales on disinfo websites.--Ryan

And finally the summary:

Isn't incredibly odd that a 'random' spammer coincidently has a number of interests unique to this forum and yet only initially tried to participate via spam? Shane

Well, it's probably simply a case of someone who's cup is very full and who truly cannot tolerate being challenged on his belief-based pronouncements.  He likely wanders the internet leaving his calling card everywhere he goes where similar subjects are discussed - and he's likely never encountered a group of people that doesn't just swallow his version of reality hook line and sinker - much less that asks him for substantiating data - I think it frustrated him immensly because his subjective house of cards was being shaken just a bit and he seemed so highly identified with what he considered to be his enormous wealth of 'knowledge' - subjective as it is. anart

Administrative note: John23 apparently went through this thread deleting all his posts.  This activity was only terminated by the deletion of his account by the Administrators.  Nevertheless, much of what he wrote is preserved in the quoted sections responded to by other posters.  This forum is not a place for spamming self-promotion, or chauvinistic soap-boxing.  That is apparently why John was here, and once it was exposed as such, he tried to cover up his tracks. Laura

[My emotional response.  My self importance, and another bit was thinking people are on the same path, along with the habit I picked up of annoying people with knowledge.  But a fine example of how groups block you to knowledge.  None of them gave any indication that they had even looked at Whale (mostly an information/knowledge site, run by one person.  Having God as the group is OK, after all, all Paths lead no where.  Just depends on the group.
    The moral of this story is: if you bring unwanted gifts you will be thought a thief who has to cover his tracks. ]

"He (Krishnamurti) said he did not want to belong to any organization of a spiritual kind, because such an organization becomes a weakness, a bondage, and cripples the individual. He said that he did not want any followers or disciples, because the moment you follow someone you cease to follow Truth. He said that no one holds the key to Truth, that key is your own self, and in the purification and incorruptibility of that self alone."---Asit Chandmal (one Thousand Suns)